(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

DK Elkington`s Haifa Wonder NFO ns male

Born 10.04.2008

Male neutered. If we had discovered up and go dipers earlier.

Haifa would not have been neutered until much much later.

He is a wonderful WONDER.

8 kilos


GSD 4 Normal

Tested by our veterinarians for laboratory Genindexe.


Kitty Haifa, he is just gorgeous. I have just found some of his kitty pics, and love them :))) He `s so very very very SWEEEET !!!!

And we keep looking for more .

Here are some pictures that has been refound luckily , of Haifas Journey from Denmark to Norway and as a

fantastically beautiful kitty boy. Just as sweet as today :))))

Haifa 12 uker

Haifas proud parents, and while searching for Valmue. Haifas grandparents.        Valmues mother CH (N) Påveskaarets Linnea Rose NFO n 09  and her father DK Europas Danske Bacon NFO n 09 23


Haifas beautiful Father : GB * Norgesskaukatt Amour ns 22  ( only one pic at the moment)   and his beautiful Mother : DK Sakeena`s Valmue NFO ns ( with all her hights and lenghts)

Beautiful mummy Valmue. Thank you so much dear Lone for many lovely pictures of your wonderful girl, Haifas beautiful mother DK Sakeena`s Valmue NFO ns

DK * Europa`s Danske Bacon  NFO n 09 23      and     (N) Påveskaaret`s Linea Rose NFO n 09

Haifas beautiful grandparents on his mother`s side. DK Europas Danske Bacon NFO n 09 23 and (N) Påveskaarets Linea Rone NFO n 09

*  *  *  *  *  * 

Tigra de la Cachouteba NFO ns 23

CH DK * Elkington`s King of the Road NFO n 09 22

Haifas beautiful grandparents on his father`s side Grandmother :  F * Tigra de la Cachouteba NFO ns 23 and Grandfather CH DK * Elkington`s King of The Road NFO n 09 22

*  *  *  *  * 

Haifa is a  proud father of 2 lovely and important litters.

And he  along with his buddy Slode, resembles our own old Ludvig. Born in 1987 .

Haifa is a fantastic boy, just wonderful and so special . And it is just lovely that he,

though being black silver smoke, is so very much like our old dear Ludvig in type,

and  in his sweet  strong selfconfident temper. We adore that.

Needless to say , he is very special and very dear to us.

G - Litter : CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Elena NFO n 09 and DK Elkington`s Haifa Wonder NFO ns


H- Litter : CH (F) / S* Wonderwood`s Calamity Jane NFO n 09 23

( Haifa was planned with Debbie -Doss , Byzants and for one other of the unrelated girls  ( Amalie). Debbie and Haifa tried several times, over a couple of years, but she only flipped over, and he never managed to keep her in position. Byzants mated Haifa, but had an infection, then a break and Haifa was then neutered. This was before the Superloin hormonchip, and he became a little bit to much of a boy. But 2 wonderful precious litters he`s made, and that he can be very very proud of)

Will soon be weiged, he`s grown into a large very broad  and very very heavy solid male with a powerful boning. His lines grow slowly.

GSD IV Normal.

FIV/FELV Negativ.


Our smoke prince Haifa Wonder comes from dear Lone and the exciting cattery DK Elkington in Denmark, with all her goregeous powerful cats.

Haifa is the son of Norgeskaukatt Amour that we are huge fans of, and really could have wished for our selves. We did ask for his sister, but she was kept at home. On top of that Haifas mother Saakena`s Valmue descend from wonderful Påveskaaret lines, that we also had been looking out for .

So by a lucky stroke, Haifa was born in Denmark, with Amour as a father and Valmue as his mother.

Both lovely exiting cats we are very proud and honored to be allowed to have in our own dear sweet super cool Haifa.

Haifa is a kind ans sweethearted charmer. He`s such a baby at home and with me he just wants to have his belly cuddeled, but also he now finds himself to be a super cool cat. So he`s become very maleish.

Haifa is very poweful built in his boning and his gogeous looking head.

Haifa has a really fantastic raw wildlook expression, well built head in a full lovely triangle, and a really lovely / perfect earsetting( now his head has grown to a very full male head, but his kitty / youngster pictures reveal this fact) All this he gives to his off spring.

So Haifa is a really great breeding male, besides being a wonderful kitty " boy".

