(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats



NFO as 23

Born 28.07.2013

Proud parents are:

Mother : CH S* Zygot`s Debbie-Doss NFO ns 09 24

Father : CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Gregorius NFO ns

Birth weight 100 grams.

Ne Me Quitte Pas is named in honnour of the great Belgian song writer and poet Jacques Brel and his beautiful song Ne Me Quitte Pas. It can be found in two beautiful versions. Jacques Brel himself, and the great female singer Natasha Atlas. Both are wonderful. A purrrrfect name for this lovely blue silver kitty tiger boy, that loves to be loved and be among his dear ones.

He is very special to us. Debbie and Gregorius datet only 1 day and 1 night, to hope for a small litter, since on Gregorius lines can sometimes give large litters ( 6-8). That resulted in only 2 kittens, were sadly his beautiful sister died within the first days. But Ne Me Quitte Pas he was sitting up straight in the cradle ready for life and screaming loudly after being born , and Debbie took care of his birth herself. Sadly we had a situation with Debbie on this litter. Since she the week before had taken over the litter of Tabitha ( that tried to let her kittens off mummy`s milk, producing less of it). Then they ran to Debbie, that had no milk, but when Ne Me Quitte Pas arrived, so did the milk.Debbie was then strongly connected with Tabitha`s P-Litter. Seeing them as her own.Adopted them and rasing her rank by suddenly having "many" " very large " kittens. Leaving Ne Me Quitte pas and his sister to US. So he hardly had any mum`s milk at all. If the P-Litter was kept away from her, she would not feed him.On the other hand if they were sipping, they drank a lot. So he was mostly left to us and our kitty girls.Therefore he is so special. We had to feed him extra and check his " dipers" + kitty wash., and see to that at least a little of mums affection also went to him by Debbie : debbie was a fantastic mother with our K -Litter. But in Tabithas` P- Litter her first love Hieronymus was the father like in her own K-Litter. And that may have triggered her way of thinking as well. But all the way Ne Me Quitte Pas has been our girls " baby" . Jolanda washed him and loved him from the start like her own baby, Kohinoor  and Huriel still does, Penelope is best buddy, and of cours Ophelia that washes him and loves him + raises him, + Tabitha. Calamity was more in the background at start , because she had no babies and wanted to, so the rank was at the time between Debbie and Tabitha. Later she became much more involved. But he will be a fertile male. No baby. So she finds him very interesting that way.And daddy Gregorius loves him so and they chat a lot. Male buddy nr 1 is of cours Kolya and even dear Magni. Because he loves to play with Magni , and he misses Jolanda a lot. They make so sweet and  funny sounds while playing. Even  geat great grandmother Belinda accepts him eating by her side :))). She is the BOSS on 3 legs.

That is his wonderful personality. Being part of the " family".Always wanting to be hold and cuddeled. He just never wants to leave, but be loved at home by all his best friends that he grew up with:))). He is very social and could not have been a lonely cat, and needs his buddies.

He is such a dear, special and beautiful boy after Debbie and Gregorius.

A lady at the vets office said : "He is the most beautiful cat I  have ever seen". ( It was not the first NFO she had seen), so that that is very nicely said and so sweet , and lovely he is. Just a youngster, but she could imagine him as a grown up in full winter condition. We look forward to that also :) .



____ (N) Myrtekransen


Ne Me Quitte Pas 1 1/2 years outside in the catrun airing his behinds with out dipers on. So he had a visit of his mum for some photos in the sun in the afternoon light. He is such a wonderful sweet heart and a great charmer. His best buddy is Kolya, that often share the playground with him.

He has just had his new breeding check, so we `ll see.

Sadly Calamity Jane went out of heat before we could get his renewed breeding male papers over the weekend. He can date Calamity, Huriel or Nike. We`ll see. Lovely he is.


Our beautiful mister "strange", the precious only kitten from the Q-Litter. He is 1 year now and super social. He comes to stand with his head into your feet and is like a bodypart sometimes. But then his halfsiblings are the same as well. Kolya , Kohinoor ,Mouna and Maximus . He is connected to them both, so he is like all of them together. + mummy Debbie and daddy Gregorius.Supersweet.Best budddies are everyone, but specially Kolya, Maximus, Kohinoor, Penelope and of cours grand dad Haifa. He has been celebrating with his favorite snacks and best buddies. And he is just sooooo lovely............ 


Our sweetheart almost 10 months. 5 kilos and being raised by grandad Haifa, best buddy Kolya, Kohinoor that has treated him as his own togerher with Jolanda earlier,brother Maximus,Ophelia, Huriel, Gregorius, Ninke, and of cours his best kitty girl buddy. Penelope. They grew up together. Debbie is finnished with him a long time ago.Greets and is proud. Tabitha adopteed him also, but she sees him more like a youngster, a future date :))). The same with Calamity. Mouna found him boring as a kitten, but sometimes loves to play with him after he became more of a larger kitten. She was a bit jelaous. Because SHE IS THE BIG BIG BABY !!!!. But that not last long. Ne Me Quitte pas is loved by every one. He has even charmed great great mother Belinda and Diana :)))) .



