(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

This is our place.

Here we ,the cats, have many places made for us.

To play and have lots of fun.


Well this years cold, rainy and cloded summer has arrived.

So one treasures the slightest hint of sunny days in westhern

Norway.The cats have a new plastic house also inside the cat run.

But building plans are delayed due to personal professional work.

But the now oldest part has had beams and piles taken down.

Ready for extention and being combined with the outer larger.

But the cats plastic house is in place at least :). And Svein-Eriks

new up stairs barbecue and culinary fascination.

Long time barbecuing forHOURS ........ . 

The cats are fascinated and very good company.


Haifa testing his new " house". We might put two together,

and must put plastic windows and chairs in. But now Haifa has been

busy enjoying his sun beds looking at his new bright house.


The cats lazy Sunday in May.


And for us a late day off and home made pizza.

The cats have several rooms and places made for them, so they are busy all over.

(I can se that the window wash still left a salty film, so we need to redo that:)

But the cats prefer to be where we are to be with us and look at what we do.

In the "cats working" room we can open either into to the cat run,to the bay/dockside,

or on hot summer days, fully open both ways. But to the dockside it is fenced in,

due to an open fall 1 floor down + the catrun downstair is not finnished or connected. yet. :).

So a future summer jobb that. But now,depending on wind and temper.

Fully open or like to day half way, to awoyd to much cold draft.

Ophelia loves it all, and follows everywhere. Diana loves all her places to climb up on and to follow you.Huriel loves all kinds of action cuddeling and your attention. Jolanda is at

the moment very busy babysitting, but if it is action, she is there. And the pics of '

the washing sinks, is to show Jolandas famous favorite toys.

We call it Jolandas " fountains".

They have electric sensors. So she go back and fort,and back and fort to turn them on.

We counted 32 times + within 10 minutes once, and we turened them off to.

She even managed to overflood the sinks and the large cat litters below once.

And to make a fool of Svein-Erik during a professional visit from abroad.

They had been test driving his boat. A toilet was needed, tea waiting,

and Jolanda had been overdoing, and  some overflooding.

When reopened, to Jolandas grand happy delight,

it was a strong full,all over "fountain" into open air,

and on to the poor finnish constructor coming in from England,and obviously on to

Svein-Erik. They both needed to change.She topped that by trying to charm

him on the table later,walking over his tea cup and going

back and forth between his lap and mine. Good thing he was sporty about it.

So an important part of Jolandas daily life and activites.

We have at least 2-3 hand bags of concards.The cats hunt them down where ever

they are. We only keep the latest few on a " cat difficult" place.

Ariel had a great time shuffling his own goblets+others into the floor from the shelf on the wall, so after that we only have newer " goblets" / awards left on paw safe places.

The rest is broken in half ( played with) and put on Ariels grave yeard of 

broken / pushed lamps + awards :0 :0 :)))))). It is rather large. He was an expert.

Ariel loved loved making short-circuits all the time. And wondered about what

happened, if he made " things roll over" ....... . So we only keep the latest show stuff.

Gregorius loves to feel like the  very important male,

and his daughter Mouna just loves to look at television.

So we have bought both Snip and Snap ( Chipn`n`Dale ),

The Tschekian Mole and Donald Duck for her to look at, be amused by and chat to.

She even has her favorite chair ( Ludvigs( our)old Ikea foot chair)

put up in front of the telly. So that she can sit on it , play around the fuzzy foot chair,

and go back and forth between her favorite parts to watch.

And YES , no joke, she LOVES it. And talks to Snip and Snap/ Chip`n`Dale,

Donald or the Mole with friends. She can even be played with in one part of the room,

but then comes some favorite chatty theme, and off she goes to her

place for a few minutes chatting with the cartoon figures in front of the telly.

Very very sweet.

Ohhh I forgot. In the " cats working room" , the mirrors are placed low down.

