(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

GIC (N) Blomsterdalen`s Belinda NFO w

Born 03.11.2004




GSD 4 Normal

Tested by our veterinarians for Genindexe.

Heart scanned Normal 3-4 times. At Stend clinic autumn 2005. Bergen small animals clinic during an emergency ( Jan. 2007) with a fishbone stuck in her throat ( that went fine) .And then again 2009 to prepare her during her huge operation with her fractured leg. And the again 2012 ( Stend) when she broke her jaw during climbing trees with 3 legs ). Still an active healthy vigoruous happy mined strong female queen at near 11 1/2 years.


7.79 kilos at 8 1/2 years ( has a small tummy, but was not notet for that at the vets in December 2012

and is otherwise active on her 3 functioning legs ( her forth is stiv,due to an earlier operation .)

Belinda was allready 6 kilos as a young female.

Belinda only missed 1 certicficat for her EC /SC title. And right after we had to nuter her due to

an infection following a false pregnancy.


Belinda is the beautiful proud mother of our A-Litter.

And due to several accidents, false pregnancy and a major operation in her hind leg, her heart has been scanned 4 times by 4 different experts. So while druged been given a full thorough checke by the best specialists/equipment  in Bergen area . All vital organs in perfect condition all 4 times. The last in 2009. The last a major operation of her broken jaw in 2012. She fell while climbing on 3 legs again, and needed a full operation and was again given a full check internally in connection with that. Strong as always :) she is.

Due to the severe operation she had to go trough mending / rebuilding her leg ,she had to have astrong heart before being allowed the treatment. Her fishbone stuck in her troath gave her a full scann as well , a false pregnacy scanned before a ceasarean and then and then again due to an infection in her uterus also a full checke and scann every inch to be certain about her well being. All with the newest equiment and specialist. So we do know, and have even seen all her proper functions in perfect condition. The vets are not Pawpeeeds veterinarians, but entrusted with the best knowledge, and are well known for it. So Belinda is fit as a fiddle in all her different parts, but limp though.

And Belinda has lost some more of her information about herself as well.

So more information about this raw looking beautiful large ans special kitty girl will be written soon.

Belinda is a stunning female with a strong personality, and very very dear to us.

In many ways Belinda has become the grounder of the lines we breed, since they continue over generations.

When Belinda shows her self, it is in a very great looking fabulous way. And she has some very nice show meritts to.

We are so very glad that the Swiss breeder that had booked her canceled.

Because Belinda is my housebounds birthday present, and our first white cat ever.

Thank you so much (N) Blomsterdalen for this wonderful gem, such a cat.


Our dear dear Queen is 9 years today. And has been celebrated of  cours. Tuna snack, then her prefered pureč,

and yes baby kitten. And she was outside with me and some of her friends. She is just wonderful,

and the boss still of course. Belinda has a funny hairdo on her one side, because of her stiff leg.

She lays down mostly on one side, so she wear off fur some places on the other. But otherwise she is

a healty busy lady being happy being together, and having her regular routines. Every morning she is waiting

top on the table ( she climbes up on 3 legs), or on a chair to say hello and cuddle. And then food.

We are so grateful that she is our dear dear beautiful flower. In plentiful. 


(N) Myrtekransen`s Maximilian`s NFO ns 23 newborn babies at cattery (N) Mardolls in Langesund / Oslo , Norway.


Beautiful Belinda out for a walk in the afternoon. She`ll be 9 years in the autumn.

And is still The Queen. And very sweet she is.


Beautiful Belinda 8 1/2 years and out for a walk, of course rolling around,

putting herself and her head banging  into everyting.

Turning herself up side down on 3 legs, and climbing a bit, so her fur gets in

a mess and full of branches

and little pebbles. But that is the way she enjoys herself, and wonderful it is.


Dear Belinda is very active and back at full speed after her operation of her broken jaw after an

accidente. She`s gallopping, climbing and enjoys her life, being a happy charmer. So happy, chatty,

sweet and cuddely. Looking forward to her 8 year birthday with her friends and snack :) .



