(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Byzants NFO ns 09 24

Born 26.02.2007

Our dear silver princess has lost all her writings from her earlier pages, so new informations on her will be up dated.

But she is our real princess, and very very sweet and feminin, a realy lovely girl given us by Diana and Magni.

We are so proud of this wonderful beauty.


5.4 kilos

GSD 4 Normal

Her mother and grand parents tested GSD 4 Normal by breeder and our veterinarian GSD 4 Normal at Genindexe.

Her father tested GSD 4 Normal at our veterinarian at Genindexe.


Byzants is the beautiful proud mother of our D and I - Litters.

Beautiful silver Princess Byzants at

8 years. Having a great time though she prefers to be inside for treats and to cuddle and to be a " princess dubbel Princess baby". Super sweet and so kind.

She had her favorites which is fish , chicken and meat + a snack.


Our beautiful silver princess + princess + princess + :)))) 7 1/2 years.

Outside with her beautiful mother Diana and me. Celebrating her mother Diana`s 9 th birthday. Byzants still is very much her mothers " kitty baby girl", so they had a great time chatting and cuddeling. And mummy Diana guarding of course.

They are so very very sweet.

Second trip with Diana and buddie Debbie-Doss

P8210054 (2)

First trip


Byzants chatting, playing and cuddeling on her field trip with her grandaughter, kitty buddy Ophelia, her father Magni,

friend Hieronymus and her boyfriend Slode. Also the granfather of Nike.


Byzants 6 1/2 years loves a trip outside in the sun. Her winterfur coming of in large furballs.





Finally out with me on her own, to stroll a bit, cuddle and play.

Having been a netuter for a while now, she lives a comfortable life the ways she finds it most relaxing. With constant attention, full control of what happens and always ready for a cuddle and a chat.

Byzants loves to spend all day inside in my bed or her favorite places.

She is not to happy about snow, even with all her fur. Or to be out just alone.

BUT today on her lovely day, it was no snow,much more daylight and great fun it seems. She loved it and found many places to cuddle on.

So she`s expecting her prawns now that they have defrosted. Large ones :).

And chicken in stock, but that is more common, so LARGE SHRIMPS it is.

Dear dear Byzze, we love you so much. All our best wishes.



Our beautiful sweet and funny silver princess Byzants almost 5 years now, aaaaand a bit sleepy at lunch hour in all her warm fur.

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Beautiful Byzants almost 5 years now. She wanted to come, wondering if the fish soon was ready, and if I could cuddle and play with her to a bit. She`s so sweet and a real princess, but here she looks really so bossy, quite contrary her personality, so it is really funny. She actually was most of all concerned getting the bamboo leaves in her mouth all the time. and wonderful she is. Now in winter condition as one might see.

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Byzants has a lot of spare time these days, because her mother Diana has realy taken over her son Isak full time.

So Byzants is often outside to enjoy the last warming and strong sunbeams before autumn turns cold and rainy .

Here she had a great time basking in the sun and being busy keeping Belinda company, making sure Belinda was safe.

And then she also played with her father Magni, very busy guarding them both.

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4 Years old the 26 th of February

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Byzants so very proud and lovely. Carrying her babies with great care, and having a bit of fresh air with boyfriend Slode.

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New pictures of Byzants today, she went for a short stroll with us all, very proud and chatty.

Looking so beautiful, and her fur blows it self up in the wind and dusky rain.

Her birthday was the way she likes it, chicken in stock, meat and snack from on the table. A lot of cuddle, being with us all day, and sleeping in bed as usual.

Best wishes to our lovely silver princess, love you so much kitty dear.

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Beautiful silver princess Byzants 4 old soon, and expecting her second litter by the end of March.

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Byzants expects kittens now, and she wanted to be outside with me a little bit.

She looks very funny when she is in full condition and blows up her full coat in the cold wind.

The wind teasing her long ear fur stiking out, and makes it look like a funny bad hairdo as well.

She is very well isolated, and her fur works puuuurfect.

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Byzants might have a secret , in Februray we`ll se.

Byzants had started to prepare herself for a long cold winter with lots of snow, and then today on her trip out with her mother Diana, all the snow was gone.

But she enjoyed being out with her mummy, and baby Tabitha that came with us.

Byzants is almost 4 years old.

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Byzants occupied the upper kitty bed in their climbing toy, and she loves to make hersef noticed.

So even though on her way into a November wintercoat, we took some indoor pictures while she made her self look super important as the baeutiful princess she is..

Then she went for some snack, and into our bed to sleep.

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Our sweet silver princess Byzants is always very well dressed for cold winters in Norway

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Summer 2010

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Images from March 2008

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