(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

(N) Myrtekransen`s Natalia

NFO ns 22



Mother : CH (F) / S* Wonderwood`s Calamity Jane NFO n 09 23

Father : (N) Myrtekransen`s Isak NFO n 09 24


Lives in cattery (N) Mardolls. Langesund, Norway.


Beautiful Natalia is at the moment the most busy one, talking a lot, being very much a princess,and loves hide and seek and catch you. So luckily

at least a few where she says hello. She`s just the sweetest girl.


Beautiful Natalia had no time at all for pics, so most of them are unclear,

so she`ll have some new ones. But a wonderful wonderful princess she is.

At 13 weeks.


Beautiful Natalia 12 weeks. 1382 gr. Still runing a lot after mummys milk, being a busy bee trying to get a sip. But  may like some snack also.And she will soon move to her new family and life in their new home in Langesund . Southern Norway.


Our "little" Miss Busy, the very beautiful kitty princess Natalia 11 weeks, 1228 gr.And full of action as always. And chatting a lot. 



Our wonderful kitty troll Natalia 10 weeks,was taken straight from her bed today, in hope of a more slow kitty for pics. And except for those unclear not presented here, there actually were some clear shots of her today, until she was fully awake and hunt jumping , running, turning over and handling the carpets and back ground with her fast clever paws. So lovely quick ans suuuper sweet. And chatty.



Natalia 9 weeks. And this beautiful beautiful heartbreaker is really going into hyper when taking photos. So since we have a second new camera for cat pics now, I tried both the one that has a great senstivity to light, and the other with the function of taking pics of active kitty cats moving. But even that did not help me with her gymnastic playfulness all over. And a very very dark clouded rainy day, made it even more of a photo testing. So she might have new ones after she has eaten and slept a bit, and I then hurry before she`s into top gear :))). So some funny pics of the busy sweety.


Beaitiful princess Natalia 8 weeks 912 grams. And she has been to her first visit at the vets for vaccination and her healt ckeck, all in order and they that thought she was just lovely.


Clear pics of a very chatty super charming Miss Princess Natalia.

802 gr. Wednesday

She`s such a sweetheart and just lovely.


Booked Langesund, Telemark. Norway *

Beautiful Natalia 7 weeks, and sadly all her pics are also taken in the wronge mode program. So new pics later this week, but meantime one may enjoy these funny ones with unclear kittens and a clear background :-0 , :-))).


Beautiful Natalia 6 weeks 693 gr.,and so beautiful. Natalia like the others had her pics taken twice due to a very dark and cloudy Wednesday. So a difficult light, but a beauty she is.


Beautiful Natalia 5 weeks. Very play ful and active. 598 grams


Beautiful Natalia 4 weeks and 502 g. Having her brand new teeth now, and loves attention, and her first short trip outside for pics on this cloudy but warm day.


Beautiful Natalia says hello


Beautiful Natalia 3 weeks 418


Beautiful Natalia 2 weeks so lovely and loved the attention :) .

328 grams at 2 weeks + 1 day.


Beautiful Natalia 1 week, 207 grams and eyes begining to open a bit




Beautiful Natalia newborn. 1 day.