Beautiful blue silver tiger boy Ne Me Quitte Pas NFO as 9 1/2 months. Taking a coffie break with me in the lovely sun. So sweet and chatty.

A very special kitty youngster :)) .



__*I will fill inn the missing pics between 7 and 9 months from the index page updates later, finding them in the documents.*____


Beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Ne Me Quitte Pas NFO as 23. 7 months and such a great charmer and so sweet. I had only him and Slode with me.

The eagle had passed earlier with the ravens. So super quick with him and Slode right in front of me and Svein-Erik behind us in the office. A photo greeting and straight  back inside. Finally warmer weather , but I l`l se if I can find his other pics as well among all our back up documents. But he is

such a gorgeous and playful kitty boy. Sadly outdoor pics must be taken very carefully, and the dark winter light is no good for indoor pics. But we`ll take new ones of this gorgeous boy a lot more ahead.So just a happy hello from blueboy :))) .



He is 13 weeks now and, a suuuuuch heart breaker.

Much has happened since his last update. Work, finnishing work, deadlines, travells in connection to work, and building of a larger exctesion of the upper catrun. To shelter from the huge hunting eagle. And before more rain and wind/ storms come in. And starting on the one on the ground floor. BUT. Here are some new pics of our gorgeous sweetheart with a chicken stock collar, taken in the working room as he was playing all over.

Debbie took over / " stole" our P -Litter from Tabitha, with no milk at that time, then she gave milk to the P-Litter a short while, not understanding that her kitten was hers, but cared mainly for Tabitha`s baies ( mabye also a ranck issue). So Ne Me Quitte Pas has had a strange upbrining as a the only baby Q among P- Kittens. And had to be given milk from me, because Debbie was on a totally different timeline with " her" stolen P-Kittens. So she started to stop / reducing giving milk when he was a baby, but the P -Litter growing up.

So he had a brief period together among the P-litter for milk. Learing to " box" for his nipple,has been cared for by us aswell for milk and baby care. Now and then his mother remebered him as well.Togerther with her favorite Penelope. And he is the baby maskot of Penelope that adores him. But Jolanda has been caring for him like her baby, Huriel, Nike and of course Ophelia and Calamity. Mouna found it strange at first, she is my special " big baby" still, but she plays and chats with him now. And give him a brief wash now and then. The boys Kolya and Maximus loooooves to play with him, and Isak . Daddy Gregorius prefers daughters always that does not compete with his " manhood" it seems. But sais hello and nose greets: But he is more interested in being a "baby"  himself at the moment, and has moved into my bed and up on my chest several times a night again after the kittens have been brought up.Qadir having no litter siblings , still does not eat dry food. Only grilled chicken, steamed chicken, steamed fish, raw fish, egg yolks, raw meat/ cooked,and up until now 2 large daily doses of baby kitten milk. More if he wished for. He has just started this week to at least " sniff" a bit on Royal Canin baby kitten, Eukanuba kitten and Iams. So that we may find out which one he might like. But still it is fresh, grilled or steamed food for him. Luckily at least he is not as choosy as his mother. He loves all kinds of fresh or coocked food. So in that sence he takes after his father`s side. It is so funny: Now that Qadir is 13 weeks, his mother has stared to give him some milk sips again, washes and call for him to come and play etc. AND as uasual " her " Penelope at 5 months of course.So our blue boy Ne Me Quitte Pas is a bit special to us :)))) .___


Beautiful blueboy Ne Me Quitte Pas at 7 weeks. He`ll be within the cattery, so only pics now and then. Depending on time and weather. Now the photograper will go to work abroad with the camera, so Svein-Erik will care very well for him, but no pics will be taken.

Here he is on a short trip outside this afternoon, in a very typical weather these days. Grey, clouded, dusky, and a bit windy. So a short trip, in poor daylight, and with his blanket: But a sweet little wonder he is.


Beautiful blueboy baby Ne Me Quitte Pas almost 6 weeks. A SUPER SWEET little teddy bear kitten. And outside with his mum and friends.


Beautiful blueboy and super sweet charmer Ne Me Qiutte Pas 5 weeks.

Now it was his turn out in the sun for some quick pics. And with Kohinoor and Huriel guarding.


Beautiful Ne Me Quitte Pas at 3 weeks. Forgot to put these out.And here he is first time outside on a wool blanket. But sadly we had to run back inside because of hors of hungry mosquitos that afternoon. His forth week we were so busy, and the others needed the time left so. He had a free week.


Just a few of beautiful Ne Me Quitte Pas at 2 weeks. Before the light was fading.

We have absolute deadlines for work. So photos must wait a bit.


Beautiful blue boy teddy bear Ne Me Quitte Pas  at 1 week. He is just dear and gorgeous.



Beautiful Ne Me Quitte Pas newborn and half a day.