Haifas qualites takes a while to develope, but he gives away fantastic qualities we are proud to have in our cattery and he is very much the male we have surched for to be able to breed back the older classic NFO.

Haifa was not shown due to a long unfortunate show break of almost a year, so he does not think that shows are it. Why are all the other males t He`s the prince, no one else.

But we`ll take him once more, if he`s not interested, that is ok.

Without training as a kitten /youngster, a full grown male must be allowed to have his will.

More will come about our dear proud fantastic fairytale boy.

Thank you Lone we are so greatful for our wonderful wonder and dream boy.

( I can not manage to isolate the Elkington banner from the page, so the link is on the link side)

Lovely Haifa 7 1/2 yearshanging out with buddy Slode. Each on their favorite rock.

They are guarding their grandsons and greatgrandsons Sirius and Solaris.

And charming me of course.


Haifa early autumn. Guarding his greatgrandsons Sirius and Solaris

+ buddy Slode.And checking up / waiting for son some fresh mackrel.

unnamed (34)

Gorgeous Haifa on his 7 th. birthday the 10 of April. But sadly cloudy and a bit rainy weather.

Anyway he had a great time on one of his favorite places outside, and of course all his favorites

Chicken in stock and grilled, + meat and some catsnack. He is a dear wonderful boy.

And a real lapcat, and looooves to sleep on you or close to you in bed. While trotting and headbanging.

He is 8 kilos, so you know when he is in place :))) .


Our GORGEOUS silver smoke prince, or " king" more likely. Here he is charming and guarding Byzants on her birthday. That was as one can see

a warm winters day. Almost 7 years. ( I`m starting to find pics that has just been on the indexpage now )


Wonderful dear Haifa. 6 years in two days time. He is so very sweet.

He is also losing his winter coat now. But as always, a heavy very broad

built teddybear. Here I lifted him up into Svein-Erik`s

promo boat. Having fun showing off and teasing Slode behind my back. Sweet

buddy Slode did not like to sit in the boat at all. So Haifa was really making

himself looking super cool and gorgeous.

Walking proudly back and forth.

Then he came down to be sure that Slode did not get more attention

than him. Haifa is very much like old Ludvig. And the boss. He is so funny,

full of daily routines,and with a strong personality.

Slode and Haifa always stay close to me, so then I could have them both

outside between Svein-Eriks " office" and the house. They had a great time.


More pics of Haifa is on the index page. I`ll find them and fill in here later.


July, and Haifa guaring his grandchildrens out door

photo session with buddy Slode.

Haifa loves to sunbathe in his yellow sunbed if I go outside for a cup of tea.

He either goes into to his IKEA sunbed chair, rolling over making himself look so funny and charming. Or he jupms up behind

me to headbang in my back, sholders and head, or sits himself behind my back. Or he goes in and out under my chair,

or around it headbanging my legs or the sunbed`s corners.

Then he wants to cuddle or play. Here he was enjoying afternoon sunbeams with Joy. Not interested in my mint tea though.

They both love to sunbathe.


Haifa celebrating his 3 year old son with Calamity, Hieronymus, and that he finally can enjoy sunbathing in his

favorite IKEA sunbed,

SUUUUUUPER COOOOL, and SUPER SWEET :))) . His buddy Slode had no time to sunbathing, and just went under the

sunbed to cool off in the shadow or behind a bush.


Beautiful sweet Haifa 5 years


Wonderful sweet dear Haifa. Celebrated his 5 th birthday the 10 th of April.

The pics are taken on his day the 10 th. When I was outside playing with him and took photos.

Here he had a great time with buddy Amalie. Doing all sorts of kitty cat stuff.

I forgot to put them out due to very busy days with work. And S-E needed the computer.

But It was on the indexpage the 10 th of April. And he had a great time with his buddies, us and all his favorite snack.

Chicken both steamed and grilled :), and meat. So he was enjoying himself having great fun and lots of cuddeling.

By me the others and when he was in the sofa with S-E . On a sheeps flece and his lovely belly up for a kitty Haifa belly

massage. So he had LOTS of congratulations ........... all day.


Lovely Haifa panther boy almost 5 years, out guarding buddy Fiorenza together with Slode.

Beautiful and COOOOOL Haifa shows how good he is at climing trees. Super sweet :)


Beautiful funny and sweet Haifa at 4 years and 8 months. Now a very proud father and grandfather.

