(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

(N) Myrtekransen`s Jolanda NFO n 09 22

Mother : (N) Myrtekransen`s Fiorenza NFO n 09 22  and   Father: CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Hieronymus NFO n 09 23


Born 3/11- 2011


4 kilos

GSD 4 Normal

Her father Hieronymus is GSD 4 Normal. With her great grand parents on her fathers mother side tested GSD 4 Normal . Her grand father Haifa tested GSD 4 Normal, and her mother Fiorenza has her grand parents Belinda and Sisik GSD 4 tested normal, and her father Slode  now just in oktober 2012 tested GSD 4 Normal.

* (N) Myrtekransen, Norway *

This is my last pictures of Jolanda. We were playing outside that day with a Venezian mask I had just bought in Vienna. Jolanda loved everything I had with me, so this was great. After I had been very ill from the flue , and Jolanda had been inside all week to support. Jolanda was always in or around my feet. The seagulls had a nice wind I thought, and then appared the crows, and the Pica Picas that Jolanda loved to play with. And then the rawens could be seen. But this was very close to the house, and the seagulls often follow boats for fish.

In short, because it must be at the moment. We lost her beautiful father Hieronymus almost on the day 1 week before. That following week was a night mare.He was outside with Svein-Erik that day.So after the horrible loss of him, we did not dare to let the cats outside after that. But we just wanted to take some new pics of Penelope outside in day light . While just a few were outside with me guarding. As I turn away, to put Penelope and the mask inside. I heard a small faint scream that I though it was Isak teas jumping on Haifa or so. Then Jolanda was taken.

We have a horrible problem with a gigantic eagle. That we also suspect beeing the cause of Juventus. And Amalie has marks on her neck.It even passes near our windows now, sits and take off from our roof. And flye over me to hunt while I have been working on the catrun extensions. Because of this horrible events. There has been a focus on finnishing  more catrun space ASP. And the cats can not be outside at day time, then the eagle arrives. Often several times within minutes. Several times a day, and it flies over the catrun roof to check. With me on that day i had also Penelope, Haifa, Debbie, Ophelia, Kohinoor, and the two boys Isak and Maximus that came to play. It could have been either of them.Debbie still do not want to go out. After over 1 1 1/2 month- 2 months

. She is still a bit depressed, and has had a change due to that.And Ophelia is sooooo veary, even though after dark. Haifa was super stressed, and though being the boss , he prefers to have me outside, or go straight back inside even after dark and his quick check ups. Looking up all the time. So those were close we think. It is still not at all safe. Even with Svein-Erik inside the cat run. One have to be outside it, and in touch length of the cats. Mabye even with a helmet for our own security. Since there has been an attac nearby on a human tracker ( and  some  dog). So my sister was right . No joke this. It regularilly check in on me close over my head, twisting its head. We have also found bloody parts of ribs of a sheep or a deer. It is a large female eagle, and her friend now and then. And it seems that some one from the fish farmers are also giving it fresh salmon a lot. Hunting birds like eagles , has newly become  a famous falconery tourist  " safari" attracttion industry in this area , we now know.So " SIMPLY not at all JUST GREAT"" !!!!. This pics are just a couple of minutes before Jolanda was taken away and killed. This page is at the moment under constrution. But it is anyway a horrible and sad story. Without a happy ending. We are still in chok. So that will be it for now.

Jolanda is missed so deeply, deeply, deeply. She was such a special lovely girl. Lost for words.... these days.

Jolanda has had a colour check, but now that her collar grows more back, it is brown all over in the neck, and her color changes gradually into more brown with her more mature fur arriving.

So we keep the old color check made earlier outside seen in daylight then, and consider an even newer chek later to confirm in case , when all fur is back around her neck and more of her mature fur has arrived. Like Juventus, she had for a long time a very light cold colored coat partly. He is now very brownish

* * *

Dear Jolanda. Getting back her collar slowly, and always being active doing some thing if a camera

is in site. Last month she had so much fun with the electric watertap that reacts to movements, making  herself busy with 2 little " fountains " . Right before a visit from abroad. So we needed to reduse the waterflow a bit. She runs back and fort between the to hand washes pleaced beside each other. So one evening we counted her flushing 32 times with in a short period of about 10 minutes. So we turened it of for a while. She is such a special and dear  sweetheart,and a great inventor of all kinds of action and finding things. It is not possible to do anything without her arriving

right on the spot with in a second. Ready to " help out". Outside it is all about climbing up and down, and to keep an eye out for what we are doing of course.

Jolanda enjoying catnip roots and sticks, being with her friends and sunbathing.

And she looooves baby Quadir and Penelope + Pelle. She loves to play with kittens and guard them.


Well, kitty pics today. So Jolanda had to come and play. She always waits outside the door. And I had bought a fun chair for the cats, so no need to say. Jolanda had to come in and check it out.

And of course she loved it much more than the little kittens.


