(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats



(N) Myrtekransen`s Maximus

NFO ns 23

Silver mackrel tabby

Born 25.07.2012 - Died in the evening / night 3-4 November

Proud parents:

Mother: Tabitha d`Haakona CH * NFO n 24

Father: CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Gregorius NFO ns

Weight 161 grams

Fertile breeding male


(N) Myrtekransen Norway

Never been to a show since we stopped going to shows




Sadly we have said good bye to our dear dear fantastic silver tiger (N) Myrtekransen`s Maximus. Our silver star has suddenly been taken away from us. Maximus was buried with his newborn half sibling sisters Rosa and Rosita.

He had been missing since he did not come when called for on the evening-night the 3-4 of November 2014. So he has been searched for days, evenings and nights since then. We knew when he did not arrive at once when called for as usual, something was very wrong. He only took short strolls around the house when dark and quiet and no eagles. And this was a quitet stary evening.

After all our search he was finally found this Friday 16 th of January by two puddles out for a walk with the owner. He was still wearing his dipers, so the fish farmer here knew at once that it was our missing Maximus. He had been fataly hit by a car. And was found near by the side of the road where we had searched many times. But then he must have been hidden by thin layers of snow.We are so glad to have been told were to find him after all this time, and Svein-Erik brought him home, where he was prepared and put to his final rest behind his favorite bench surrounded by lights, lots of sparkles, a small mini Christmas tree and primulas.This is such a great loss. Maximus did not become a father. He dated several times, and was planned for in many years to come. But the girls did not yet conceive and were difficult daters. Maximus lived a wonderful life, just like he wanted it. And such a dear beloved boy .But all to short, and we are left with a deep sorrow and miss him so very very much. Our huge powerful kitty boy that we almost did not dare to let outside the catrun.

TWINKLE TWINKLE BRIGHT GREAT STAR. Some times twinkle a bit towards  us where we are. Missing you forever our deartest dearest most beautiful tigerboy...........


Beautiful teddy bear silver tiger Maximus 2 years now. And has been celebrating over days now with his sister Mouna and half brother Ne Me Quitte Pas. So he has had a great celebration. He is a big wonderful kitty " baby" still, and SUPER COOL. We are so hoping for him to have babies now :))).


Our dear silver boy Maximus 1 year and 8 months. Getting larger and broader. So sweet and kind. Here I took only him for a walk. Though late in the afternoon. I have to be careful because of the eagles. If it appears, I need to grab him and run back home. But walking with Maximus is like walking with your own personal tiger or lion. He really take you for a walk together. So I had to run and climb to follow him. But if I go back down hill, he calls and comes after me. He loves to play, show off and cuddle as well. Hew looks really marvelous in  nature. And because of his size, he walks a bit like a tiger or lion.

With heavy steady self secure steps.

So I let some of the unclear pics in as well. Because his silhoette is so powerful and typical .


Beautiful silver tiger Maximus 1 1/2 year . Outside  in one part of the catruns ." Helping " with checking out the damages after the storms. Here in his diper, that messes up his hairdo on his behind of cours. When taken of.

Put gorgeous and so sweet he is..


Beautiful big baby and rough looking Maximus. He loves to play and cuddle. He is now 7 1/2 kilos at 1 year and 3 months .Had his breeding male check, and ready for plans.


Beautiful Maximus loves catnip roots and sticks, to sun bathe and he loves his lovely ladies. Still a BIG baby. And he loves that I rub catnip roots on the sunbedchair. Then he gets the catnip scente on him while sunbathing :))) in the chair.


Maximus will soon be 12 months, 6.4 kilos athletically slim.

And he is such a baby.By chance I found out that the cats head bump into and roll over on a certain place. Turns out that if we pull up the potato flowers, the love

the smell of the potato roots. So here Maximus had a great time with the potatoplant  roots.


Beautiful silver tiger boy Maximus at 11 months. And sooo sweet....

and super cooool of course.


Our silver tiger Maximus kitty boy 9 1/2 months.

He is active and busy being in love now. So on hold in his growing he is still up and down on 5.8-5.9 kilos at 10 months

sølvtiger Maximus

Beatiful youngster Maximus 9 months. Near 6 kilos and very active !!!.

