(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats



Our dear beloved white prince Ariel became an angle today.

Heaven has brought home the most wonderful, beautiful,sweet and

kind white kitty prince we have ever seen.

To cuddle and love in abundance.

Whe wish that he`s broken lungs will be filled with much new fresh air.

And that he sometimes might have little wings to put on, to come and visit us

that miss him forever down here. Our dearest drearest dearest Ariel.

Forever and ever and ever in our hearts.

We are such greatful lucky ones to have had him in our lifes.

To me he will always be the only white one.




CH / PR (N) Myrtekransen`s Ariel NFO w

Born 01.01.2007


Hearing. GSD 4 Normal, Heart scanned Normal at Stend 2012.

And during his autopsy fully examined again.

Concluding with death due to both lungs punctured,

and the following complications as a result of that.

That we now know to be a eagle attack. Ariel had deep marks in

his neck that was on its way to heal, but his interiour was

" smashed" and punctured in both lungs. First we thought only one

, and that he could survive with that. But the following examination

just showed how severe and fatale the damage was.

Ariel was so busy full of vigour and life the weekend before

he was let out at dusk the following Monday.

Complayning all weekend in a loud manner and hanging

on the bedroom door nob, because he was not the one coming to

the catshow and being prepared. He knew the drill and loved the

attention.Then we had the drama with also the fataly injured otter,

that we at first thought he had had a fight with, but who was

screaming like a baby and wanted inside the catrun. It had huge

wounds in it`s head. From the neck down the forhead and down the nose + on the sides. We contacted the lokal Wild Life Tribunal, to help with

the injured otter as well. And sadly  Ariel rapidly deteriorated

within only a couple of days being hospitelized accutely,

then again sent to Stend clinic for further eximinations.

The conclusion that his breast was crushed, with both lungs

punctured and colapsing. It was fatal. Ariel died from his fatal

damages. And it was also made an atopsy on after that. Very sad.

And Ariel was we thought the first victim of the eagles that we knew,

along with the otter we never could save either.

Golden eagles has claws as long as a lions claw. They can

penetrate the head and puncture the lungs on their victims.

My father just told me that they can puncture the lungs of it`s

victims. He made a special task during studies on this a long time ago.

And then suddenly reminded me about this regarding Ariel,

and our cats. So I looked it up though having seen over 14 documentaries on eagles,I found that in Russia they have documented that an golden

eagle can even attack a deer and kill it by the punctering of the lungs. So Ariel wasno big deal. Golden eagles hunt on prey like hare, fox,

even wolfs and in Himalaya even chasing snow leopards.

Some months ago 2015, one of the eagles flew over our car with a

black fully grown cat in it`s grip. Being hunted by several seagulls.

A schoking experience in 80 km, and not to be able to help at all.

The eagle turned off into it`s nest by the mountainside were I have

seen them many times. I even found the skelleton of a deer a cross

the bay, where I found otter skulls. But I do not know, if that was the cause


About half a dozen readers have sent me this series of photographs, showing an incident reported in several places, including Nature Newsand

the Daily Mail  (quotes from the former, photos [credited to Linda Kersey of the Zoological Society of London] from the latter). It show what seems to be the first documented attack of a golden eagle on a deer.

  • In a series of three images over the course of just seconds, a camera trap in the Russian Far East photographed a golden eagle

  • [Aquila chrysaetos] attacking a sika deer [Cervus nippon].

  • A camera trap in the forest of the Russian Far East captured rare and surprising images of a golden eagle attacking a young sika deer.

  • Golden eagles are not known to attack deer, but the image of the bird latched on to the deer’s back and bringing it down to the snowy

  • ground is as clear as it is puzzling. The eagle’s attack was successful, researchers later found the deer’s carcass a few yards away

  • from the camera trap.

  • “I’ve been assessing deer causes of death in Russia for 18 years this is the first time I’ve seen anything like this,” said Linda Kerley of

  • the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), who found the images so compelling that she co-authored a paper on the attack in the Journal )

  • of Raptor Research.Camera trap images are typically recordings of common prey species and occasionally a resident or transient tiger, so seeing an image of an eagle in the act of taking down a deer was unexpected. But Jonathan Slaght of the Wildlife Conservation Society and Kerely’s study co-author, said golden eagles have a well-documented history of eyebrow-raising predation attempts.

“The scientific literature is full of references to golden eagle attacks on different animals from around the world, from things as small as rabbits their regular prey to coyote and deer, and even one record in 2004 of an eagle taking a brown bear cub,” Slaght said.

Slaght added that Kerley was “really lucky” to have obtained images of such a rare and opportunistic predation event.)

