(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats


DK Elkington*s Joy Miller NFO fs 02

Born 27.06.2008

4.82 kilograms

At the moment fertile

GSD 4 Normal

Tested by our veterinarian for Genindexe.

DEAR BEAUTIFIUL SILVER PRINCESS JOY DIED THE MORNING of The 2 nd of December 9 years and 6 months.

This is so very sad. She died suddenly, so we are quite sad about this at the moment.

Joy was a gorgeous silver tortie, with a fantastic fur. And SHE ADORED SUNBATHING and looked so happy in the sun always. Being over the cats rainbow, she may now sunbath every day we hope. Rolling over in green fields and have fun running all over like she used to do. Rest in peace dear gorgeous Joy. We light candle lights in the dark to your memory.


All our earlier information about Joy must be filled in again, since it has disappeared with our earlier web pages.

*  *  *  *

Proud funny and sweet Joy.

Beautiful tortie prtincess Joy this summer at 7 years. Here she is having fun with her favorite adopted " kitty" boy Solaris. It rained and was cloudy on her birthday. So she had her pics later when I had the time for it this summer. But she had a great birthday though, with all her favorite snack. That is chicken in stock, fresh fish meat and catsnack. So she had a lazy day inside I remember. And then came the sun days later.

So , thoygh we had busy days,Joy had great days celebrating her birthday the way she loves to, with

sun to bask in a bit later. Hipp hipp hurrray gorgous tortie princess Joy. Love her so.

And she loves to follown you on a short walk. Rolling over all the time for attention and a cuddle.


I finally have started updating of many pics that has been forgotten due to that they have

been on the indexpage. But this was dear Joy`s fantastic birthday celebrations

summer 2014. She was really having a SUPER time enjoying LOTS of sunshine on her birthday, and

many sunny days during the whole summer. On these pics I had been wasing her before the pics, because she always rolls over to enjoy herself. Making her gorgeous fur full of dust and pepples.

So she did not dry up before pics. But she had a great time in the strong bright and warm sun,with

fresh fish on the dock, looking at the small fishes in the wather and rolling around sunbasking all day. WONDERFUL WONDEFUL SWEET JOY.  6 years.


Beautiful Joy 5 years. AND THIS IS Joy`s kind of day. Varm with lots of sunbeams to sunbask in, and being outside with me and Haifa. She thinks he is very cool.

So here joy enjoys her lovely sunny afternoon.

Joy had great fun on her birthday, but it was more clouded and cold. So then she went for a hunt instead.

Having her snack though. And I can see i forgot to put her afternoon / evening pics on her pages. So Il`l find them. It was all only on the index page on her birtday. But OF COURS.

A WARM GREETING to BEAUTIFUL JOY also. Celebrating the sun these days.

That she likes most of all. Lots of best wishes dear sweet funny Joy.


*  *  *  *  *

Beautiful and funny Joy almost5 5 years, usually loves taking pics when sunbasking.

But today she was so busy.

Guarding and patroling chatting and wanted to cuddle more than show of so just a few of her pasing or trying to spend time in the sun before a sound grips her attention again. So new pics of her later.

Yesterday it was a bit rainy, but Joy was outside with me on a short trip.

She likes most of all warm sunny days, so she looks so sweet and funny on this pic. Wondering about the dusky rain showers, and she finds it strange go outside, but a bit of action is always fun for her :).

And she has the purfect fur for it, at least a small trip.


Beautiful Joy 4 1/2 years . She loves to play of course, so that almost all her picks are almost white because of the

of the strong flash. And she is with a lot of white. But some I managed. And ver beautiful and playful she is.


Beautiful Joy loves to play with the bamboo playstick and to eat the fresh sprouts, but

she can not stand strong light or the flash, so then she only wanted to lay down or cuddle.

But beautiful she is, and she was given the fresh bamboo to play with afterwards :-).



Lovely Joy sunbasking in the afternoon, withsom e sunrain and at the moment we have swarms of mosquitos that attacks us and the cats in ears and eyes. But Joy just love sunbeams on the cathouse, so she ensured to enjoy some of them in between smal raindrops and mosquito attacks. So sweet and wonderful to look at a very happy Joy.


Dear beautiful sweet and very funny sunlover Joy, had a great birtday, and even a lovely day the day after. Lots of sun beams for lovely Joy on her lovely day. Joy did her sunbathing, basking in the sun on her favorite places. On the warm ground, rolling back and fort, on a favorite stone, and dozing of in between playing and  running in her favorite hunting fields behind the house. Then she had both fish, tuna and her favorite catsnack ( Temptations from Wiskas with cheese). And then cat naps and cuddeling.