Jolanda sunbathing with her father Hieronymus, grandad Haifa and her ahlf brother

Kolya came and took over after. Jolanda is very busy, and photos was not at all up for her today.

And all my " toys" were old new and boring :)))

Jolanda soler 2


Coooooool Jolanda


" May I get that camera please ?. Or I`ll just try to get it"

Thinks Jolanda. She loves cameras, torches, forks, spoons, mobilephones,tv control,jewelery,watches... screwdrivers, nails, screws...

EVERYTHING that makes little sounds, twinkles, or can roll/ move or os of metal.

Look at her attention to my camera, ready to try to get it :))). She has one already.


Well, yeah. Sweet beautiful daddy Hieronymus was on the cats shelf, ready for pics.

Then in a great leap over my shoulder, came his daughter Jolanda. Ready for landing and to play.

And as usual she wanted my camera, paws on. But no way Jolanda.

Then she went spinning around the shelf and got bored when Mouna played underneath her.

She is such a cool girl, but also super kind and very special.


Jolanda has busy days. She has lots of things to investigate and to run of with.

Or to use her paws on.


Beautiful Jolanda, with her collar almost a little bit on its` way back, after this autums dramatic and  strange event with wild animals


Dear beautiful Jolanda, she runs into the door to play on the phototable.

So a few. Her collar has gone of, since she has been in and out between some rests of the metal fence. So she waits for half of it to return. But wonderful she is, and funny all day long.


Jolanda almost 11 months having fun with bay leaves,

and even proudly took one back in with her as " pray".


So we tried again with Jolanda pics. Specially since she always stands by the door to get in.

Jolanda is losing her kitty fur now, and a gorgeous girl she is at 10 1/2 months.


Jolanda has been given my camera and my old Swatch.

She`s very busy :)))


Beautiful Jolanda 9 1/2 months looking at Svein-Eriks camera and waiting for her grandmothers kittens.

Really wanting his camera also. So she grabbed the camera leashe several times.


Beautiful Jolanda, but also the last pictures with my poor " old" camera.

Jolanda grabed it again, so now the camera lense has poped out and twisted out of it`s shape,

It can not take pics or get back in. So Kolya waiting for his pics must wait until a new camera arrives then. My cat photo camera, after having been bathed by Ariel. And by that short circuited in most of it`s functions. Then being smashed to the ground, bitten , walked around and about after it`s chain, has been repeatedly stolen at the speed of lightning by bandit Jolanda. She now will get what she wished for in the end .

Be given the camera to keep in her bandit " cave" under the sofa ;)))) Jolanda is a very very dear bandit indeeed. We have agreed that the camera will be Jolandas to keep..... . Then we hope that she`ll keep off our new camera :))) ...


Beautiful Jolanda almost 9 months

I forgot these last when Jolanda found her selv a little nest of soft green moss, and started to doze off.



Jolanda 8 months 1/2 out having fun all over, and helping to clear the way and planning for a new catrun connectected with the ones on the back of the house. She had lots of fun in the dusky rain and during rainbreaks. Always ready to play with someone or something.


Beautiful Jolanda 8 months and a lovely youngster


  • Our very sweet mysterious gorgeous gremlins girl Jolanda. Always doing some lurking to find out what next funny thing to do. She is a very kind and funny girl. Very inventive and such a copy cat. She follows every were, and want to do all the same things that you do. She`s just lovely.


Beautiful Jolanda having lots of fun 7 1/2 months


Well, so we tried again. It became quite an exercise as usuall, and all of us trying to follow Jolanda all over :)) With Byzants kitty guarding while " talking "all the time.


Beautiful Jolanda 7 months and wonderfully cool as our house gremlins.


Beautiful Jolnada on her third trip outside, and now with her buddies Kohinoor and Kolya. So she was having a great time being all over. And yes she tried fishing a bit, and that ended in her first bath in the bay. And she climed and huntet bumle bees. But at least she managed not to be burnt by one :)


Jolanda being such an active inventive girl, often needs 2 photo sessions. So a few more since it was a sunny day, a bit fresh with a breeze. But a lovely day for lovely Jolanda.

vakre Jolanda

Beautiful Jolanda 6 moths, and on her first trip outside the catrun. She had a great time playing with her adoptive mother Debbie, her mother Fiorenza, her father Hieronymus and Slode her grandfather. And then Joy also joined us. After days of stormy winds, rain, 6 degrees celcius and even snow, today the sun shone strong and bright. So a lot of pictures with half eyes or even closed eyes, but even though my camera is to slow, I managed a few with open eyes and with out eyelids pulled up. So a lovely and sunny day for the cats :)


Dear Jolanda, I tried to take her pics today at 5 months 1/2, BUT this was one of her hyper days, so she run off with my camera 3 times. Carring with her. Did not want to look at the photograper, was all over the baskets I have put out as summer " furniture toys" for the cats, and shot her self trough the air like an arrow to get hold of the bamboo stick and eat it / part it. So quite exhausted from taken her pics as always. On top of that her grandad played along so it was all tails and buttocks. But she`s developing a raw look : ) ....