An other wildlife page quote"(Eagles seize small lambs and kids anywhere on the head, neck, or body, frequently

grasping from the front or side. They usually kill adult animals, or lambs and kids weighing 25 pounds (11 kg) or more, by multiple talon stabs into

the upper ribs and back. Their feet and talons are well adapted to closing around the backbone, with the talons puncturing large internal arteries,

frequently the aorta in front of the kidneys. The major cause of death is shock produced by massive internal hemorrhage from punctured arteries

or collapse of the lungs when the rib cage is punctured. Eagles also may simply seize young lambs, kids, or fawns and begin feeding, causing the

prey to die from shock and loss of blood as it is eviscerated.)"

We also suspected his sister Aurora when she was found.

"(Eagles skin out carcasses, turning the hide inside out while leaving much of the skeleton intact, with the lower legs and skull still joined to the

hide. On very young animals, however, the ribs often are neatly clipped off close to the backbone and eaten. Eagles frequently do not eat the

breast bone, but some clip off and eat the lower jaw, nose, and ears. Quite often, they remove the palate and floor pan of the skull and eat the

brain. They may clean all major hemorrhages off the skin, leaving very little evidence of the cause of death, even though there may be many

talon punctures in the skin. Ears, tendons, and other tissues are sheared off cleanly by the eagle’s beak. )" This is much like how

Aurora was found. She may have been lost to the ground on their path, but with cars passing left to be covered by snow until we

found her a couple of days later.)

She was clearly attacked by large birds. And had been eaten on all over, with deep grip marks all over her body. Her head had lost half its part and the eye and all her inner parts were gone taken out by a large whole made from behind. But she was found near the road, so at first we thought the

other way around. First hit by a car then being eaten on by birds.

We now know that where I found Aurora, that was not at all

where she used to be. She only took short walks.But

fater Ariel,we have seen the eagles hunt and glide in circles behind

the house over the fields she used to partol each day.

This is also where parts og Jolanda was found.

And where we found Aurora, we now know is part of the

usual gliding flight pa.th / rout the eagles use while hunting our cats, hare or the lambs / sheep in this area.

So finally after a some of years, and a bit more knowledge, we feel we understand a bit more. And the the eagles took away both Juventus

right after ( he had right before had an attack with a deep grip

surrounding his neck and was treated for that. Eagle suspected.

Then Hieronymus ( he often had marks on his back and the side

of his belly, making him loose some fur and being tender for a

long time. We thought he got it from clibing behind the catrun fence,

and Jolanda taken right behind my back ( with parts of her found fur, theeth and skull ). We also suspect Amalie`s ears

to have been grabed. Later 2015, also Ne Me Quitte Pas was

attacked with deep grip markes along his spine on the lower back.

But luckily he fully recovered with no internal injuries,

He was very lucky and still lives today.

So , I will clear up this side about Ariel whenever I feel like it.

It is still so sad to us. And the treath is still out there today,

but hopefully we do not have to see this again.

The bay has alsdo lost at least 5 otters living here. I found 5 skulls of otter at the same place the eagles bring their pray.

Birdbones, sheep bones/ skulls and skulles and bones of otters.



Latest news on Ariels death.

Finally we can write a little bit more without start crying.

So, the vet and we now know for certain the events leading to his death.

We have a large eagle that has been coming back and forth since his accidente, at

least. We all now see clearly that the attacker was the huge eagle, that either

crusched his lungs while landing and taking a grip around his troath and sholder,

or by lifting and then falling. But most likely the first. That it did not break his neck

in the attack, but squized his breast and lungs to the ground,

causing  totally punctured and collapse of the lungs.

The strangeling grip with the loss of fur and the scratch marks and wounds on

his neck and sholders, reveals evidence of a classic attack.

The eagle has been seen several times now, and on one

occasion right outside the kitchen window and catrun, taking off towards the stones

then the other side of the bay when seen. It later appared from behind the little

mountain slope. So it is familiar with us and the place, and is not affraid. It is HUGE.

The poor wonded otter that was here at the same time, has not been seen again,

and may not have survived either. It was even more wounded than Ariel.

So they may have suffered the same destiny. Luckily Svein-Erik have seen a

happy couple of otters recently. Sharing a fish and enjoying them selves.

So they live at least. Due to all this facts we are extra cautious of our cats every day

well fare and guard them thinking according to the ways of wildlife here

and the hunting schedule of the eagle.

The autopsy showed death by collapsed and punctured totally damaged lungs

as a result of a traumatic event and inner damages. And now we know a lot more

about the whole event, and that we have a new inhabitant to be weary of and

learn about even more regarding habits and routines.

Ariel was a victim of a tragic eagle attack that led to severe inner damages.

