(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

(N) Stjernen`s Juventus

Our dear Juventus was taken away the 11 th of March..

It has taken quite some time, many nights awake since March 2013.

At first we suspected insane driving conducted by locals in our tiny narrow peaceful little single road countryside street outside. But after a while that came to some kind of understanding and a change at least. We applied for speed bumps though. On the other hand it has lead to more sensible driving, which was good in any case.

But we still miss our most beautiful dearest boy.

And because of what happenec to Hieronymus and Jolanda later, we have to rewrite his memory page now.  During a longer period of over 1 year,we have had contact with different instances and the other users of the dock. And followed the discovery of the habits of the 3 + eagles that seems to turn up suddenly. So we have the understanding that Juventus was given the same destiny as Hieronymus and Jolanda. Juventus never went far, just right outside the house. And because of Ariel, the cats were guarded. With Hieronymus and Jolanda, the area was free of any traffic. And Jolanda was just behind my back.So that day he was just shortly outside in the lovely sun. Since he passed our legs in the door down stairs while we were working.

We had him for a check 2 weeks before also because of some strange marks around his neck and throath after a daytrip outside. We suspected an eagle attack. But he was otherwise fine in super shape and happy. And we had not seen any eagle.

Now we know a lot more.

Our dear sweet sweetheart, and the kindest cat we know.

Juventus was planned to be kept fertile ahead. He was a very easy male to have fertile.

And it was his turn to have dates and become a marvelous dad to fantastic offspring.

Juventus had right before this accidente been to his vets for a new full breeding male health checke and to check some strange marks. Super all over, and was ready to start on his planned datings.

He had one date as Huriel`s first lover.

But very sadly, that did not succeed on her`s and his first attempt.

That is so sad. He was also planned next for Calamity if we did a change.

At the moment we only feel gratefulness for having been so lucky to have such a gorgeous kind hearted very beautiful dear boy. I may change the writings again.

But for now we just wanted to add this after a long time of having had many conciderations about him. And with new information.

These pictures taken in April 2013, are so strange. So we let them stay on Juventus page a while longer. A reminder of him,while thinking of Juventus. This mini rainbow, a playful ray of light playing with our camera lens outside in " his " street , . The window was open, so this is no glass reflection. And it moves around. Very funny.

We wished he still was here, dear sweet Juventus.


NFO n 09 24 ( could be 23)

Born 08.01.2011


5.416  kilos at  11 months.

Closed male.

We have an agreement with Anita, not to lend him out.

Beautiful Juventus will in the future when mature, fall in love if he wants to.

We will consider his developement and then decide with whom he ought to date.

Now he`s just a wonderful kitten, and it is important for him to be that for a long time.

Juventus is such a beautiful dear boy.

At the moment his plans are being worked with and thought up on, and we`ll see his plans in connection to other plans, which girls that he will meet.

But Tabitha , Calamity, Debbie-Doss are all unrelated to him. And lovely girls for Juventus.



What can we say, except for that we are touched and moved to be so lucky to have a lucky star from (N) Stjernen.

More will come about him, and also his other weekly photos that are on an other computer.

But now we just look forward to our Easter boy coming from eastern Norway.

We are so proud and forever grateful.

We wish for him a very long and playful life with us all, as a beloved cat.


Proud parents are

Mother EC (N) Stjernen`s Camilla NFO n 09 24

Father (N) Myrtekransen`s Felix NFO n 09 24

Beautiful wonderful and lovely lovely Juventus with his raw looks delightful fur and great personality, has not been decided for yet.

But is within the plans of 2013 for a beautiful plan.

He might date later f.eks (N) Myrtekransen`s Kohinoor NFO ns 09 22  pedigree or NO* Boote`s Amalie Amadeus NFO w, Tabitha d `Haakona  CH* NFO n 24  after her mother breake, or CH (F) S * Wonderwood`s Calamity Jane NFO n 09 23 or Huriel de la Fret d`Amalion. So we are thinking a bit about his future plans still and which female that will suite him the best in type and pedigree.

  GORGEOUS GORGEOUS JUVENTUS !!!!! Now 2 years and interested in our kitty girls :)))

And he is just the sweetest boy ever .



Dear dear lovely , happy minded, sweet charmer and gorgeous Juventus. Tomorrow he`ll be 2 years.

So we may plan for him this year at spring (?).I tried so hard to get his pics. But guess what,

he had no interest what so ever in playing with the fresh bamboo branch. He just wanted to cuddle a lot,

and to doze off in the sheep flece. So sadly he would not show off all his beauty and great looks today,

but he`s such a VERY VERY COOLlooking guy, and knows it. But he`s aslo the kindest and most loving boy.



The very beautiful kind and very sweet Juventus 1 year and 11 months


Juventus had a break to take some snack


Beautiful Juventus. Such a sweet sweet kind and lovely boy.

Here one can see how he loves to charm. He loves to cuddle and be with you.

So he`s so dear and wonderful.1 year and 10 months.


