(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

Beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Julius NFO n 03 23 ( 22)

Born 3/11 - 2011

Mother : (N) Myrtekransen`s Fiorenza NFO n 09 22   and   Father : CH (N) Myrtekransen`s  Hieronymus NFO n 09 23



* Booked Sand in Suldal,  Norway *

Sadly when I wanted to put in a collection of never pictures,  managed to click away many of the older ones, but managed to stop it before they all went away. So I`ll find the older ones in the backup later  :). And don`t think I `ll try this on the othe kitten pages at the moment.

Beautiful Julius 5 weeks. 541 grams( weight from 1 day earlier than last week). He Wishes You All a Merry Christmas.

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Beautiful julius 4 weeks today. He was looking all over me and the table for the milk bottle, and wondered what was under the table.

So I manged more pics of our lovely boy than imagined. He`s so beautiful. 460 grams.

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Beautiful Julius 3 1/2 weeks.

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Beautiful Julius 3 weeks, and so wonderful and sweet. He was super busy, and had little time for photos, but looooved to sit and chat and cuddle, so a lot of phantom photos of him, but some were clear. So here he is beautiful Julius. 359 grams having his teeth coming now.

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Julius 2 weeks today. 279 grams.Julius also has just opened his eyes recently, had a full belly, and just pured and wanted to cuddle and sleep a bit. He purrred and loved the warmth from the lamps, but really wanted to sleep again.

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Wonderful Julius 1 week having great fun, and purred and twisted for a cuddle even. He was a little bit full in his tummy, but went back for more right after.

225 grams

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Beautiful Julius 5 days

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This is beautiful Julius, a wonderful boy now 3 days. He`s so beautiful.