(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

Welcome beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Sirius

NFO n 09 22


Birthweight 129 grams

Born the 26 th of March 2015


Beautiful proud parents are:

Mother :(N) Myrtekransens Fiorenza NFO n 09 22

Father : (N) Myrtekransen`s Kolya NFO n 0


Beautiful Sirius 11 weeks. And outside in the sunlight  for the first time.

It was a bit cold and windy though, but it was a short trip. To my surprise he was much more focused and calm outside, than taking pics inside. Purring and chatting.Inside I have to bottle feed him milk in between taking photos, or he runs towards me all the time and into the camera. But this was exciting, thoug a bit cold and windy. So he had a great time :)))) . And he is so wonderful.

Still having milk though. Sirius is looking a bit more towards our A-Litter, or Hieronymus mabye.


Beautiful Sirius 10 weeks. . He is very busy and needs to be bottle fed with his milk during taking pics. Or he looses concentartion and run towards the photograper all the time. So he always have some milk in his face , collar and troath /breast that needs to dry up a bit before pics.He only likes milk at the moment.And he is such a sweetheart, charming and wonderful.



*  NO pics at 9 weeks. Camera was at work

           in Italy and Germany * :))) .



Beautiful Sirius 8 weeks. So lovely .And much to busy for pics. I have to give him a bottle of milk before taking pics, otherwise it is almost impossible.But he eats off the rubber tips, so he uses both his paws on the bottle during drinking, spilling milk all over his paws and face/ throath. So it is quite a project at the moment cleaning him up between photo shots :)))) .Sadly the flash is unpredictable. So it only goes off now and then during daylight. That is why it it is better to turne it off, but here I tested it a bit. A lovely sweetheart kitty boy.


Beautiful Sirius 7 weeks. 950 grams And he had his first bath/wash today.

So he had to take pics twice since he did not dry properly before he had his first pics.Sirius eats off the rubber tips of the on the milk bottle. Making his favorite with a large whole.So he always gets dried fatty sticky milk into his collar, around his neck and on his cheeks.On top of that he plays in the kitty litter tray with the terracotta sand. So it was time to take a greater wash than his mum does. And then he had to be powdered to dry up better and straighten his fur for the second round of pics. So I have let some of the first into his album also, but he looked much nicer having dried up , powdered a bit. And he was more awake ,and the sun came through as well. Lovely he is.


P5150001 (2)

Beautiful Sirius 6 weeks. 856 grams And I had to feed him a bit inbetween. Otherwise he just runs right into the camera expecting milk.  So playful and lovely, and with a milk break to keep up the attention on the toy. He follow us everywhere together with Solaris and thety both chat a lot.

Super sweet.


Beautiful Sirius 5 weeks. And he was very lazy coming right from the milk bottle. So he almost went a sleep on the table in the warmth of the sunbeams and then wanted back for more milk. Fiorenza seems to have lost her milk so we need to bottle feed them both. Non of them have strarted to like food yet. Not dry or fresh food. 760 grams now. Since Fiorenza has no milk we can see that the milk she had was so important. Sirius liked more mum`s milk, so he is not to fond of the bottle milk.


Lovely Sirius 4 weeks and 660 grams. Still growing teeth and chewing on us and our clotes. Being just wonderful.


Beautiful Sirius 3 weeks and 565 grams. He has his new teeth coming.

And he is just lovely.


Beautiful Sirius at 2 weeks. 440 grams in the morning turning 2 weeks.

He has also finally opened his eyes, and looks wonderful.

He is a little more laid back than his brother Solaris, and just loooooves milk .


Beautiful Sirius at almost 1 week. Being just wonderful

and he was 284 grams this morning.


Beautiful Sirius 12 hours


Beautiful Sirius newborn.