(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

(N) Myrtekransen`s Isak NFO ns 09 24

Born 29 / 3 2011


Mother : CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Byzants NFO ns 09 24

Father : CH S* Zygot`s Slode NFO n 09 22


GSD 4 Normal

His father tested GSD 4 Normal  by our veterinarian at Laboklin

His mother has both her parents GSD 4 Tested Normal , and is by her parents GSD 4 Normal.


6.3 + kilos and slim

Never been to a show. Since we stopped shows.


Isak is the beautiful and proud father of our N-Litter


*  *  *  *

This is our dear beautiful  and funny silver boy after Byzants and Slode.

Since it might be that it is our silver princess Byzants last litter, we wished to keep this lovely silver boy for ourselves.

We are so glad, and he is such a wonderful boy with a super temper, and everyones kitty baby boy.

Isak is very social and very active, and he talks A LOT, and with all his mothers sounds and moves, but also added a twist of daddy Slode and with Slodes happy care free mind and charme.

So Isak is a funny boy, and honour the meaning of his old name. Isak hebrew in origin meaning " HE LAUGHS", and that suits this happy minded boy just purrrrrfect.

Isak is also of course a fishermans name where we come from, so it fits very well for Isak , living in an earlier fish reception building. And then Isaac Newton was a cat lover among "other things", so... Isak is the scandinavian verson of Isaac.


More information about Isak will follow, but now he`s just a sweet kitty boy, and very busy playing and cuddling with everyone.


Our very very handsome silverboy (N) Myrtekransen`s Isak NFO ns 09 24 will be 4 years on the 30 /3.

Here outside with me for a short walk in the nice weather. Cold but sunny and no wind.

He is such a wonderful, and lovesick sweetheart. Always by your feet, standing on his 2 hind legs and chats and cuddle with his head. A very sweet ,dear and beautiful funny boy.

We may again plan also for him now. He only has one beautiful litter. So we hope for more kittens after him shortly as well. Ophelia, Mouna, Penelope ( Huriel, depending on her plans), Amalie , Tabitha or Kohinoor. But we`ll see. At the moment many of our plans have changed the last couple of years. Where he has been planned for offspring combinations with Maximus. So ...



Beautiful Isak has a straight and nice profile.

But he has fur in his front head, so I tried to pull it back a bit. But he had little time for that. Here are some though.

Beautiful Isak 2 years and 10 months.It was so freezingly cold. With a very very cold biting wind. So he did not want to play that much. And I almost had frost bitten fingers brrrrr.. But a dear and lovely sweetheart he is. Always happy , cuddely and chatty. Then we rushed back in.



Lovely Isak 2 years and sunbasking with his friends. And his wintercoat is on it`s way off now in huge " furballs".

When ever anything happens, Isak is there. Chatting, cuddeling and playing. And also a bit in love and flirting with the "Queen" Tabitha. Making himself look very charming, and then running back and forth to me to cuddle in between.

He is such a sweet and funny guy.


Beautiful Isak , Suuuuper cool, very chatty and such a social and cuddely boy. Very Very Very sweet he is.


Beautiful Isak. 1 1/2 years and a proud father to our gorgeous N-Litter.

Sadly almost all his pictures became unclear also due to the camera set by accidente in a wrong mode possition.

But a lovely loveluy boy he is, and super sweet and kind, and LOVES attention and to chat a bit like both his father Slode and his silver princess mum Byzants.

Isak out guarding Huriel and Maximus. He had very little interst in the fresh bamboo branch. He only wanted to chat, cuddle and follow his father Slode and Haifa up into the tree. So he was much to busy with all that.

But he`s always ready to chat and cuddle :).

Isak is a super sweet charmer as well, and he loves attention and a chat. Isak still wants to be a big baby of course.

And puts himself on places you`ll pas, to get a kitty kis and a cuddle.

He is so very beautiful and sweet.

And always very proud of himself. Always a very happy chatty wonderful boy.

And so very very handsome he is.


Beautiful Isak still growing. I wanted to try the camera a bit, and put a bit of tape on the flash.

But it is still a bit too strong sadly, so the eyes gets filled with light.

But here is our lovely sweet boy, and the proud father to our beautiful N-Litter.


Beautiful Isak 1 1/2 years and a proud father to the wonderful N-Litter.

His wintercoat is on it`s way back now, and he had a great time eating of the bamboo shots today.

Isak is not all together to happy about all the snow, so he`s wondering about that, and is ahppy about the cats hide outs.


