(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

(N) Myrtekransen`s Penelope

NFO n 09 23

Born 23.05.2013



Proud parents are :


Tabitha d`Haakona CH* NFO n 24


CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Hieronymus NFO n 09 23 Norway

Future breeding female (N) Myrtekransen . Bergen, Norway.

4.9 kilos and slim.

Beautiful Penelope at 3 years, celebrating her birthday on the 23 of Mai with lovely flowers to match her beauty. She had a great time with the kittens and all her buddies. And all the snack she prefers. She is just gorgeous our tiger princess girl.


Wonderful Penelope March 2015.

But being in a leash is no fun at all. Specially when

grandad Haifa is having a great time playing all over, and guarding grandaughter Penelope.

Here she looks so much like a mix of daddy Hieronymus and Calamity. Super sweet ....

Though she looks very serious :))) .


Penelope being bored during the repairs on the broken catrun. playing with mummy Tabitha and half sister Mouna.


Inside or outside with us. If there are any signs of action, Penelope will be there. Here she is outside with her friends. And loves to play with, guard and look for buddy Ne Me Quitte Pas. Or to play with her grandad Haifa, that she is very connected to as well.And Ophelia of cours. Huriel can not go outside, she loves Huriel, but Penelope might be an aunt this summer to Huriels babies. So that must wait. But tiger girl after Hieronymus is a best buddy to many so she is very busy.


Beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Penelope NFO n 09 23 at 11 months playing outside with grandad DK Elkington`s Haifa Wonder NFO ns now 6 years. They had a great time in the lovely sun.

Penelope has her daddy Hieronymus eyes, but is mabye already broader in type like Haifa and mother Tabitha. Hieronymus was large but longer and higher in type after his mother and half of his father side. So very strange to se his tigerp rincess develope, with his beautiful tiger gaze as a dear reminder. I can play with them outside, if very careful, and I have to check all the time up in the air. As do her guardian grandfather Haifa. But he loves to come and play and is very protective of his grand children,very sweet. They must share his scent or someting. He knows.


Beautiful Penelope 10 1/2 months hoping for more barbeques together with her mum Tabitha, half sister Mouna and friend Kohinoor. She loves that with the action and a snack. A lovely active youngster.


Beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Penelope NFO n 09 23. 9 Months and so beautiful.

I took only her and grandad Haifa out with me for some day time photos. She was of cours very playful, fast and allover. So I could just take her + the guarding Haifa. We had to run around up the hill and into bushes.

I had to be quick, because it did not take long before the 1 raven came over telling that the cats were our. Then came the next ..... . The raven and a crow is still outside my window calling from the top of an electric wire. But lovely photos and some running around the bushes we managed :))) .



Our beautiful playful and fullspeed kitty Penelope 6 months. And she has daddy`s chin :).


Beautiful Penelope at 20 weeks, and super busy.

Due to work, travel and the buliding of a new catrun part.

Little has been up dated on Penelope and Qadir. But here is the "little" tiger beauty. On a quick few pics.


Beautiful Penelope near 15 weeks. Having great fun, and time for photos.


Beautiful Penelope 14 weeks.


Beautiful Penelope 11 and 12 weeks.

Sadly it started to rain both times. So this is in between rain showers :)

on 11 weeks. Penelope was the first and only one that managed to have a

few photos before it was pouring down at 11 weeks. And of cours we were chased by hungry mosquitos again.


Beautiful Penelope 10 weeks. AND NOT AT ALL interested today. Only running behind the photo background or down on the floor.  So mabye new ones.


Beautiful Penelope 9 weeks. was not that happy about all the noise outside.

Boats, seagulls etc. So many pics of her.... to get some.


Beautiful Penelope 8 weeks. Outside on a cold summer afternoon, and enjoying a few sunbeams yesterday. And she is still so much like dad, and a daddy`s girl. Except for that she has no white in her face, and her ears are even better like her aunt, her mum and grandmother together :).


Penelope 7 weeks and LOVELY. With chicken stock in her collar.


Beautiful Penelope 6 weeks. 891 grams. And finally back into her first given name that suits her better. SUPER SUPER busy, even taking down the background :).Tabitha is working on the change from milk to food now. And Penelope likes chicken and fish at the moment .


Beautiful Penelope 5 weeks, and 796 grams. So beautiful,being such a charmer on the table.



Beautiful Penelope 631 grams at 4 weeks. Pics taken lunch hour Saturday at 4 w+ 2 days.No need to say, but as any one can see. Panthera Petra 4 weeks had a great time.


Penelope 3 weeks LOVED to run all over the table and play.


Just a few early evening pics of beautiful Penelope 3 weeks. With new teeth and 517 grams.


Beautiful Penelope pics at  2 weeks & 2 days. 402 grams Thursday at 2 weeks.


Beautiful Penelope 1 week. She is opening her eyes and is 243 grams.


Beautiful Penelope in the afternoon & just half a day old.

Penelope Greek ( and the epic wife of Odysseus, that managed very well to fend for herself :).


Petra newborn