(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

Gregorius snowcat

Diana with her toy deers. Outside in her own forest and territory, she has her real deers. If you call for Diana in the evening, sometimes her deer family turns up as well. They are very beautiful, and Diana knows them well.

Magni, Aurora, Hieronymus, Gregorius and Fiorenza testing their Christmas looks. And Fiorenza has just eaten a mouse Haifa gave her outside, while baby Tabitha thinks Santa Claus`s hat is to play with.

Our super cool lovely teddy girl Calamity loved the hat and has taken it

Magni looked funny in the tiny bed, almost falling a sleep with the hat on. Cool daddy Haifa finds the Christmas hat varm and nice, so he became a bit sleepy with it over his ears.

Debbie found it both strange and a bit funny, but she wishes everyone a lovely Christmas.

Foirenza trying to be very stylish about it.

Amalie finds no time for photos, and the hat was not her thing. But she`s the one next during winter, for snow white pictures of the white beauty.

And here is mother, grandmother and grand grand mother Belinda careful not to loose the warm hat. She liked it and came back twice to cuddle and play with the toy mouse.

A very sweet and proud Belinda being helped to keep the hat on while looking at the other cats.

Her son Ariel on the other hand, did not want to have his Christmas webcard taken with a hat on.  He found that really not be in his taste. To cuddle and play is much more "big" baby Ariel fun.

Fiorenza can not sit still one second with the Christmas hat on, she wants it`s  soft funny tip to play with. So she`s distracted by an other favorite toy, and the hat beside her. Here she is in front of a beautiful famous mountain in Telemark, called "Nipanut",  in an other wonderful snowy scenery. But painted by my grand mothers uncle , and  indoor of course. Fiorenza looks a bit like the old cats we grew up with in Telemark, so a fitting back ground for her.

Needless to say, Fiorenzas proud daddy Slode wanted to give his best Christmas greetings as well, but Santas hat had to be hold on his head to prevent him from grabbing it, so a rather funny close up greeting from sweet Slode. Almost with the hat in his paws.

Fiorenza experiencing the Norwegian snow.

Elena loves to be out and play with half sister Fiorenza, and luckily she in a good shape now after her operation recently. She had her large unknown hidden milkteeth removed, they were stuck beneath the others causing her great pain.

Elena took full control of Santas hat, it was stuck in between her firm paws, and must be given a second chance.

Baby Tabitha eager at full speed, playing with the snowflakes together with Gregorius , Fiorenza and Calamity.

Elena and Haifas boy Gregorius on his snow patrol

Daddy Haifa likes the winter view from the comfortable warm inside also, and he`s not tried Santa Claus hat yet. He enjoys the winter colors from one of the popular kitty beds, and do some slow bird watching among his friends Ariel and baby Tabitha, and his girl friend Elena. Ariel thinks that his buddy Haifa is very blackish, so he washes him a bit now and then also, and Ariel has adopted Haifas son Gregorius. Gregorius has daddy Haifas smoky black silver , but in his voice and temper he is very much like grand uncle Ariel, only slightly more laid back like Haifa. So Haifa and Ariel feel connected by baby boy Gregorius, that Ariel baby sit for still.

Fiorenza, Gregorius, Hieronymus Tabitha, Belinda, Haifa and Ariel, have worked very hard to create their VERY BEST  CHRISTMAS WISHES to YOU ALL.

They could as usual not leave the decoration as it was though.

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And from us on 2 legs, we wish you also the very  best of luck with the Christmas decorations, if you have playful and adventurous cats in the family.

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to our beautiful and dear new Champion CH S* Zygot`s Slode.

Title taken on his third judgement and his second show as a grown up at Hansakatten Saturday the 9 th of November.

More  on the news page

Happy Birthday GIC (N) Blomsterdalen`s Belinda.

She`s celebrating her 6 th birtday today.

More pictures on her own page.

Our dear CH S* Zygot`s Debbie-Doss has become Champion at Verak.

Huge congratulations to our dear baety and her breeder Annika Berner , S* Zygot



NFO n 24

Tabitha has now become a full family member allready a beloved one by all of us.

Thank you so much for this very special sweet tempered treasure Christine Allaman and Cattery d`Haakona CH* in Geneva.

We can hardly believe we have been so lucky to have found her, and to be entrusted such a lovely kitty girl.

We have just received some fantastic pictures of our Calamity and Haifas dear daughter  (N) Myrtekransen`s Helene  NFO n 22 , from new owner Eva at DK Zalethco in Denmark.

Here she is on her first show in Vrå, Denmark. WOW.

Thank you so much Eva and Jesper, for taking so great care of our beloved dear ones.


Our beautiful girl is 5 years old today.

And she started her celebrations right after midnight with food and calling all the time for play and more cuddling

We might expect one kitten week 35

Lovely Slode having a short break on a favorite stone, to look at his favorite view in his bay . A little evening walk before the sun goes down.

Debbie loves to have adventures in nature together

Calamity looking really deeply serious and super cool

Magni always guarding his feline friends with great care and very cool

Tiger kitty Aurora loves action

Here is Diana enjoying the view of her territory

Byzants also enjoys a lot her own bay