(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

NO* Boote`s Amalie Amadeus NFO w 63  Oddeyed

Purrrrrfect hearing. ( She can hear a shrimp being peeled from at a looong distance :)))  ).

Born 28.02.2009



Amalie was Ariels wonderful pride and his beautiful grand daughter. She is just the most lovely cat, and he loved her so much. She was so very dear to him and us.

Amalie is a very very beautiful girl, with simply wonderful qualities all over. Very harmonius and quite tall.She has a the most beautiful expression with her gorgeous almond shaped eyes, a lovely triangular head, rounded forhead and good straight sidelines, a very very beautiful classic feminin look, really gorgeous and really such a SUPER SUPER fur quality, one of our best ones.Nice sharp ears , wonderfully set with small tuffs. A nice heavyness in her bones, and simply the most fantastic temper one can dream of.

Amalie has a mother that surely is a tortie, she has a tortie sister, and a red and white sister.

Our guess is that she`s a tortie, ( mabye red and white), all the girls related to her that shows color,has turened out to be torties with white, and then one red & hvite.

Amalie and her two white brothers have perfect hearing.

So she is a very special girl to us in many ways.

She has a really wonderful combination of lines that we adore, and she might surprise us all with stunningly beautiful very classic kittens in many colors.

Blue and dilusions run in her lines.

We are so greatful for this precious pearl, that makes us happy and glad every time we see her, and hear her lovely sweet voice.

But photos she finds just as boring as her great grand mother.

Amalie is just as cuddely, sweet and charming as her white teddy bear grandfather Ariel.

To have a litter with Amalie will be carefully planned. Hieronymu was perfect to her. So she was next after Tabitha and Fiorenza. By that had to wait. But Also Tabitha and Hieronymus son is a great match. That depends also on the choice for Huriel.Or Maximus. ( Or Isak). So she is next on plans, and we`ll finally have a white combination again.

Gorgeous happy minded Amalie Amadeus 7 years. Sadly the day I took pics, it was a freezing cold day with icing cold winds and even snow. Bit a wondeful funny girl she is.

And she celebrated over several days, since we had shrimps for both Amalie, Slode and later Huriel. Amalie had both seawather crawfish, shrimps, lots of fish and chicken  and a lot of cuddeling and catsnacks. HIPP HIPP HURRAY to our lovely funny sweetheart, a very special girl she is. Love her so much :)))) .

P3010037 (2)

Beautiful NO* AMALIE AMADEUS NFO w 6 years  . Our gorgeous dear dear special white girl ( masking a tortie like her mum or a red with white like her sister. She is such a wonderful girl, very alike grandad Ariel in her temper also. But she also has a wonderful mum and dad, so she may take after them all. She has celebrated many times now, and had a new large handful of shrimps againon Friday. Just as crazy about shrimps as Ariel was. HIPP HIPP HURRRRRRAY Sweetheart.

Sadly she has not gone into heat at all. She is very beautiful. To be in a leash was no fun at all.

She was in a hunting mood, and the seagulls and crows took all her attention, leaving me with almost only 1 possition towards the right. Her ears has once been snapped at by eagles we think.Some years ago I just managed to bring her home from the field across the house on a hunt, with the eagle right aboove her head. Her earmarks looks like a grip actually. But she survived to all luck. This was before we understood the severity, the amount and type of eagles here.


HIPP HIPP HURRAY also to our beautiful NO* Bootes Amalie Amadeus NFO w 63 ( oddeyed). 5 years the 28 th of February.

She is such a beautiful and lovely girl. Our only cat after Ariels line. So she is just wonderful. Here the seagulls are making a lot of sounds outside the catrun. So she was not at all playful today, but only ears backwards to all the noise. But a white beatuy with purrrfect hearing she is.


Beautiful Amalie 4 years and 2 months



Wonderful lovely white princess Amalie 4 years now. She has been celebrating all week. With both different snacks and sleeping ON the arm every night as usual.

On Byzants birthday she had so many shrimps she could manage, and just loves that.

Amalie is a super sweet and cuddely girl. Always glad and happy.

She loves to sleep on the arm each night, so that is her fravorite position.

She does not like photos that much, but some I had, since she was busy looking at the others playing. And such a beauty she is. She managed to get smal buts of a branch in her ear and eye corner, but she has a really wonderful white fur .

Love her so much.


Dear dear beautiful Amalie. SHE ONLY wanted to play, even jumping at my trousers.

But photos, noooo that is boring ...........

So funny pics today of this gorgeous beauty :) .


I tried one more time with the beautuful snow princess Amalie, but she only complained.

wanting me to come back with her inside for a snack and her warm part of the bed :).

Beautiful beautiful dear Amalie in the first snow at almost 4 years.

Sadly her ear tip has been parted by Joy, but she is a very special sweet and wonderful girl.



Beautiful Amalie had a lovely day today, so I managed a few pics of her. Over half of them with her eyes shut or on way her back to me.

Amalie can not stand taking pics, she finds it super boring and feel that I do not give her enough attention. So she`s the worst to take pics of, and she`s not interested in the play stick.

But she`s now 3 years, and had a lovely birthday the 28 th of February. I had prepared for her photos, but she jumped off the table all the time. So I`ll try to get more now towards summer, because she loves to show off a bit on sunny days. And she`s such a white beauty, with a gorgeous look and a wondeful temper. Super sweet and gorgeous. We love so much this happy minded girl.

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Amalie has no interest in having her pics taken, she can make herself look gorgous and then if I have a camera, she`s off to the next place. Just a couple of days a go she manged to be unclear or half way out of the photos, having much more fun being busy doing something. But if I get a screwdriver to fix a bit, then she`s there to " help " at once. Or I must sit and wait until she gets bored and has forgotten the camera. So one might say that she is very much like parts of her famliy. And just such a sweety.

But today I managed just a few, not nearly enough to justify this beautiful and super charming girl, but some sweetheartpics there are.

I`ll just have to keep trying. Amalie is so special and sweet.

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Amalie is a very difficult girl to take photos of, she finds it really stupid. And this is the only time she shows no interest in the toys what so ever. On top of that she almost fell a sleep on the table, because this is her sleeping period.

But some of this sweet hearted beauty I managed. I do not know which is the worst. To take photos of her outside where she is all over and only wants to play, or inside where she just go to sleep in front of the camerea, walks away or turn her back to watch the others.

But it is always so wonderful if only one of all her unclear photos looks a bit nice. Because she is such a beautiful lovely girl.


2 Years old yesterday

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Amalie celebrated her day the best way she could. First on my arm all night, then coming with us to work, then having her favirite food.

And in the late evening she was sitting on my lap in a sheep skinn, watching a mouvie with us. She loooves that, and is such a social kitty girl.

So she loved her day I think. Both much attention, then some action and then lapsitting a long time.

Such an elegant girl she is, and with the most wonderful temper ever.

We love you little kitty girl, and wish you the best for yet to come.

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Amalie was not at all interested in taking photos, she just wanted her beaty sleep, to was a bit in her elegant way, and she even ignored the playstick.

So she`s as soon as possible up for photos outside, that she likes. But Photos is boring anyway, Amalie only wants 2 things, cuddle and play. And to see if there is some very nice kitty snack on it`s way.

A super playfu and super busy Amalie, she chats a lot and only wants to catch your legs.

Taking photos is not kitty fun. Aleays play all the time is Amalies best advice.

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Amalie winter 2009/10