(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Aurora

Our dear wonderful deeply missed tiger queen

and a NFO n 09 23 we should think.


2016 NB : As time goes by and we have had years working out

what a great treath the eagles here are to our cats and wild life.

We must fill in a little buit about Aurora.

When she was found, there were questions about if she was hit by a

car and then eaten on.Or the other way around. But at that time we knew

little about the eagles that some times frequented the area. There had been

some work in the landscape with powerful dynamite blasts of rocks etc,

the making of a road to put down the large gas cable to Europe.

So their habitat may have been on and off disturbed for a couple of years.

But then they came back again.

We even mention the suspicions to an other breeder at the time, but having found her almost into the road but put a side by some one, left us with a car accidente conclusion.

Though this was not at all where she used to go, and far away for her.

Aurora had very regular habits, working like a clock every day, and

on the same places where we used to call her in from.

She was found in a bad state. Having been eaten into /up from her behinds through a

large whole with no inner parts left. Just a hollow body.

Half her head was eaten on and an eye missed lreaving just a whole. On the sides of her body there were clearly large claw marks from large birds. Leaving her fur in a mess and.

From what we now know she might have been attacked that afternoon she left the house

on her favorite hunting place behind our house. When Ariel was attacked, the eagle was

hanging in a hunt glide several days above where Aurora used to hunt and hide under the juniper bushes. Where we found Aurora, is also the usual flight route the eagles take when they leave the hill top behind the house after having been hunting here.

So now with all that we know. Only today 3 eagles came to hunt from above. Directly above our house, looking into from outside the window working on this on the computer.

Here it is coming for a visit while I`m

on the computer. Checking me, the fields behind the house and the catrun.

Aurora might have been wrongly EMS coded n 09 24. And she seems to have carried silver.

Like her brother Absalon that was red silver, her 2 white sisters have been giving silver in

litters in Norway and the Netherlands. And her own daugther Elena was at some point more

smokelike then our silver smoke Haifa. So a riddle, if she was Feno type and Geno type.

We were told that her stripes broke at one place as a baby kitten by a " tutor" in EMS, so we`re told she was spotted.

That seems to be might be wrong, her father was a tabby and only one spotted cat is in her mothers pedigree as far back as in the 4 generation among mostly all over 23 and 22 patterns, solid with / without whithe, and pure white cats.

We thought she was tigered, mackrel, but was told otherwise, and practised that all the way after her. So her pattern might be wrong in her pedigree, she was very striped, and we called her our tiger girl. Her siblings were in white or all of them in tabby patterns, and her brother Ariel we know hides his tabby in his white, and has been giving it to offspring.

Auroras 2 litters were with tabby males, and we can now see that those coded with spotted 24, looks like might having her tiger fur, and might ought to have been 23 coded.

So she was mabye a beautiful tigerstriped girl for real.

And is still deeply missed.


CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Aurora NFO n 09 _ 24_ .  * But most likely NFO n 09 23.*

Born 01.01.2007

GSD 4 Normal

Mother GSD 4 Normal tested by our veterinarians for Genindexe

Father GSD 4 Normal testet for Genindexe

Heart Scanned during pregnancy .

Our dearest Aurora is deeply missed.

She is unreplaceable and can never ever to be forgotten.

She was our most beloved tiger girl.

Our heart.

Words can in no way describe the epmtiness without her, our beautiful  firstborn kitty girl.

Forever loved.


Aurora seems to have been involved in a dramatic and tragic car accident.

Sudden death has stolen Aurora from us.

This has been very hard for us, and still is.

We miss her so very very much, and Aurora is our very unique firstborn kitty baby girl.


The loss of Aurora, and finding her , has taken a long time to recover from. I think I `ll just fill inn a little, because it is so much joy filled with such a longing for her.

So along with the recovery of her death, some more words must be added to this stunning girl from our first litter.

To not have our tiger girl here any more, is still difficult to imagine and feels so very strange and quiet. Aurora took a lot of space and filled the house with her close and intense personality.

Aurora was our number one cat, in many ways. The most wonderful charmer we`ve ever seen.

So very conscious of her own being, and sooooo baby kitty like to us and her mother, if needed. She could look at you, and then decide what trick to pull off or to plan how sweet she should be. I mean, she realy looked at you and then decided what level her charm was tuned into.

OH she made us laugh, having great fun. She melted us down totally , and she KNEW.

