(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

We still have a problem with updating the pages. Changes do not succeed regading color and size on the written parts.

Also I spend time taking down the destroyed catrun parts that were smashed into bits and pieces during the hurricane. The old part works and has been closed towards the broken one. So I take it all down and  prepare and clear the area for 2 new catruns we have ordered, to be added to the older part, and the parts that survived the hurricane. We do have a problem with 3-4 golden eagles ( a hatching couple and offspring. Passing my window as I`m writing. So the extended catrun must up in a hurry.

NB: The index page will not update colors or lager letters ( headlines). We try to find out why.Our computer is being used for work now. Updates only when it is free.


21 / 11 2015

NB : SOMETHING HAS HAPPENED TO THE CATS PHOTOS ON THEIR PAGES. The slide shows do not work. The pics are on the working page, but on the webside they are small, far apart and out of the page frame. So we`ll se what can be done. But we have changed the layout several times, so hopefully it will work after several updates. Sadly a lot of beautiful cat pics of our cats can at the moment  not show themselves as theyt did earlier.


_NB: The letter A does work again,and all the other writings now seems

to work the right way again after the update.


(N) Myrtekransen`s Tarjei NFO ns 8 months.



Wonderful (N) Myrteransens` Tiril NFO n 09 23 at 8 months.




(N) Myrtekransen`s Tiril NFO n 09 23 and

(N) Myrtekransen`s Tarjei NFO ns at 8 months and very active.

Tarjei has a dark coat so he was impossible to take pics of.

He pulls up his eye lids when the flash goes off, so well try

on an other sunny day. Tiril is such a busy girl and a stalker,

but at least I managed some clear pics of her :) They are such gorgeous

kitties, and such a joy. Not easy to take pics of at the moment, but some at least.


NB : OUR OLDER PICS and information ARE NOW ON THE ARCHIVE PAGE to prevent a break down of the pages. Look under Archive activity up to 2017 :) .

I have been working a lot, and away from home at times, so no pics for a while.

We have had several cat birtdays this autumn.

Belinda celebrated her 13 th birthday on the 3 of November along with our J Litter, Ophelia 5 Years on the 12 Th of November and Kolya and Kohinoor 6 years on the 20 Th of November. We love them so much all of them. Sadly no pics at the moment. But they have all celebrated big time with all their favorite food and a lot of cuddeling over and over again.

New pics of Tiril and Tarjei will come. They are hyper active super charmers at the moment.


The cats have celebrated their birthdays.Nike and Mouna 5 years, Magni 13 years, Diana 12 years. They have all had their special treats on their special days.

Calamity 10 years, Tabitha 7 years and Joy 9 years had their birthdays in June. So that is a while back, but they were celebrated with their favorite treats as well. And in April and Mai. Haifa celebrated his 9 years and Penelope her 4 years. So, all well with our gorgeous ones. But new pics of the little ones will come. Now that I have some time and recovered energy for pics :) .


Our gorgous kittens ( older and new born pictures will now be moved from this front page to the kitten pages, T-Litter )

TIRIL and TARJEI 13 weeks. Both kittens are booked.

Such playful and active beautiful kitties with

wonderful grandmother Tabitha checking in on them.



Wonderful kitty boy (N) Myrtekransen`s Tarjei NFO ns

at 13 weeks. BOOKED.

An active gorgeous boy. Always plaing with the toy and textiles

while taking photos. He was more active than his sister today, so many unclear pics :) .

P8270032P8270003 (2)P8270004 (2)P8270006 (2)P8270007 (2)P8270008 (2)P8270009 (2)P8270010 (2)P8270011 (2)P8270012 (2)P8270013P8270014P8270015P8270017P8270018P8270019P8270021P8270022P8270023P8270024P8270025P8270028P8270029P8270030P8270031P8270033P8270035P8270036P8270037P8270038P8270039P8270043P8270046P8270049P8270050P8270052P8270053P8270054P8270055P8270056P8270059P8270062P8270063

Wonderful active kitty girl sweetheart

(N) Myrtekransen`s Tiril NFO n 09 23 at 13 weeks.




Our gorgous kittens

                             TIRIL and TARJEI        8 weeks


Beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Tiril NFO n 09 23 , 8 weeks. Hyper active and taking down the photo background twice :) . Purrring and lovely kitty tiger girl .



Beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Tarjei NFO ns , 8 weeks.

A very busy lovely  teddy bear boy. He seems to be black smoke ( not blue) , with a lot of smoke on him.



( if so this might be his last kittens before neutering / or a last date with Penelope ).