Since I took pics of Lorelei, her friend beautiful Jolanda also woke up and wanted to play a bit. She `s just most sweet funny inventive kitty girl.


Beautiful Jolanda. An active player as usual, so twice we had to try today also. But a real sweetie.


Beautiful Jolanda. Today a bit to much awake, so up the background she went. Not even the new feather toy was interesting enough. Climbing is still her favorite thing to do.

But some attention I had, that the camera managed to handle.


Huge Congratulations to our kitty princess for wonderful judgments at the BERAK SHOW . With Excellent 1 both days, and lovely remarks.

She only lost the Nomination to her half brother Kolya at a close race Saturday, but won over him with a nomination for Best in Show on Sunday . Sweetheart.

And found not to be blue.


A busy blueberry


Jolanda 12 weeks, tried taken pics of again, well she had time for a quick few.

Our beautiful gremlins girl Jolanda 12 weeks and 1498 grams. Luckily she will have new pics of herself in the future. She had to run into the chicken stock bowl, was in a hyper state and even jumpet straight up in the air chatching a string hanging from above. So as usaual she`s a super charmer, that even goes for the camera !!!

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Beautiful Jolanda, 11 weeks ,1339 grams and yes some pics today. She had slept, so I manged before she went in to hyper to much, and before she wanted food, play with her siblings or sleep under the sofa. But to keep her focused is hard work.

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Beautiful Jolanda 10 weeks. I tried to take photos while she was sleepy from her favorite spot, because she can get a bit to hyper for my camera, but that was not such a good idea. She wanted to continue her beauty sleep on the table, and did not like the spots at all. So yes Jolanda is a kitty cat with a mind of her own, and very much her mothers daughter indeed.

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Beautiful Jolanda 9 weeks, and 1159 grams.She has super speed and no patiente if I do not play all the time. She says ACTION, with all her personality.

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Beautiful Jolanda 8 weeks ( 8W+1day 1034 grams). PHEW!!!!! What can I say, MEET THE GREMLINS GIRL !!!!

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Hyper active has a name in this house, Jolanda.The camera is incredible lucky if it manages a clear photo of this  baby huldercat.

Beautiful Jolanda 7 weeks starting to show her tabby a bit more, with the blue dividing the pattern a bit.

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Beautiful Jolanda 6 weeks. 757 grams. She had to be taken pics of twice, as usual. Being playful all over.

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I have tried to take new pics of our super gremlins, since she was in a hyper state only running at me the last time.

But our baby gremlins was a bit active to day to, and even though her attention could be guided towards toys, her main focus was to fix the background, run around being super charmingly naughty , orrrr she came for nose kisses and a cuddle. So this busy little gremlins is quite a task for the photograper. This is the second time, with just as many phantom fotos of Jolanda.

if you try to hold her still, she is already half way out of you hand. and yes she bites our toes at night, and yes Svein-Erik caught her under his bed blancket at full speed up towards his belly. He lifted the blancket, and she gave him the sweetest naughty gremlins look ever. So ohh well, our first blue kitty baby.

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Beautiful Jolanda 5 weeks. 621 grams ( weight from 1 day earlier than last week).She did not want to take her photos today, and only ran towards me and wanted up on the arm.

But She Wishes You All a Merry Christmas.

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Beautiful Jolanda 4 weeks. She was only concerned about were I had hid the milk bottle, so almost all her pics are phantoms, and she was on her way to jump on me all the time. So less of our blue kitty super gremlins. 509 grams

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Beautiful blueberry Jolanda 3 1/2 weeks.

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Beautiful Jolanda now 3 weeks, and sooo sweet.

She comes running to close to all the front lights though, and wants to sit on my hand and arm. 400 grams  and growing teeth.

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Wonderful Jolanda 2 weeks today. 274 grams. She now has opened her eyes and was very busy today. She wondered were the milk was, and came running to mu hand all the time, and twisted and turened charmingly to cuddle.

She was difficult to keep at the best distance from the close spots, because she wanted to cuddle while " sunbathing" in my hand in front of the lovest spot, so a lot of strange photos of her in a very active mood.

Today middday it was so dark already that I had to use 4 strong spots, so that I have to adjuste a bit , and the nagle next time. A bit to strong and low, but Jolanda loved it though.

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Wonderful Jolanda was super busy, she had just woke up and wanted mum along with Josephine, so only a few of her to.

Then she went back with her sister , found her favorite nipple and mum, for some milk and and cuddle.

202 grams

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Beautiful Jolanda 5 days

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This is beautiful Jolanda now 3 days. She was very hungry so I put her back to Fiorenza. More photos of this wonderful little beauty will come also.