Aurora was so very bright, super intelligent, clever, cunny and ohhhhhhh such a fantastic delight. Our own domestic tiger.

Aurora if being very exhilarated, would even do gymnastics. Turn over , stand on her head almost, and do all sorts of twists. So how can that kind of a kitty girl not be deeply missed. It is so very quiet and strange without her, and we miss her packed muscular body to cuddle, her great fur and ohhh my , and of course her tiger looks of great beauty.

As a mother, Svein-Erik is impressed all the way to the top of his head.

We hope with all our hearts that she has great fun looking down at us from behind the cats rainbow.

That would explain a lot of all our resent events.

Needless to say, we would wish for every one to have an Aurora cat in their lives at some point. That is a cat that filles the air and the whole place with a great personality.

Dear Aurora, how can it be that we live without you.

We still do not understand.

There are only funny powerful words to describe such a kitty tiger girl.

Most of all .

We wish you still were here.

Our wonderful girl , ohhhh we loved you and all your liveliness.

Sadly Aurora was in such joyful perfect condition before her accidente, she was planned for a new stunning litter.

But now we are just  deeply grateful for her wonderful daughter and grandsons.

We will care a lot for her heritage, and try our best to honnor our tiger girl.

4.8 -4.9 kilos


Aurora is the beautiful proud mother of our E and F - Litters.

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Aurora has put on her extra extra tiger behaviour this days. She has gone into a short heat, and wants to date .

She knows so well that her old boyfrend Slode is kept away from her, and shecan not understand that she`s not even going to date her daughters dear Haifa.

So she runs around with this kind of a  cool wildcat expression, and she purs, discuss and hisses at the same time.

Being very dominant, no wonder Haifa is attracted, he loves Alfa females.

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Aurora is very proud on her favorite spot, and very cool this days, so cool that she has had a discusion with Haifa. Haifa wants to date her at the moment, but Aurora is the boss and house tiger, and proud of it.

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Aurora ruled the house along with her brother on their birthday on New Years Night.

She is the undoubted tiger queen of the house, and can also be her mother Belinda`s number one spoiled kitty baby girl all day. Aurora can be ever so  kitty baby like to the two legged  kitty mum and kitty dad also. All day and she dives under my blanket to cuddle and sleep under my arm. So Aurora has 2 personalities, a bossy and a very self confidente super cool one, and at the same time she is our sweetest  funny " baby" kitty girl. Turning on her full charme in a huge varieties of ways. A really lovely flirt she is, and a busy handful when it comes to wanting attention and cuddle.

Congratulations our dear tiger, ohh you make our days filled up with Aurora  jungle sounds, Aurora gymnastics and soft tiger kitty purrrrrrs.

Aurora is slowly getting her winterfur here and there, after having taken care of her own kittens, and been helping her daughter Elena with her`s, and also caring for Calamitys kittens. So she only has some guard hairs that returns, but she is not at all in show condition yet. But a cool beauty she is.

Our dear tiger Aurora is a long way from her show condition after taking care of 3 litters ( her own, her daughters and Calamity`s ) this spring and into late summer.

But she is cool as ever, and do not mind the snow at all, as long as she can run straight in and back up at her favorite spot at the top shelf of the climbing toy, or into my bed.

Here she turns over  and all paws out and belly up, and call for us. She  puts her paws in our heads if we pass without having seen that the tiger queen  herself  is there.

Aurora is a big baby and very childish, on top of that she is also at the top in ranck.

Here she is 4 years old soon, and very self concious indeed.

She is the way she looks.

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Our very own domestic tiger Aurora

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Images from April 2009

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Images from oct/nov 2007

But now we are just  deeply grateful for her wonderful daughter and grandsons.

We will care a lot for her heritage, and try our best to honnor our tiger girl.

4.8 -4.9 kilos

CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Elena NFO n 09

Born 13.08.2008

( Elena was color judged NFO n 09, but with a very light inner coat, her daughter Godiva has also been color judged twice, with the same result, so finally no silver, and no changes in the pedigree).


Tested GSD 4 Normal by our veterinarian for Genindexe.

Elena Heart Scanned Normal 2010.

Mother Aurora GSD 4 Normal . Both parents tested GSD 4 Normal

Father  Zalika (?) . We have no test documents on him.