Dear Belinda loves a sunny day in July off course, and too an happy stroll, and relaxed out in the soft gras and het her mouthfulls of heater as well. She loves that.

Doing her strolls on her 3 legs, and having quite an impressive control on her 4 stiff handicapec leg that she lays down straight out or lifts slightly when she`s playfully galloping to show off :)))). A dear sweet proud Queen she is.


Beautiful Queen Belinda likes to play and go for a walk with me and her family and friends on lovely sunny days. Here she is our dear Belinda, at full speed on her 3 legs and full control over her fourth stiff leg. Outside with her great granddaughter Juolanda, who walked in Belindas tracks :) Following her. The 2 beauties are born on the same day.

Happy playful chatty, and very cuddely. In November she`ll be 8 years.


Belinda will be 8 years this autumn, and is still our queen with an attitude. She enjoys her life running around being busy on 3 legs and the forth manouvering it around in it`s stiff style. Here she is very proud, since she has managed to take over her son Ariels favorite bed. Becuase of her leg injury 2 1/2 years ago, she can after her operation only use 3 legs. So when I placed a chair by the table , she happily took the oportunity to jump up and occupy her son Ariels favorite dogbed basket.  Now it is hers, and Ariel has moved to my bedside. He`s not interested in testing his mothers patiente with him. So cool as ever beautiful dear and happy Belinda.

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Our wonderful dear Belinda had her 7 th birthday the third of November. And she was celebrated in many days, and even into the weekend.

Belindas birthday was shared with the birth of her 6 great grand childrens arrival, but she had all her treats and a lot of cuddle. On Friday we even had crabs, so she had shrimps on her day, some tuna, and the later also crabs.

But her photos was not taken, and she only likes to go out in nice weather or on stary evenings , so that is not easy to make happen these days. But today it was a clear sky, not to cold, so Belinda went out with me and the boys for a stroll. She just wanted a very short trip and then back inside, so she only had a few, and that means that new ones must be taken once more. But here are some of Belinda, coming outside right after her middday cat nap.

She`s just lovely, so dear and sweet................ AND BEAUTIFUL.

Doing so very well managing on 3 legs, with her forth stif then.


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Our dear beautiful Belinda took a sunbath today. With her friends Magni and Byzants looking after her.

Belinda does not like to go out that much after she had her major accidente with her hind leg, and often only goes from bed to bed inside. Some times if it is a stary evening, she likes a small stroll right outside or in the catrun. But she manage very well with her stiff leg, and uses the other 3 the best she can in an impressive way.So it was so nice that she enjoyed this lovely sunny weather, and had some time for herself outside with us. Here she is and loved it, but then she wants back inside.

Belinda has also been affected by loosing her beloved daughter Aurora in a car accidente this winter. Aurora was so very much  her kitty baby still, and her everyday highlight and great pride. So we have been a bit worried that Belinda might have been depressed. But she has her regular habits, favorite things to do and loves her attention.

That makes us very very glad. And I love to see her so fresh and happy.

Belinda will soon be 7 years young, and we treasure every day with her.

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THE BOSS.  The white panther.

Our white beauty Belinda now 6 1/2 years young, living very well with her 3 functional legs.

She loves a stroll now and then, and on a stary evening she loves to sitt outside and enjoy.

( I do not find the slode show for tis, so her greeting then).Huge congratulations to our dear Belinda on her 6 th birthday the 3 of November.

Belinda has had tuna today, and later she will have her fish and shrimps. And S-E came home with grilled chicken for everyone as well. So she can choose among favourites.

The weather was dark and chilly, but a small trip with adoptive daughter Calamity, and her grand grand son Gregorius was fun. Belinda is still very stiff in her hind leg after her accidente last year and with her huge operation that  could have risked her life. But to the great joy of us all, Belinda enjoys her life enourmously and seems to be so very fine with it.

Joy was running chatty around as well, and her daughter Aurora joyned us in the end.

The sweetest greeetings from all of us.

We love you soooooooo much

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Belindas fifth birthday the 3 of November 2009, celebrating  on her favorite place, with her friends and her fractured leg taken well care of.

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Status: neutered