Beautiuful Juventus 1 1/2 years. Lovely and super cool.


Beautiful Juventus in total bikini and with a foxy color. Very redish and warm.

Juventus enoys the sunbed and the renovated old cathouse. That soon will have white stripes and red dots on the roof :)))



Dear sweet Juventus, now 1 1/2 years and almost in his summer bikini coat. But he`s still have a little bit left :) . Wonderful he is.


My dear Juventus. I love his expression. He`s the kindes ever boy, and he looks so grumpy , like an old bossy tiger. Sadly now on his way in to summer coat with his collar going off, but just lovely. Here he pulls his ears down, because the wind is blowing into them, and it makes him look so wonderfully funny and like a super majestic grumpy sibirian Amur tiger hi hi . Such a sweet heart. At the moment not planned for. But I`m thinking.


Beautiful Juventus. Fully prepared for the vinter show at BERAK this weekend. But like with Hieronymus last autumn. We had some mild days, so he went to play behind the house among the junipers. And if a dusky day, the small parts of the branches can get caught in the fur, spinning them selves into the fur, and make a mess when the cats go to sleep and dry up . Specially if the cats try to take them out before you do. They rip it out , making an open place in the fur. So that is not nice or funny when you talk about group 4. So this very pretty boy that could have had a new title, he was home looking just great and nicely perfumed down in our large fish hall. But wonderful he is.

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Beautiful Juventus celebrated his birthday with many favorite things to do and favorite things to eat.


Happy birtday dear dear beautiful Juventus. 1 Year young now, on The he Eight of Januaray. Hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrray dear fellow.

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Beautiful beautiful  beeeeeaaaatiiiiful Juventus so wonderful and sweet, and he`s got the most lovely afffectionate temper ever.

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Wonderful Juventus. He is such a sweet dear boy to take to shows, and he`s so proud of himself, and his new CAC cert. taken on Sunday.

Juventus purrrr all the time and is so easy to handle. Hew`s still wears his kitten coat, but underneath, he`s gorgeous fur is on its way. And it is just great.

Were`re so proud of our beautiful Juventus.

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Dear dear sweetheart Juventus. Our everyday joy. Such a kind happy boy.

He loved to be out with buddies Hieronymus and Isak for lots of fun and play today.

He purs even if you just look at him. Juventus is a very special gem.

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Grey , cloded and dusky today, but Juventus has had great fun anyway.

So here he is our dear beautiful kitty boy, almost 8 months.

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Lovely Juventus 7 months 1/2, super cool and super sweet. Out for a walk with me and best buddy Hieronymus and Ariel.

Juventus 4.3 kilos at 7 3/4 months.

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Juventus enjoyed the sun today, some playing and cuddling, and a cat nap siesta in the warmth.

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Beautiful Juventus, getting a realy purrrrrrrfect fur now, over his back and neck, but still with a lot of " fancy" kitten fur. But gorgeous he is.

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Juventus 5 months ca 3 weeks . Such a beauty, and he`s such a relaxed happy and sweet boy.

Juventus looks super serious, and like a tiger almost. He`s got such a fantastic fur coming under all his kitty coat.

We love him so much. He`s lovely.

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Juventus was not to happy to have his pics taken "AFTER" the kittens today. He wanted to be first. So when the kittens had finnished, he was exhausted from having played a lot with Hieronymus and Magni.

But a few he gave us, but then he much rather wanted to have mummy milk from adoptive mum and aunt, Byzants.

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Kitty boy Juventus is such a happy boy, so beautiful and so super sweet.

Juventus was on show this weekend, and was simply a dream to have with us. Such a purrrrring wonderful boy.

Being very very beautiful, in his kitty fur and funny cold color. But he was such a joyful delight to show.

Purrr lovely Juventus.

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Juventus loves to come and take his pictures when the kittens have theirs. He runs as fast as he can in between your feet and up on the table.

Then he is ready to play and cuddle. What a wonderful and sweet boy he is. 5 and 1/2 moths young now.

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Baby Juventus having so much fun and at full speed , cared for by all of us.

So sweet and lovely.

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Our beautiful star Juventus 4 months now, and pictures taken while he was sooo very sleepy.

And so very very lovely.

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Wonderful kitty star Juventus 14 1/2 weeks

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Here he is , he came in time for Easter, and WHAT a kitty tiger boy he is. With spots, but a tiger look.

WOOOOOOOOW he is such a beautiful boy.

He moved straight in from the first minute.

He is now the centre of every ones attention, and has many new best friends.

We feel so lucky.

And more will come about him.

But now we just want to enjoy and play.

Happy Easter to everyone from Juventus.

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Juventus 14 weeks and now moves home tu us in (N) Myrtekransen outside Bergen.

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Juventus 12 weeks

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Juventus 10 weeks

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Juventus 8 weeks

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Juventus 7 weeks

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Juventus 4 weeks

Juventus NEW BORN the 8 th of Janurary 2011

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