Not of any use to us. BUT the cats love to pas,look at them selves, chat to

themselves copy, and wonder. Lovely. It is mainly kittens and youg cats

that take an interest though. But it is great fun to them.

*  *  *  *  *

How Isak gets his up and go diper off ...........

If we do not plase the gas tank by the door. Isak knows.

He preassures himself out by bending out the door with his paw at the bottom.

And slips out.

So then he gets three in one. His diper off, to spray all our Rhododenrons,

and a "pretty" selfmade strange punky hairdo ( not show style) on his sides... .

This is not allowed, but her is the diper evidence. Leaving Jolanda impressed.

So we need an extra lock now at the bottom of the door. He can go out, but WE like

to control when !!!!!!!! . He only goes up and down the Gattostrada and around the

house to shout, call and make  " big cat " yells + spray the near by vedgetation before

he wants to go back inside to " secure" the house.

Jolnada wondering ............ .

April in the bay.

A sunny day and a small trip into nature. April 2013


Zygot`s Debbie-Doss and her daughter Kohinoor.

Celebrating Debbie`s 5 year old birthday

Haifa, Fiorenza and Isak enjoying a sunnyday in early spring.


*  *  *  *

Still a bit of work in progress, but at last at the end of it for a little bit. The old " dog run" is now connected with the other

catruns, but can be closed also. The oldes part of the catrun has been taken down, and been replaced by a new and larger one

, that is connected to the newest little catrun towards the bay. That also can be open and connected with them all,

or closed off. So the next step this late late autumn ( if there will be a reasonable nice weather), is to make an

extention and a new catrun built around the old dog catrun. That can be connected with both the other catruns, closed off, connected with both the other catruns and the old dogrun. So that several solutions is possible, but also that when all doors open, the whole

catrun area will be quite a large playground all ways. I had hoped for a little flower garden house I had seen

inside the comingt extention, but it was the last model they needed for their own shop. So mabye IKEA has a solution (?).

And the little wooden houses will be painted red and white, and a new cathouse will be found a solution for outside the fence

on the long side of the catrun aswell. And next spring/ summer  there will be a a renewal of the second oldest part (where the " metal roof" is and the outside house part catroom is at the end with the tourqouise door is,

with the cats room ( old machin room) with their old office chairs to sleep in.

It will be opened up, with more light in, and fewer funny wooden beams and structures and so :) .

So kindest wishes for a lovely autumn from our dear , sweet active cats.



Some of our dear ones ( the super social  sweeties Amalie and Isak) at work helping doing the " thinking" and chatting down in the halls.Guarding all sorts of

cleaning up,and they keep a very good distance from the water showering the halls they

also use as  play room. When some of us came back up to the first floor,

others had ben having a great time and tried lending a helping paw with the decorations of their cat run.

Signal red Bengalac was played with and pored

out. The sinner of this funny cat pranks, left hers or his paw marks all over the wooden cat walk, and inside on the

kitty blanket. We checked all the cats , Jolanda first off course, but the little action painting bandit has

hidden all her or his traces. So a mini mini mini crime for Poirot or Miss Marple this.

Evidence and paw prints to be found thoug.


Dear Magni celebrated his 8 th birthday. And I managed to do the renovation on the large old cat house for his celebrations.

The old part of the catrun is being worked on, so that is great fun for the cats, often with a "helping" paw :)))

Magni had so much fun being inside the catrun, so he did not go outside until the evening, but only out one door and straight back in by an other.


Kohinoor and Kolya , our sweet sweet playful and curious kitty baby sitters. Tabithas adoptive babies from last year, and now always by the cradle.


The cats enjoy that we work on the plans for the new extension of the catrun, and has been given a new little cat hose to enjoy sleeping in and sitting on top of. So that they can look at eachother in many directions. When enclosed the new parts will be connected with all the others trough this passage. All the way down the " Gattostrda " along our house, and that will end up in the other part, facing the bay.