We forgot to erase the wight bag. So 5.8 kilos.


Busy Busy Maximus. Almost as busy as his busy busy busy sister :).

Very athletic and 5.6 kilos at 8 1/2 months


As one can see, taking pics of this young silver tiger, is not at all easy.

So plenty of action pics though. Maximus playing with Slode and his father Gregorius. 7 months and 5.3 kilos.

The weight up stairs go no further than that, so I took him down in the store room on the fiskhweight, that confirmed that he was a bit above on the lowest weight. He moved a bit and is a bit long, so the weights moved a bit. But at least 5.3 kilos now. Getting heavier :).


OBOY. Taking pics of Maximus is such hard work. And my camera

is far far to slow for all his movements and facial expressions.

All gone or into new expressions in a split second.

I took him outside for pics, because inside he jumps all over in great jumps, and can not concentrate himself at all, not for one second. So he is usually out of the pic, or looks half crazy into the camera.

This pics are some exercise, but at least a coulple of this beautiful dear silvertiger kitty boy at 6 months.

4.9 kilos at 6 1/2 months


Maximus much much to busy, only one calm second.

But then he stared right into the spott that Mouna foled with.

So mabye better outside with enough space for his long jumps.

3426 grams at 19 weeks

Beautiful Maximus at 4 months, mister speedy himself.


Maximus 3 kilos at 16 weeks and 3 days.

* * *

Maximus 15 weeks, and 2.797 grams on his first day and soon the kitcken table will be to small for him. He `s off from one side to the other in long jumps and also soon in one jump over the backround.

He`s waiting for his pedigree to soon arrive, so that he can make some judges busy on their table :) Big baby still.


Beautiful sweet Maximus 14 weeks, and busy digging up the carpet, twisting, turning, and hunt jumping with his long strong legs all over. So just a few of him since the day light faded and he fas far to busy powerful and fast as always.


Beautiful Maximus 13 weeks large and lovely and all finnished with his last vaccination, micro chip, second health check, and found to be very beautiful as well.


Maximus 2156 grams at 12 weeks and 3 days.

Beautiful Maximus again, but he`s so active, so he`s difficult to get clear pics of any way. But soooo sweet.


Maximus 12 weeks and 2.029 grams now. And an active and lovely boy.

But due to a mistake in the camera mode, all pics must be taken all over again this week.



Beautiful Maximus 11 weeks 1763 gr ( Finnaly I found the missing paper from Wednesday).And almost impossible to take photos of. Jumping , running allover, and jump hunting on the blanket.

He wants to play in total action. So inside on Wednesday in very dark cloudy weather, then outside to make him not as much all over the photo curtains, but rain came, and then i tried  again and again. The last time brougt in while taking a cat nap, so on those he`s a bit slow, but that changed quickly. He`s such an intense powerful playing kitty like his dad. Fast and such a jumper.



Beautiful Maximus very active and  10 weeks 1595 grams.

Mummy tries to get the kittens a bit off milk now.


Beautiful Maximus 9 weeks and outside playing. He`s had his first vaccination, and his health check. So just super, and he`s been playing outside for the first time.


Beautiful Maximus 8 weeks 1419 grams


Beautiful Maximus 7 weeks 1274 grams on his first 7 week day.

He was almost impossible today, with lots of unclear pics, since he now loves to play and turn over all the time. And he had lots of energy after a delicious fish meal.


Beautiful Maximus 6 weeks and 1021 grams



Beautiful Maximus 5 weeks and 881 grams

vakre Maximus


Maximus 4 1/2 weeks and also very active charming in bed.

He`s growing 807 grams now at 4 1/2 w.


Beautiful Maximus. 720 grams at exactly 4 weeks today


( And 762 grams at 4 weeks and 1 day:) .)

Beautiful Maximus 3 weeks and 581 grams




Beautiful Maximus 2 weeks 479 grams


Beautiful Maximus 1 week and 324 grams



Beautiful Maximus early in the morning on his 5th day


Maximus 285 grams early on his 5th day.


11 hours old :)