He was otherwise healty and normal regarding heart, kidnes and other inner organs.

We are so very very sad.

But now he is without pain, and he is never lost to us.

But he lives with us every day, because of all our joyful and wonderful memories of

his very special personality. Sharing it every day, the time we were given to share

with him.

Ariel`s earthly body now rests together with dear Ludvig and dear Aurora outside the catrun and our window.

We have planted a misteltoe beside him, that will keep forever green trough the year.

And we may take a beautiful misteltoe branch inside to remember on his birthday

on New Years Eve.


Hopefully we may capture this horrible bird one day.
And give it a new place far far away...........................



Ariel has been testet hearing several times over several years by 3 different vets. Last time late autumn 2011) ( Because of a food allergy reaction loosing fur due to high amounts of fish oil, he was at the same time tested for kidny, heart etc etc, and found to be just purrrfect. It turened out that to switch the food for less fish oil, was the thing, and quite a normal problem with to much omega oils adding up in the menu :) Now he`s using normal pellets from the same brand buth without added omega oils.


Ariel was our first born breeding male, and at the time we had no catrun, hormoncip for males was not know of that much. With Magni also fertile as a entire male, we kept them apart in different house parts when they dated as adviced. But by that Magni felt that his buddy Ariel had become his competitor. Ariel on the other hand sprayed on everything in pur overexcited happy joy, even did his happy markings on me, paper work for deadlines , on our food etc.:). Ariel and Magni was our first time experience in having 2 fertile males. That made us neuter Ariel much earlier than we actually had hoped for,along with Magni. Today we have a cat run and pratice that the males always meet all day,know eachother very well all the time to keep their rank they way it has been adjusted and established.Ariel and Magni went back to being best buddies always together ,sleeping and cuddeling together. Magni is  looking after Ariel like a "father" , buddy and best friend in one. Magni thinks that Ariel is his son with Belinda, so they are inseparable. That is great.But by that we learnt. We are so proud and very happy that Ariel became a father to his 4 precious litters rapidly before he was neutered, with CH (N) Blomsterdalen`s Celine NFO n 09 23, CH (N) Dorothea av Bustepinn NFO fs 23, GIC (N) Jatoba`s Aisha NFO ns 22 and our own CH (N) Stjernen`s Diana NFO n 09 24.There are still fertile offspring in breeding that we may get back from, or from beautiful grandchildren. Still we wished that we had kept one for ourselves and wait for his last litter with Calamity , but she was to young. We kept from his sister and she was kept fertile, and we planned to buy back from his offspring. Now he`s a gorgeous cuddely teddy boy that we enjoy all day.

And 9.8 Kilos weighed by the vet late Autumn 2011, and in fact near show condition the vet thought.


Big baby Ariel has problems. He thought the big baby cradle box was for him.

But then it came kitty babies, so he understood that. He loves to sit and watch, to

guard and to get lots of attention. He makes kitty baby Ariel sounds, and comes into bed. And he knows that Royal Canin Baby kitten might be found. Also Jolanda, his bedmate and buddy, has taken th

the combe, and being groomed. Lots of things for big baby Ariel to think about.

So a lazy cat nap while sitting and thinking, and then he came for a cuddle.



Dear Ariel celebrating summer. Liking sunbeams, playing, having fun and cuddeling a lot with us and his friends.



Ariel the great " fish thief" , he had a huge surprise yeasterday. Hee and all of us were given a huge totally fresh salmon of 7-8 kilos + to feast on. So here he`s following the Salmon from the outside and in, and it was to big to run off with , even for Ariel :)))). So he was very impressed. Usually he comes running with fishes inside, or deliver them at the door, but this was much much to large to carry with him. But he followed it closely all the way in hi hi hi.


Ariel 5 1/2 on his old favorite table, teasing his best friend Magni bellow,sunbathing and on his way to his fury summer bikini.


Ariel has a new sunbed from IKEA. He loves it and prepare for summer. If sunny he can relax on top, if to hot he can stay in the shadows underneath the sunbed, and it gives shelter from the rain. Ariel is very happy about all this :)


This is Ariels favorite bed. That he often shares with his "adoptive daughter" and niese Fiorenza, and her daughter / "his adopted grandatughter" and his grand niese Jolanda.

Or he`ll sleep in it together with his best friend Magni. So that is a popular dog basket bed. In the morning he makes his morning sound song to us, and if he`s weaken up, he wants his tummy cuddled. But he stays in his bed until we wake up, he`ll come into mine or he stands beside S-E on his bedside screaming for a cuddle before he returns to his or my bed. Then he`s ready for his day, so that he can have his snack walk a bit around, be cuddled, sit outside, and then in the afternoon go back inside to this basket bed for a cat nap. Ariel is the most wonderful boy, and has a kitty fanclub that he loves, in adition to he`s beloved buddy Magni and his younger friend Gregorius. Here it is his late afternoon nap that is being taken, with interuption from Fiorenza and Jolanda.


