(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

                                   (N) Myrtekransen Cattery 

The Crown of Myrtle



Since January 2005

     The foundation has an even older story.

Dating generations back in Norway .

The cattery is at the moment situatet in a beautiful bay near the wonderful western capital of Bergen in Norway. 50 minutes with an easy access to Bergen airport,Flesland.

The beautiful gateway to the famous UNESCO site

The Fjords of Norway.

(N) Myrtekransen is the home of our dear beautiful cats ,and the two of us. The caretakers on two legs, Svein-Erik and Helene.

We have been sharing the same interest in the beautiful Norwegain Forest cats since before we bought our first Norwegain Forest Cat as a couple 1987.

He was born in a NRR registered cattery of NFO `S and White British Shorthair in the South. Our first NFO ,was born in April 1987.

We called him Ludvig.

Luckily we found our Ludvig`s litter advertized in the News paper.

He costed at that time 340 Euros, and we had work up extra savings for him .

He moved with us to our new life in Bergen as students, and lived to be 17 1/2 years. He had an exciting life, travelling with us to many places and abroad. And he had a very strong and special personality that gave him lots of friends and a small fanklubb. He even could convinse those affraid of cats, or those that earlier had never had had cats, but ended up finding themselves owned by one. He spent his last year in all this nature as a pensioned but active boy. Caring for his daily routines, and of them there were many. He was in several ways a well known cat. In his neighbourhood, in the local newspaper, and in different parts of the society, that we move in. 

When he left us alone and passed over the golden rainbow.

He left us with an ancient old ideā .

The Cattery (N) Myrtekransen .

CH (N) Myrtekransen`s Elena NFO n ( ns ) 09

Though Ludvig now plays on soft fields of gold,

he also left us with our once up on a time old ideā ,

to always be happily owned by a dear beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat.

Enriched by all the invetions and sweet funny doings of a very active and social cat  "family".To enjoy their grace, admire them as individuals and  within their relations among them. By looking and taking part of their lives, one can be given pleasent surprises in the manner of creative thoughs. To be luxuroiusly amused both psychologically, artistically, and philosophically, and be given splendid ideās in this life. 

GIC (N) Seleteigen`s Magni looking at his bay

The Norwegian Forest Cat

A fairytale cat