Beautiful Tarjei NFO ns and Tiril NFO n 09 23

Gorgeous happy minded kittties now 7 weeks.




Yes , gorgeous mummy Mouna has busy days taking great care of her

wondeful kittens these days :) . Soon she`ll be 5 years.

I have tried some pics with mummy Mouna, but she just looks after the kitty babies all the time and loves to play and call, or they get washed or sip milk.

So that is not easy. Mouna loves to show us what a great mum she is. And she is such a fantastic mum. Our wonderful dear Mouna :)


Wonderful kitty boy (N) Myrtekransen`s Tarjei NFO ns( as) at 7 weeks.


Such a baby teddybear. But WOW what a speed. My camera could not cope with his playfulness.Even with the use of flash.So almost all pics are unclear, or they look very funny. his profile pics are mostly of my hand with him on his way to play.I may take new ones , but some are ok. Loooovely boy. We are not yet sure if he is blue or black smoke with a lot of smoke. His paws have gone darker in color now.


Wonderful kitty girl (N) Myrtekransen`s Tiril NFO n 09 23 at 7 weeks.


Also very busy with lots of unclear pics. But I had more of our lovely tiger baby girl that can be used. She is so sweet and such a charmer. And always first in everything. Loooovely long girl.




             6 weeks being busy.


Wondeful kitty boy (N) Myrtekransen`s Tarjei NFO a(n)s,  6 weeks.

Being so busy while taking pics. Lots of them unclear due to his speed digging into the old reindeer skin. Making such a mess with loose fur all over himself :) . A compact powerful boy taking after great grandad Haifa in style.


Wonderful kitty girl (N) Myrtekransen`s Tiril NFO n 09 23, 6 weeks.

She stared out quite nicely, but then she went into hyper.

Being very cool throwing her head prowdly and wriggle her tale

before she took off into my face or behind the photo screen.

She is lovely and longer in type than her brother. She has inherited 

Mouna`s look as a kitten. Though also very much like her father.


Gorgeous (N)Myrtekransens Tiril NFO n 09 23 at 5 weeks.

Blir i Norge / booked Norway.


Georgeous (N) Myrtekransen`s Tarjei NFO as at 5 weeks .

Blir i Norge. Booked Norway.


Oh dear within a week they have changed from mummy Mounas milk to .....

sushi fish of different spices, spiced chicken, meat , tuna shrimps ... and of course mother and kitty dry food. And using the kitty litter now. And there are no longer any safe places in our bedroom for our fingers and toes. Not to being washed or played with. We also prepare for them to go to work with me in a second kitty baby cradle pen. And yes very well, they are very active. Tiril is as active as our I - Litter. So she clearly takes after daddy Isak and grandad Slode. Tarjei is a bit more like a teddybear , just like great grandad Haifa. Anyway, this evening we have had our usual seafood day of the week, so they have had shrimps for the first time. That was a huge experience to both of them. They loved it almost as much as N* Boote`s Amalie Amadeus NFO w 63  ( that means to the extreme), she had the most of them of course ( as usual, just like her grandad Ariel) . We guess that comes from great great grandmother GIC (N) Blomsterdalen`s Belinda NFO w 62, that of course was attending and having her part of the shrimps this evening, at almost 13 years :) :



We have been busy the last months, but have celebrated several birthdays .

Byzants 10 years, Huriel 5 years, Slode and Amalie 8 years, Debbie 9 years, Fiorenza 7 years, Solaris 2 years, Isak 6 years, Haifa 9 years, Penelope 5 years. So all of the beauties all well and fine. I have built a new extesion on the catrun upstairs, where the cats can run all the way around the house up stairs and look down on us at the dockside.

Updates will come.


SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR DEAR BEAUTIFUL ONES. CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Byzants 10 years, CH S* Zygot`s Slode 8 years, (N) Boote`s Amalie Amadeus 8 years and Huriel de la F˘ret d`Amalion *BE now 5 years. HIPP HIPP HURRAY to our GORGEOUS and DEAR beauties :) . They have celebrated with all their different snacks, but Amalie has some more shrimps coming her way.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our B-LITTER 10 years the 26 th of February. HIPP HIPP HURRAY BEAUTIFUL BATHSEBA, BEAUTIFUL BOLSHOI, BEAUTIFUL BRANKA, BEAUTIFUL BOSPOROS and our very own BEAUTIFUL BYZANTS. We hope they all had a great day. Byzants did what she likes the most. having a snack and sleeping with her mother on her favorite shelf :) .


We have been busy the last months, but have celebrated several birthdays .

Updates will come