Elena is the beautiful proud mother of our G - Litter

Elena had her heart scanned and found to be in perfect condition, like all the rest of her atumn 2010.

Elena was fully scanned because of her major operation in 2010,  to find out more about what her severe problems were.

  Elena was in puurrrrurfect lovely condition all over except for her  agressive  cancer in her whole mouth , that gave many different signals over a longer period, and also sadly ended in a very tragic way.

Elena was allowed to go to a painless sleep with lovely sweet dreams

Elena was given back to eternity the 16 th of May 2011.

We are in deep deep sorrow.

All of our hopes did not help her.

Elena had to be put to sleep on this beautiful sunny day.

As beautiful as herself. It was rich with sun when she was put to sleep. And it would have been a favored day to her.

Elena is deeply missed and no one can replace her lovely personality, or her very special beauty.

She will never be on my lap again, or  stand on her two hindlegs to strech towards me with her soft large paws.

She`ll never come running towards me in the cats small street outside, or jump at me as a surprise from the bushes. She`ll never crawl up on my lap while working with oranamental details, for a nose kiss and warm my heart and legs.

We`ll never see her wonderful happy pantherlike gaze again, or have her in our bed purrring happily.

Elena also always had to join us and sit on the lap for breakfast, just to cuddle.

Elena had cancer in her mouth, and in the last weeks, it went off in a galloping agrressive way.

Much faster than we could ever have forseen.

Giving her great pain that could not be helped anymore.

Our dear heart and beloved girl.

How very sad we are.

We will miss you every day.

Sleep a beautiful sleep now, free of pain, and wake up again on the other side of the cats rainbow.

Your dear mum Aurora will meet you there,  and welcome you warmly.

You are now united again.

Thank you so much our little dear one, for the precious joy you gave away always.

Our memories are dear and warm, we loved you so very very much.

I feel I  see her several times every day,on all her usual places, but it is just a memory and a a glimse iI wish for.

Svein-Erik both loves and feel the hurt  of talking about his dearest kitty girl, and it is with tears and sorrow. Svein-Erik wants her back again, but we can never have her back again.

We have to save all our sweetst thoughts about our dear Elena. And feel great joy by them.

Our last day, evening and night was a lovely one.

It was like always. Not thinking about the sad times that would follow.Svein-Erik had his day off, with a lovely dinner. All of us together like she loved to. Elena on the lap all evening, even during dinner as usuall,  and by my feet in bed all night.

We knew , but tried to save every minute and second of that Sunday.

And we foolishly still lived with a small hope for more of her in our lives.

In gratefullness , dear Elena our panther baby,we are so glad for every day with you in our lives.

Thank you Elena our dearest.

4.7 - 4. 9 kilos  +-



( Please note that Ravnklos Caspian is a pedigree "stand in" for his brother and Elenas real father IC Ravnklo`s Zalika, since Zalika is not in the Pawpeds system yet. But they are full blooded brothers from 2 different litters, but the same comabinatin. And therefore with the exact same pedigree. You can find IC Ravnklo`s Zalika NFO 09 22 at cattery  Ravnklo , and in their Miracle litter.

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Beautiful  Elena lurking around like a panter, trying to sneak in on us all the time, but talking also.

So well not the best stalker, but photos, no way, no time for that.

Only 3. But it was mailnly Amalie ans slode today anyway.

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Our wonderful fantastic girl Elena. We are so glad for every day we can keep her.

She is still in recovery after her huge thooth operation( all her largest teeth were hiding in infected pockets  under all her milk teeth, causing great pain and mabye a chronic situation causing an allergi). The theeth are perfect and it is a rare condition. But she is much better and she is such a loving kind beautiful cat, that has taken both our hearts.

She can no longer go to shows, and we do not think she ought to have kittens, if she is not able to feed herself enough for having babies. Very sad. But we love her so very much.

Elena played with me ouside a bit today. She loves to play outside, and then she`s often hunting snowflakes.

Short after her half sister Fiorenza complained from inside of the catrun, so she came out as well, and in the end Aurora came, but then they all just played at full speed, so it was no use taking photos of speedy tiger mum Aurora and her equally speedy daughters, just plaing hide and seek with me in the afternoon dark, and in between bushes and stones. Weet and freezy. If Tabitha had woke up and come as well, then it would have been really wild. But luckily, I managed some before Aurora came and it all took off in snow and slight rain.

But here is our dear heart Elena.

