(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

Born at midnight 13.01.2015

Mother :

Myrtekransen`s Kohinoor NFO ns 03 23.


CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Gregorius NFO ns


Rest in peace dear beautiful lovely silver sisters:

(N) Myrtekranse`s Rosa NFO ns 09 22/23

(N) Myrtekransen`s Rosita NFO ns 09 23/ 22.

Sadly they did not survive birth.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Beautiful Rosa newborn. She lived very short.

But was much loved.


We have no pics of her beautiful sister Rosita.

But they both looked the same.


We have had great expectations and looked so forward to the litter of Kohinoor and Gregorius. Then came the hurricane, with no warmth, no light, things being trashed agains the walls and the wind " banging" towards the walls and windows of the house. Finally Kohinoor went into labour on her 66 day from her second dating day. It all took a while. And sadly the gestational sac bursted and the first kitten went back inside. So after a while we managed to get her out , but sadly she died during the morning. Her sister had had her gestational sac bursted inside the womb during this and we did not manage to get her into life when she was born entangeled with her first sister on her way out. It is all very sad and a tradegy to us and those that had waited and longed so very much for a kitten in this litter. The first born kitten , little beautiful Rosa, died in her loving mothers paws. Having been loved so very much for the short while she were among us. It has been heart breaking to see how loving and caring Kohinoor has been. Calling out for us all to come to her cradle see the beautiful daughter, being full of milk and washing her so proudly. We are all so very very sad. The kittens were 2 fantastically promissing and beautiful silver girls with white breasts and white paws. NFO ns 09 22/23 ( pattern like Kohinoor or mabye classic tabby). So a great loss. Looking a bit like their grandad Hieronymus and their uncle Goya when they were born. Luckily Kohinoor is in super fine shape, and her recovery is now fully restored. Though she misses her daughters.

We will let our dear gorgeous Kohinoor relax a bit. She can not go back on the pill. But she has succsessfully given birth, though the kittens did not survive. So we`ll make plans for her again later.