And they also love this part, where the herbs seems to like themselves and the cats have been given also a tea table with chairs to enjoy or share with us if we want to enjoy the sunbeams with the afternoon tea ( or coffe) : So before the catrun is extended it is like this, but will later be included with the passage to new catruns. And we have found a very sweet little Flower house, that might arrive. It has off course transparent walls and roof, so it is a nice shelter like a small house, that will be nice in the new part.. Hopefully it will be ready during autumn. Before the heavy rain sets in.

Now the cats have a summer holiday it looks like. With at least a few sunny days :) .


What a cold, wet , windy and freezing summer. So all our plants have sort of collapsed. But our mint, sage, oregano and some herbs still survive. And our historic rose blossoms with beautiful pink flowers. I can not go far now. Tabitha is so close to giving birth, that she kept us awake all night and into the morning. So I can not go further away from the different catruns than that she can see me. And then she calls. So no work on the extention of the catrun towards the Ice cube , but I managed to bring my coffe trough the cats Harry Potter sort of catrun, and think a bit about how to build in the dogrun, and how to open and connect the end of the Gattostrada part with it`s 3 (4) catruns to the new planned catrun that will fill the space that will be a new enlarged catrun towards the canal and the dock area. And I managed bringing back some fresh mint for my afternoon ceylon tea. Gregorius on the otherhand is so restless, expecting his first kittens , and is not allowed outside until his offspring are born. So he`s a male full of hormons at the moment, with less time to cuddle. He just goes all over the many places like a large lion to checke and checke again.

*  *  * *

This summer I`m adding a new part to the catrun and towards the bay. And I`m taking down parts of the first catrun and reparing it, and it will have new walls and a new roof. And new houses in addition to our upstairs barbeque and  a small cafe table for us to join them at break fast or in the evening outside.Also I`m preparing for the old " dog run" to be turned with its door innwards connectedc to cat run 1+2+3 and then extended /built in in the large open area towards the large concrete bunker ( old iceroom) that the cats use as a playhouse outside the catrun. So hopefully catrun number 5 up stairs also can be started. And the old " dog run" changed a bit. The cats also have a large space down in the fish hall, with an enclosed opening in the door to look out from. And off course the rest of the " house". So no holiday , but more than enough to fix for the cats this summer.


Our dear Fiorenza out for a early morning stroll . Waiting for Svein-Erik to come home from a night shift. Enjoying the the morning dew among her historic roses, and with lovely little raindrops kept softly inside the flowers. Like beautiful clear gems. She is such a happy chatty girl, and here she`s waiting for the sound of Svein-Eriks car, so that she can charm him with all her sweet tricks when inside :)))) .


I`m preparing for the extention of a new large catrun /  mabye several, towards the cats play cube in concrete ( the old ice making room above the dock. So the old dogrun has been moved and will be built in to the new one. And all the other catruns will be connected with the new one in this area, and new shelters must come up inside it all on this side. So some work to do still :))) . Then we`ll also fix this old barbeque place a bit, so that we can enjoy this view with the cats. This place is very windy. So parts of it needs transparent plates as a wall on parts of the new catrun. But it has a wonderful view towards the little hill and mountain one diretion, towards the water canals between the island in an other and also a great view towards the bay. A wonderful place the cats use a lot on sunny days all year round. And one can even from up here , see fish that swims while pasing through in the sea . And one on one of these pics, I even got one fish snapping after something in the surface, under the floating sea weed. This is a very famous place for diving of all sorts, and very famous for super drift dives. Has been in several dive magazines :))). So an exiting area for the cats ( and us then). Our first year here we even lended the docks out for a national fishing competition, so the fish hall was filled with fish coming in. I only have paper pics of it, but our old cat Ludvig got plenty of fish for himself :).

The day of the huge salmon.


Just arrived from the sea in the bay outside, all fresh from the firshfarmer, just taken out of the sea and brought in by speedboat.

The cats LOVED it :)))) and we to.