She`s much better after the vet found her oldmilkteeth, and removed all of them. The enammel on the teeth was perfect , but

she had had much pain with all the 6 remaining hidden milkteeth that had created infected caves under her new teeh. A very special situation for pour very beautiful poor kitty girl.

And what a great beauty she is, and in her very special toned black coat of wonderful stunning fur.

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Elena 2 years old the 8 th of August. She celebrated with a new extended catrun, and " helped " me place many things she liked in it. And the menu that day was of course steamed chicken in broth, meat, shrimps and kitty junk food. But I think the best part for her was indeed to do things together and play in between.

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Elena had a very special color like Chestnut or Mahogny, or the color one can find on some elegant horses. And she was very white into her inner coat all over and in her ears. We had her color judged as a year old,

but since her parents show no silver, it became an unclear decision that she had to be n 09.

But she developed her light inner coat only more and more,  and could even look more smoke than her boyfriend Haifa often. He is silver smoke. Elenas aunt had a silver smoke boy after her white aunt Anastasia, and Elena has 2 silver uncles ( Absalon is red silver and Ambrosius has become more and more cream silver. Ariel was red or cream with or without silver) and at least 2 silver aunts in white ( Anastasia has given silver and silver smoke  , and Aurelia is a silver tortie given both a tortie and a silver kitten, in combinations without silver). Elenas grand mother is either silvermackrel torti or silversmoke tortie. These are white lines conceling  both their silver, torties and silversmoke from behind grandmother Belindas grand mother mother)



(N) Myrtekransen`s Elena

  We knew from a long time ago, that if Aurora became pregnant with Zalika, the intention was to be aware of that great beauty and really raw typed NFOs would appear.  Elena is the beholder of NFO lines that are so dear and precious to us, and this is a very important combination that brought trough many dreams and wishes. Elena  is the result of at least 5 years of decisions , regarding cats, NFO types  and lines that we wanted to see brought together in one super typed forest cat.

I saw from her first breath that she was very special. Her head and type was all we could hope for. When she opened her eyes, I saw that she had it all.

  Elena is sort of perfect. Her head was described by a judge, as the best and most beautiful seen in years, and with profound depths regarding potential that will unfold during her development and time. This was said even though this judge has seen a lot.

Elena  is also heavy, strong built in super harmony and with a look rarely seen this days. She has both her father and mothers looks in her, so it is very special.

  Svein-Erik thinks she has the most perfect head he has seen, and that it fits perfect the profiled logo of NFO.

It is only her ears in fact that needs to be corrected in further plans. Broader at base and shaped more precise .We do not like ears that is to large on an NFO, finds it weird,  so shape and setting is the most important to us. So, only one little detail. Her setting is lovely, and she is very young, so we`ll see. She even has lovely correct shaped ear tuffs in shining black on top, and lots of long white hairs coming out from inside the ear. Black is rather new to us, but her mother`s coating is well known for being stunning and her father has really wonderful fur quality to.  Another thing is that we have seen that she is a carrier of tabby, her pattern on her early kitten fur reviled a very clear and super tabby, like her brothers and her father.


  So that is some ting we have in mind as well.

Elena also has the sweetest temper ever, and we can not thank Zalikas breeders  and his beloved ones enough for this  wonderful result of a loving date. She turned out to be more distinguished than we ever dreamt of.

  Elena is our precious panther baby, she is enigmatic. We are just beginning to understand what a fantastic Norwegian Forest Cat she is growing into. She is a mystery unfolding. A  beloved gift.

Thank you so much dear Aurora and Zalika, for your love kitten Elena.



Ludvig 12 years old and the boss in his home in Bergen.

At this point he had 2 legged friends that he visited as he pleased

3 floors down on the way to his guarding post. And he opened doors both ways.

For many years he was given the very best fishfood  ( mabye in Norway) and  other kitty food,

from the foremost Kitchen Chef in Bergen. Still the foremost restaurant kitchen in Bergen  we think ....

Being given the very best of fish stev from the wonderful and superbly impressive head cheaf of the famous Lucullus and Pascal Bistro in Bergen.

He used to daily jump up on the door nob and push the door by using his hind legs.

So they were all used to him opening for himself if not locked properly.

Best friends Martin and Ilona, and Astrid + Sølve lived

at the first ( our old flat) and ground floor. He did daily visits,. And used both their twin beds and the kitchen.

