(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

Welcome beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Solaris

NFO n 02 23


Birthweight 106 grams

Born the 26 ( after midnight 27 th) th of March 2015



Beautiful proud parents are:

Mother :(N) Myrtekransens Fiorenza NFO n 09 22

Father : (N) Myrtekransen`s Kolya NFO n 09 23


Beautiful Solaris 11 weeks. And he was for the first time outside in the sunlight. The weather changed a bit, so it changed from sunny to cloudy, and I had to take pics of him twice. It was also a bit cold and quite windy, one can see his fur , ears , eyes and wiskers getting into a real cold wind.So I had to be careful. He purred all the time and was more focused taking pics outside. With so much to look at, not coming towards me all the time . He loved it . He is so wonderful. And he looks more like Kolya as a kitten it seems.

P6150024 (2)

Beautiful Solaris 10 weeks. He is such a wonderful sweetheart. Sadly the profile pics became unclear. But they show his profile though. So next time we`ll keep him still a bit more. He only wanted to

play and have a milk break in between shots.

Solrais still likes his milk bottle, but now also likes meat, chicken in stock and he has started to snack Royal Canin and Eukanuba baby kitten with his mother :))) .




*  NO pics at 9 weeks. Camera was at work

           in Italy and Germany * :))) .


Beautiful Solaris 8 weeks. And a lovely super charmer. First at everything. Today he even went out after me into the catrun. And back inside by himself afterwards. He now uses the cat litter, eats his favorite food /meat, and only wants his milk bottle for breakfast, and then now and then through the day. The flash does not work on Solaris, he has more white, so daytime pics only without the flash it seems. Solaris has almost no time for profile pics. He needs his forehead fur pulled back a bit for profile pics.But some I managed. Though with him on his way out of my grip to continue playing . And a lovely sweetheart he is.


Beautiful Solaris 7 weeks. 802 grams. He to had his first bath/great wash today. He loves to play in the kitty cat litter digging with his body in the erracotta pebbles. So he had a faint stain of peachy/pinkish all over his white parts under his belly, legs, breast and up towards the chest and chin. He had dried up a bit more then Sirius, but was also still a bit wet when we started, so he to had to be brushed with some powder to dy up a bit. And lovely he is. And mummy Fiorenza came up all the time. Being so proud.Chatting playing him, making a mess :))).


Beautiful Solaris 6 weeks 700 grams having great fun playing.

He is so lovely and follow us everywhere with his brother. And he loves to curl up and sleep around your neck.


Beautiful Sirius very busy at 5 weeks. 598  grams.

He loves to play and roll around on his head when play fighting.


Beautiful SOLARIS 4 weeks . 496 grams and keeping a constant weight now. We bought in an other milk powder ( KMR) from Stargate in Oslo. Since we could not find it here anymore. And because Fiorenza has not enough milk for 2 kittens, that was important. So now I try to bottle feed them both , so that Solaris also get his share of mummy`s precious milk. Solaris is a super charmer and still having his teeth coming, so all that can be cheweed on is popular. He loves our soft parts when we sleep. He was the first to climb  up into the bed. So he goes up and down into the cradle as he wishes, and tought his brother the same :))). Our bed is now a part timeshare with the kittens mum , her bodyguard Penelope and all her friends. Solaris likes to curl up into your throat pit, around your neck /throat to cuddle and purrrrrrrrrr . He is so funny and  sweet .


Beautiful Solaris 3 weeks and 395 grams. He now has his new teeth coming. And I have to bottle feed him. Fiorenza has not enough milk now as they grow. And his older brother takes almost all the milk. But he is just wonderful, and before his pics he was having a sip and being washed. Byt he dried up during the pics :))).


Beautiful Solaris 2 weeks. And 328 grams. And also finally with his eyes opened.He needs extra milk feding though. Because we can see that his " big" brother (half a day older)sips most of Fiorenzas milk. And Solrais is much more active and chatty,

and a gorgeous boy. Today he was to busy for photos. But after a lot of cuddeling I managed some new picws of him also.


Beautuful Solaris 228 grams at 6 days and 8 hours ( he was born 9 hours after Sirius) , and he is just wonderful.Opening his eyes while I took the pictures.


Beautiful Solaris 8 hours.


Beautiful Solaris newborn