And I had to try twice to get his attention, but he was far to busy checking up on his kids and specially his

grandaugther Mouna, who is always busy if not played with. But here he is the cuddely smoke teddy bear.


Beautiful Haifa, very very proud of himself and his grand children. So here he is out patroling with the other grandad Slode.

While Slode did some sunbathing guarding from his stone, Haifa wants to play and follow.

And here he is on his way to jump over to Slodes stone , since he also wants a cuddle as always and to his grandaughter Kohinoor.

Just super super sweet, and such a lovely beautiful boy. And Mister Prince Charming.


Lovely Haifa being social as always. Playing, watching and babysitting for his grandaugther Jolanda and her friend Huriel.


Haifa out in the dusky rain, with breaks and some sun beams between the clouds. He loves to play , with me or his granddaughter

Jolanda. Haifa was guarding Jolanda and her friend Huriel, and he was helping thinking about how we`ll make the extention of the

catruns in this area.


Beautiful sweet prince charming Haifa sunbathing in his favorite chair with buddy Ariel . Wonderful.


Haifa loooooves sunbasking, his new sunbed from IKEA and is euphoric about both the sun, his new sunbed and loves to read in the new IKEA CAT - aloge, with kitty cat stuff he likes in it. AND the cat-aloge :) is also a great toy he thinks. Sweet funny funny Haifa 4 years.


Haifa had a lovely day, having fun with his friends, guarding grandaughter Jolanda and SUN BASKING :)


Dear Haifa has many favorite places that he checks out every day. All the different house parts, cat play rooms , the cat gallery and all his favorite plases for a cat nap. He`s also very social, so that if I sit down or we have tv evenig, he is there at once, and if one of the sheep skinns are near by, he starts to purr and trott and turns on his back with his tummy up and all his legs in the air. Ready for some tummy cuddle. In our bed he often sleeps with his grand daugters, and he even gives a wash if he thinks they ought to have one. So he`s such a sweet teddy bear, and a proud father, but most of all a very proud grand father to his grand daughters, that he care more for than his 2 sons. So he`s a happy neuter boy that does exactly as he pleases. In out, and round about all day, and always ready for a lap or a tummy massage :) or to help planting.


Haifa my sweet prince charming in his usual manner, tummy up twisting back and forth as a playful charming trick. And then on his favorite stone, guarding "his" girls, Fiorenza, Tabitha and Debbie. Or teasing them a bit. He so funny. A kitty baby inside the house, and such a cool flirtatious little charmer outside. Love him so much, and now he`s on his way into his fur BIKINI. Loosing his winter fur more and more every day.

*  *  *  *

Beautiful and coooooool teddy Haifa enjoying his place, and gurading Fiorenza up and down the tree.  And he loves to play a bit himself with the bamboo sticks with fresh leaves.

Here he is in his lovely winter coat and he`ll soon be 4 years young in Aprile.

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Beautiful cool Haifa boy, had a little time today to charme give away some pics.

So he send off Christmas Greetings to every one. Cool as ever at 3 1/2 years.

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So he was up on the table, made a huge GAAAAAAAASP, and went back down and to the door. He only looked at me as being super stupid, waywing with a "dull" green playstick, not presenting him for his daily chicken in stock instead. He went back to sleep. But cool and beautiful he is. Now with his winter fur on it`s way.

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Haifa was a tiny mini bit jealous today, so he had to be played with only him for a while. Haifa is " mum`s" boy and a bit jealous that his sons get a lot of attention also. But there is only one Haifa, and he looks super cool on his pic catching the last sunbeam coming trough a misty sky.

So he needed some extra care. Usually he sleeps in my head, sholder and neck during the night, and that is the way he needs it to be. If that has not been sufficently so, then he needs to have some extra during the day. But he wanted so much attention, that i took fewer pics than usual. He wanted to be playedwith, and cuddeled. Sweet sweet smokey boy

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Haifa loves to take a sunbath in his smoky velvet bikini. He rolls over and makes himself such a cuddely baby teddy.

He wants his belly pettet, and makes a lot of comfort sounds. He`s super sweet and so funny.

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Haifa has wonderful days now that his summer bikini starts to work.