Ariel 5 years and 3 months loves to sunbathe in the sun beams.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARIEL. 5 YEARS on NEW YEARS EVE/NIGHT. And OBOY did he celebarte for a long time. He even made himself look " pretty", putting his head into some place outside that was full of ash and such. So his head and collar was / still is a bit dirty. And he`s not interested in being washed in the front, he loves to have his buttocks washed though. But he had fish, meat, salmond pate , scrambeled eggs and yes he was given a few baby kitten as treats and a bottle of baby milk. He did not want it all though. And then he spent all his day evening and night being cuddeled all the time like he loves to. Today he wanted so much to come in and on to the phototable, but only to lay down to purrrrrr and cuddle. So he did " rock the table" today. But here is a lazy Ariel saving his energy until 24.00 Midnight as usual. So HURRAY HURRAY OUR DEAR BEAUTIFUL FUNNY GORGEOUS KITTY BIG BOY. WE LOOOOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH.

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We can not go anywhere without Ariel following at once. He screams from behind a closed door, until he`s allowed inside.

He can not be in the room when taking photos of the others though. He jumps up on the table at once ,and makes a mess, or he sists himself down on the other cats being taken photos of. Or he cuddle bumps into them all the time. Also he push stuff on the floor if not tended to, so he`s a whole project all on his own. Like a baby.

But when they are all finnished, Ariel too must have his moment  of course, and even more cuddle and attention. He`s really a big kitty baby still, and overly social. And soooo dear

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Our dear big big baby.

And yes he`s been stealing Eukanuba kitten. So at the moment he is well over 10 kilos, mabye even towards 12, and not ready for show.

So it was a good thing for him with a playful walk today, away from the kitty food bowl,  outside with me and his sweet friends Juventus and Hieronymus.

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Ariel the big baby, wanted to play with the toy jaguar "George", and to be cuddeled with like Gregorius.

In the end he also turned on his back and cryed and hoped for a "baby wash" under his tail.

We often help in "behind", so this is is possition for that. The hindlegs backwards, and then a wash with a napkin.

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Ariel has taken to his heart that it is summer. He loves cat naps in the sun.

Even on top of the table. And Magni is giving him a cat wash on his forehead.

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Ariel has gone into a summer mood. Now he just wants to sleep in between flowers and enjoy the warmth of the sun.

Befor going inside eat a bit and sleep a bit, and wake up at midnight to play and have fun.

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Ariel came along as always when his buddy Magni was out with us to " guard",

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Our teddy boy Ariel came out for a walk in the sun today.

He is still a bit in the clouds after his performance at Hotel Norge in Bergen, bringing my aunt her present on her birthtday celebrations in Bergen. He was all dressed up in a light blue silk ribbon, and behaving in a charming manner as always.

But now he loves to feel that spring is here and the sunbeams warming his body.

Our wonderful dear boy at 4 years and 3 months.

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And then this BIG baby came along as well.

Ariel absolutely can not stand snow or a cold wind coming in his behind, he prefers being a super social baby inside and keep warm and stay near you for as much cuddle and chating as possible during the whole day and into the night. He even talks and make coments in his sleep.

But Ariel has discovered that spring is arriving, so he is super busy, and wanted to come outside and play.

Which is very good because he`s in need of some exercise. He`s been stealing kitty food. And has put on what he had lost in weight. So he`s 10 kg now, and ought to be as mature 9 kilos ca.

He looked slim and muscular as a young male at 8.7 kilos june 2008.

So having grown into a mature male, he looks good at 9. We are working on that. But he steals the kitten food, and is very good at it.

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Ariel is very busy with being just Ariel.

He is the biggest baby in the house.

Here he is 4 years old, and hopefully not to much above 9 kilos, but rather back at his best 8.7 or so.

He celebrated his birthday New Years Night, with a home alone cats party until Svein-Erik came from work early in the morning.It was a lot of things to put back in place after him.

He was home with Svein-Erik, so his birthday has had to be celebrated every day after I came back home that weekend. Because Ariel thinks he missed his usual celebration just for him and his kitty sister Aurora, with me being a couple of days on a family visit. He still craves attention all day, and must be allowed under the blanket several times a night.

So happy birthday funny and dear sweet baby boy Ariel.

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Sweet big big Ariel, enjoying being with the kittens photo session

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Status: neutered