The fishfarmer was so kind to give us this wonderful beautiful salmon as a gift for us and the cats.

It has been enjoyed fresh as minced sushi for the cats, then grilled by us and also for the cats, and then steamed in it`s stock for the cats evening meal. And still we have for 4 rich dinners. Thank you so much to BLOM, and their beautiful luxurious salmons. That  finds their way  by ship or plane to Europe, Japan and the USA,as soon as they are " slaugthered. But one was enjoyed very much here. Every little mouthful we think :))))

Guarding kittens !!!!!

Debbie, Byzants, Juventus and Slode looking after Jolanda and Kolya playing outside a bit. Byzants looks a bit funny, because of our cold summer she`s only lost her collar, and when neutered she was shaved on her tummy and in her knikkers. But she`s just so sweet and funny. Chatting happily all the time and being a great kitty guard and wanting a lot of cuddeling herself also :) They enjoyed the day a lot.


Sunny cat dayss at the " Riviera " of Bergen.


A sunny sunny day. And Lorelei last days with us all. Enjoying a trip in the old catrun part.

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A lovely day for the cats, with sun play and warm winds.

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Mother and daughter.

Diana is walking around a bit, and she`s being followed by her silver daughter Byzants.

Byzants is very fond of her beautiful mother and so proud to be near her.

Here they are busy with whom it is  shall sit in the lion chair, but it ends up with mummy getting it back in the end.

Sorry about the bad flashing, but it is all our Ariels doing.

He played with the camera in his drinking bowl.

So everything looks like this now.

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Waiting for Narnia.

The cats being bored in the afternoon while we work, and they are waiting for the adventure movie Narnia on CD.

For all of us to sit down, for them to be placed puuurfectly with us for cuddling, and snack bites of our food directly from the plates.

Meanwhile they use their climbing wall for fun and look at themselves in the mirror placed in their hight all the time.

Amireing themselves, and to look at the action backwards at the same time as forwards, is kitty fun.

Our beauty Debbie has lost all her beautiful fur during heats now, and she is very playful and busy running up and down the wall to impress us and her friends. Some times we need to give her food on the shelfs for her to remember to eat while being busy.

They are such great company at work, and funny.

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Ariel has something on his conscience.

He has played with the camera, and put it into the cats waterbowl.

It went down in a deep dive into the wather, and Tabitha was very happy to play with the camera "fish" Ariel gave her.

So from now on all our pictures can only be taken in one way. Ariels version, that we do not even know what is.

Here he is with himself and his favorite toy the little pink disco mouse, his baby.

Sweet and funny as ever, and slightly naughty as always.

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I only managed to get one picture of our dear beauty Amalie, because she had been in bed all day, played a bit and then she wanted to go out.

On top of that she is very much like her grand grand mother, who found photographing to be pretty boring. So Amalie is the most wonderful. playful and cuddly little princess, but if she sees the camera. Then she is immedeately bored.

But her friends and grand dad had a great time on top of the table that they use as a kind of "tax" station to get a lot of cuddling and kitty nosekisses. You are not allowed to pass without at least give one kiss and cuddle a little bit.

Please imagine how difficult it is to pass through here with food that they like.............

Here are Magni, Ariel, Gregorius, Hieronymus and baby Tabitha.

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Tabitha and Fiorenza plays, Ariel looks at television, and Calamity and Tabitha loves knitted mouses filled with catmint.

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Today was Tabitha`s first day ouside the catrun. So it was a nice little trip for all of us.

A lot of playing and many discoveries to do, and busy kitty parents to look after.

A bit cold and windy, but without rain and even the arrival of sunbeams now and then. So it was fresh.

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Just a snap shot of an afternoon in our bed.

Being freezing outside, our bed is much more soft and warm to jump around in for best friends Tabitha and Fiorenza. Belinda see through that they  behave with in manners in her favorite cat nap place.

Haifa in the back hope for some funny action.