Beautiful daddy Isak 1 1/2 years






Isak has lazy days and loves to sleep outside in the sun. Soon he`ll be in his short summer coat it seems :))))


Beautiful Isak enjoying the sun, a cool breeze in his fur and is on his way into his summer coat. He looses his fur exactly like his mother and grand father. With the collar lost first, which make him look a bit funny for a long long while if the summer is cold. So not exactly a nice hairdo for shows at the moment. But He`s so sweet and lovely, and always near by for a chat and lots of cuddle.  Isak is now very lovesick poor boy and at the moment he`s walking a bit " down hill " again with his hind legs higher, so my guess is that he`s growing again.


Dear beautiful Isak enjoying the sun , and more and more into his summer bikini .


I hurried to take som pics of Isak as well today, before all his collar is gone, and he`ll be in his bikini like his mother Byzants. Isak is 1 year now, and busy being a charmer all day.He`s was not at all concentrated, since Amalie was making herself sweet and busy behind me for attention. But he`s so sweet chatty and lovely and does not mind the wind at all , as long as he gets much attention and a cuddle. Beautiful and sweet and soon with all his fur of and into his short summer condition.


Beautiful Isak soon to be 1 year. Active and very very LOOOOVE SICK poor boy .

*  *  *  * 

This is Isak grandmother S* Zygot`s Zo-Ya NFO n 03 24, Isak resebles her quite a bit, mabye more her than his father or mother. Very funny and sweet :))))


Beautiful and sleepy Isak inside without the wind messing up his fur. 10 months and 3 weeks now.


Beautiful silver boy Isak 10 months and 3 weeks , growing his winter coat. And a big baby still.

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Beautiful Isak 8 1/2 months, still being my big baby, and loooooooooves the kittens.

So he had to come along as well.

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Supercharmer Isak always ready for, and up to somthing.

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I can not belieive my luck today. Since I took kitty pictures, Isak also wanted the attention of course. He `s always with us.

So he came on to the table, and WOOOOOOOW, he finally had time to have some of his pictures take. Usually we call him The Silver Arrow, but now he actually manged to stay still long enough for the camera.

He did not have his show pics taken since we had forgoten our camera, but today  I took this opportunity to show our beautilful silver boy a bit also. He`s grown a lot now, and is growing fast towards being a male.

He`s  so sweet and very busy still, with lots of projects going on all day, or he wants to sit on the lap for a long time, and he talks a lot. Isak is very very social and cuddly.

After the last pic, his patience was over though, so he staret to climb on the background and take it down to play with while chatting. So he simply is a very active funny one, now becoming a very beautiful youngsther male.

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Isak has been to his first show, and did great. He loved it, and had a very close race with a beautiful boy about the EX 1. Isak is at the moment developing his fur and the other boy had his fully developed, so he proudly became EX 2 of 3.

The judge loved his head and looks, and said he was large and powerful built. Isak loved all the attention he could get.

Sadly Isak was kept home the second day, because the farmacist had a long delay in delivering Isaks cure for intestianl round worms. Isaks father Slode is such a great hunter and gives his son gladly plenty, so Isak needed a treatment. It came late late on Thursday evening, and Isak had a slight reaction to it. So we let him stay home on Sunday.  Isak only had one day, and was very eager when we came home. Isak demands to go back to shows it seems, he had great fun, and could have joined us on Sunday. But that will be for next time.

and a beautiful boy he`s developing into. We`re so proud of our young charmer.

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Byzants and Slodes "silverarrow" of a son, always loves to be in the centre of all action he can take part in.

So even though he was not the one to be taken pics of, he was as usual more than willing, ready to play at full speed on the cat house top.

He`s a charming heart breaker this one also, and a kitty baby boy still.

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I have for several days tried to take photos of our silver " arrow" Isak.

The camera just cat`t handle his speed, so almost all pics are like phantoms, his ears in all directions and with a wild hyper gaze.

On top of that best buddy Juventus joins in with his head, tail or the whole body in a bumpy cuddle.

But some I could use " mabye". Hopefully he`ll slow down a bit sometime, enough for my poor camera to handle.

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Our dear beautiful and funny Isak, at full speed as always, and on his first trip outside to run free a bit. over the small hill side behind the house.

Chilly but sunny to day.

Having a great time with buddies Juventus and Hieronymus.

He was all over, high and low and chatting, sniffing and eating a lot of heather seeds and flowers.

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Isak busy as always, testing the new cathouse roof to play on, and finding Juventus all over the roof above him, to be very cool.

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Kitty boy Isak, having a lot of fun, and teasing both grandmum Diana and buddy Juventus. And about everybody else also.

4 1/2 months now.

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Isak has been tasting sunbeams, rose branches, and he had several bits of the fresh bamboo playstick.

So he is very pleased today. Lots of attention off course.