(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

(N) Myrtekransens beautiful D-Litter.

Born 17 th of July 2008

(N) Myrtekransen`s David NFO n 09 ( ns) 25

(N) Myrtekransens` Dyre NFO ns 24

Proud parents are :

CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Byzants NFO ns 09 24

and Sekan Pako ns 25

All our pictures are almost lost due to a web side change.

(N) Myrtekransen`s Dyre ns 24. (GSD 4 Carrier)

Nutered former planned as an external breeding male at (N) Myrtekransen.

Never been at a show, since the owners did not wish that for him.

Mother GSD 4 Normal. Her mother Diana tested twice by our veterinarian at Genindexe. Dianas parents both tested by her breeder at Genindexe also. Byzants father Magni father tested GSD 4 Normal at Genindexe by our veterinarian.

So Dyres mother lines have all been tested GSD 4 Normal.

(Father Sekan Pako was not tested at the time. We do not have documents of his GSD 4 status)

Dyre lives as a dear neutered family cat near Bergen.

Dyre 2

Dyre 12 weeks just before he moved to his new family near by.

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(N) Myrtekransen`s David ns (n) 09 25. Nutered family cat. No offsprings. Never been at a show.

Byzants og David

Beautiful David with mummy Byzants before he moved to his new owners.

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