So he`s all over inn and out all day, and when I take pics, he`s rolling over and chatting , and purrring over me on top of the cat run. Then he comes down in to have some more fun, and to look seriously on guard. AND 2-3 rounds with the playstick, then some more " kitten" food, and back out or a little cat nap. One can actually see that he`s having a great time.

He`s such a wonder, and dressed for summer.

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Haifa almost in his summer  bikini, and still hunting bumblebees. But now back to normal after a beesting or bumlebee bite/burning.

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Haifa enjoys his days as a newly neutered boy. Rolling him self everywhere and making himself super charming as always.

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Our lovely Haifa now 3 years old. He celebrated his birthday on the 10 of April, being very high on himself and is at the moment soooo super super cool. On his bithday he had no time at all for photos, but today I managed a couple of this active prince charming being such a playful spring time boy at the moment..

Here he is our dear dear lovely and funny Haifa that we love so much. And very frisky in the lovely sun , after a long cold winter.

Haifa being very active today, plaing with the girls and Ariel.

Here he is cool as cool can bee. And he is just such a lovely teddy boy that loves to cuddle all day.

More pictures on my lap top, that will be transfered.

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Haifas favorite places in our bedroom. The bed on my side and his basket above my bedside, that one he some times share with Ariel, Magni, his sons or Tabitha.

But now it is all his, and I love to look in on him for a cuddle in my tea breaks.

Where ever he sleeps, he loves a belly cuddle and a head massage. He is such a teddy bear, and when I `m in bed, well then he sleeps  in my neck and head like a purringf teddy bear. And in and out all night , changeing from my bed to his basket, where his little old teddy is.

Our dear sweet beautiful super teddy bear smoky Haifa came straight out of his / my bed today, when he saw i took the kittens and Calamity for a walk at lunch time.

Then he has to come, even though he has the bad hairdo from his comfortable relaxed outstreched possition in the bed.

His winter fur is coming, but slowly.

First he plays with them, and then he sits down like this to make sure that all is fine and safe for his kittens and lady friend.

Calamity played and guarded with him, but she was all tail in the air, running busy and playful  around, and jumping  into and over the bushes with the speed of a geopard.

Haifa on the other hand sits down in between all the kitty play.

So here Haifa is watching us all. And when I went back inside, he came back with me, into the kitchen and back into my bed after the snack.

But he`s so cool, and he still sleep ON me several times a night like a baby kitty boy. On my stomack and in my neck and on the pillow.

Here he looks super cool as always, our lovely smokey dream prince. He`ll be 3 years old in Aprile.

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One of Haifas favorite places in the cats control and  action room/ also kalled the cats secretay room/ control room

(it is a room in beteween bed, kitchen, showerroom,  outdoors etc)

He loves this basket, and its blankets he rearrange every day.

He sleeps in strage possitions with his tummy up and legs aside in sweet rabbit style if he sees any of us entering.

The he works himself into being ready for belly cuddle and the head in your palm..

He`s a really funny boy.

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Since it has become very cold and with the first snowfall arriving, Haifa finds it best to be in " mummy"s bed + head+ arm severeal times a night and in his favorite basket as well. He`s also preparing himself for being pretty cool for Halloween, since none of us celebarate it any way. He`s working on a super cool look, to get some extra treats.

Her is some funny pictures of " baby" Haifa, because this is his real him, a very gentle and cosy teddybear in blacksmoke that likes to play a bit in between cuddling and cat naps.

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Her is Haifa guarding his playful kittens, his girlfriends, his friend Magni and me.

Haifa went in and out of the bushes in mysterious ways, and being a really cool guy.

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Various of beautiful dear Haifa

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Haifa taking a walk with me to play and look at fish in "his" Lobsterbay.

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Sleepy Haifa showing a real interest in being taken photos of.

He had been sleeping his midday rest, streched a little bit, and well this is the grand result.

Do you want to go back into bed Haifa?

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Our fantastic smoke prince Haifa has lost the introduction of him that was on our old pages, so he will be made a new one soon.

But Haifa is a very beautiful exciting fairytale like forest cat, very much a male in his style and a super sweet kind boy. He is one of our dreams come trough in so many things.

We adore his wonderful raw cool look, that we love to look at and admire. He gives a broad powerful impression, and looks a bit mysterious with his expressive gem stone green wildcat eyes.

Haifa has a wonderful NFO look that also is our most favored one.

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Haifa 2 years and 4 months old

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Images taken 2010

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