So dear Joy we hope it was a joyful and delightful day, for you , our beatiful sunbeam girl.

Little Miss Sunshine herself. Joy sunbathing. She loooooooves sun beams , soooo  very very sweet. She rollls back and fort and back and forth, for a tummy cuddle and collecting sunbeams.


Beautiful  dear Joy having a great day. This is what she loves to do. Bask and sunbath in the  direct strong sunnlight. She loves that, But sadly my camera is a bit slow, so since she`looking into the direct sunlight behind me, her eyelids go up before my camera reacts then. And it`s nice to see her from the front not only half profiles.  So At least I manged to take some while she was enjoying her self and chatting with the seagull and the crow, on  a pile behind me. This IS Joy`s kind of day. Much much sun and light. And cuddle and play.


Joy will be 4 years in June.

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Beautiful Joy wanted to play a bit and be groomed and cuddle. And she looooooves the green playstick with feathers of course.

So she gave some lovely Christmas pics today.

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This is Joy`s kind of day. Warm sunbeams for a while, and she can roll over a lot, sunbathe and chat.

On the photos it even looks as if she sings, that is how much she chatted happily all the time.

Super sweet.

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Joy will be 3 years young on the wonderful day of the 27 th of June.

Our one and only tortie. So sweet and funny, and a very special and beautiful harlequin beauty she is.

She`s so lovely to photograph, with her exciting looks and strong expression. And now finally white and nice after her fish oil fun this winter, that stained her yellowish, even after several showers.

Today she had some crab as snack, but on her birthday we`ll have to give a little of each. Joy likes many  different things .So she`ll have that.

Because of the often sudden change in weather here this summer, I used the lovely light that appared today for her. Because she has such wonderful dramatic and lovely markings.

Happy birthday you lovely lovely beutiful  girl, a mummys girl this. I love her so much. Lots of kisses from all your best friends. We`ll make you a very nice day sweety.

Sorry about the very strong and low sun Gigi, but it makes such beautiful pics with light and shadows for you.

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Joy came along today, to cuddle a bit and play.

Joy is almost 3 years young now. And has been kept inside a bit, due to plans that has been put on delay.

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Joy had a lovely trip outside today, celebrating Haifas birthday. He was all over and Joy had great fun looking at him, and also now and then having a fun chase her self. And she was kind not to be to dominant with her friends.

Joy also was very fonf of the breakfast shrimps, and had to have one more when she came in with me. We know what she wishes for on her day in June then. More shrimps.

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Snow princess Joy 2 1/2 years old, enjoying the snow that she turns over in and plays with.

But today, she mostly wanted to impress and to lurk around a bit and in the bushes,to jump at the other cats. She had a great time snowbathing a lot as well, and talking a lot. So I have many pictures of her with all her  belly in the air or  an open chatty kitty mouth all over.

She had much fun though.

Our snow princess Joy needs to be taken new pictures of, but she also need a new shower.

2 weeks ago, she came home stinking.

She had been sitting on some salmon meat from the fish farmers on the dock here. Eating of it, or been hunting mice / a rat (?) eating from it, and at the same time sitting on it.

I woke up by the smell when she came to sleep beside me. She smelt awful of fish oil.

So she was showered in water twice, and she smells no more, but her paws and tummy is still fatty in the fur, and yellowish.

So it is great that she plays and have fun in all the snow, but I do not think it is enough to get rid of the fish oil.

She looks a bit funny under her body, but she simply loves to play in the snow.

So here is our funny snow princess, enjoying the snow.

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Look at our sweet sunshine girl Joy taking great pleasure in the lovely autumn sun and taking part in our outdoor coffe.

Joy loves to roll over and chatt while she basks in the sun, and well makes a very messed up hair do then.

But I maneged to take of a smal tick that had just jumped on her face near the eye, while hunting in the heather.

So here are some fresh sunshine photos of our beautiful sunshine  girl Joy.

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Much more info on this dear sweet beautiful funny special sunshine girl from dear Lone will come as soon as possible.

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Our wonderfull sunnshine girl Joy, who wants to take a sunbath no matter what time of the year. As long as there is a slight chance of sunbeams, she finds the right spot. Even in the snow.

Then she both sunbaths and snowbaths in pure joy.

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