So he had busy days in the old appartment house in Bergen. And then you can add his

buddy Ares and his home and garden across the close alley, and his girlfriend Sophies home, our neigbour.

And he also went "shopping" in the sweet little shop outside the alley.

And of course he had a favorite lady  his dear MRS. Bush. That if she had no snack for him, did not  dear to turn on her kitchen

light, if she saw him. Ludvig and his paw friend ( s)  would expect plenty .

Because he knew that if she was in the kitchen, he started to wait for something by her little wooden fence.

So he was a master of finding his own popular snack places and people, while we struggeled to get him to eat food for neutered cats.

Often he stod on the steps to the shop with the  Basset dog Happy, that often went on her own to the shop to be given snack.

And he alwas started his working day with me in the basement, and always came back up with me in the evening ,

when we had finnished. Ludvig was such a cat for routines. And he had them in plentyful.

He had his little visits during breaks in the day. But was actually with me at my work as if he were hired.

Inside dozing, walking in the basement, or sitting outside to check ( sorry secure)the alley entrance.

Ludvig was always with me, so that if I was in the tiny tiny alley cafe, he was waiting outside the window. On a stone shelf.

If I visited a friend at the end of the alley, he waited outside until I came out, and then home.

What a marvelous cat.

" Ludvig "

12 Weeks 1987

And had just  been brought home to Svein-Eriks great grand father to live with them for the summer,

before moving to Bergen 1987 and his long life with us

More about him ...... will come.

Our NFO typed cat Pelle in 1971.

Almost a year, and having been bathed by my mother,

being cuddeled and drying up on me and my sisters huge floor pillows.

He sadly died very young from food poisoning from eating outside.


My auntsand her housebounds Lillepus av Bjørkestad

Almost a year, and was decided not sold together with his father

to a serious danish breeder. For show and breeding in Denmark.

But stayed home in Norway at the farm with his father,

Kosi av Bjørkestad. They both became old cats of 17 theen +.

And his father Kosi showed the foxes which one that was the boss.

He fought them, so they did not try that again but left when he appared.

Our dear Ludvig at work with me in the fishhalls.

August 2004, 17 years and 4 months and in his summer coat.


Father and son Kosi and Lillepus of Bjørkestad

That never left for Denmark as asked for, but

rather stayed at home in Telemark. Playing in their forest, in their fields.

Hunting, and getting old together. And being babies to the St. Bernards.

So instead of show and breeding, they enjoyed the Norwgian Country side

and much love from their 2 legged parents.

The very very cool Kosi 2 years in 1989.

And when we visited, he always came to the car to look for our Ludvig inside it.

And they knew him so he was allowed to visit outside in his leash and inside.

Late 1980 thiees

To the left a very young Lillepus at autumn

and to the right his lovely father in spring and summer fur on its way.

1997 (?) Ludvig  10 years in his summer coat .

On his post patroling the ( his) beautiful

tiny alley in Bergen

With Ludvig we were members of the local cat klubb BERAK in 1987/88, but as students.

We never  showed him, and had no time for breeding. And his pedigree we left safely with his breeder at the time.

We just wished for a Norwegain Forest Cat. We do regrett that he did not have offspring of course, and had a

reservation with the same breeder of NFO`s and White Brithis Shorthair for a new NFO or a White Brithis, but

it took a while and sadly we then did not find the time for a second NFO from her, with such stunning NFO `s.

But " Ludvig" was an enourmesly wonderful and large boy. With a fantastic and unique personality.

Very very very dear to us. And many others.


Ludvig 12 and 8 years                    and         in 1995 8 years


Ludvig 12 years 1999 visiting his frends Astrid and Sølve on the first floor. And Ludvig at 16 1/2 and 17 1/2 years.

His last trip was with us to Hamburg and Arendal for an exhibition opening. And he loved to travel with us and was even

allowed to stay in the vine bar in his leashe to be with my colleges, our friends to celebrate the exhibition opening and

successful conference. So he had buddies in several contries. And was a fantastic and cool cat.

A very young NFO lover 1966

Our wonderful  special boy Bjøro

Co owned by (N) Alneskatten and (N) Bergfruen

Bjøro lived with Stine, and very sadly died much much to young

05.06.2008- 13.01.2008

He was such a beautiful, kind and wonderful boy.

Photo taken by Stine at his home at (N) Bergfruen.