(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats


NFC The Norwegian Forest Cat

I must say that we prefer and care for  this type of the Norwegain Forest Cat.


Pans Truls - The "Protoype" -

        Photo: Tom B. Jensen

Pan's Truls © Tom B. Jensen

Pan's Truls © Tom B. Jensen

Pan's Truls © Tom B. Jensen

Pan`s Truls.Breed and owned by

© Else Nylund

The Norwegian Forest Cat is Norways national cat. A breed that norway is proud of.

The Norwegian Forest Catring have a delegation to precerve and take care of from the Norwegian goverment.

The NFC have become very popular both in Norway and abroad. On the World Winner Show for cats in 1992

was it an NFC who became a clear winner. Why is the NFC so popular? The NFC is a healthy and robust natural cat,

wich do not need a lot of grooming. The fure should be easy to take care of. The cat have a lovely temper,

it`s playfull, calm and a lovling familymember.

It is a cat that loves to be both indoor and outdoor. The NFC is a fantastic hunter.

  The NFC is a semiloonghaird cat. It should be large and heavily built, with a long body and high on legs

with big paws and a long bushy tale. It should also have a dobbel coat wiht a moderat thick, insulating wolly

undercoat and a semilong and water-repellent guardhairs. In full furekondition the cat have an impressive mane

around the neck and chest and nickers. The NFC comes in all colours except cholcolat, lilac, cinnamon, fawn and

the pattern colourpoint. The forestcat have a equalateral triangel with a long straight profil and sidelines, and a

good schin. The top of the head is hig looked at from the side. Large ears, high set and the outerline following the

sidelines of the head. Ears with triangelshaped tufs and heavily furnished inside the ears.

Eyes slightlyy obliqe set with a wild look.

Source from 2005: Norsk Skogkattring 2005

Oppslagsverk katt 1996

(NB: On this nice little video clip, one must go forward to almost at the end of the program, to view the old NFO`s :-) ).


Known NFO Oldies on The Norwegian Broad Casting in January 1988



There was a joke about wishing the NFO to have a face like a fox,

and also presented wishes of the enourmous ears of a dessert fox

on an NFO. S-E got a huge shock :) .

We can not support that as a description of a Norwegian Forest Cats.

We hope the old type will be cared for and concerved in type.

Everyone that knows us a bit, knows that. We hope the old type will be

preserved and continue for years and years to come. We love the old NFO`s.


Norwegian Forest Cat club in Norw

Norsk Skogkattring