(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats

Because of the cold snow, we have some that prefer to be inside.

Like Magni, Haifa , Ariel and Slode.

They use all the places inside instead.

Magni went outside for 2 minutes, but turned his back right away, showing me that he wanted back inside at once.

But a few had some fresh air, and then continued to play more inside afterwards.

Here are some snap shots from today.

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Tabitha  finally relaxing a bit at the top shelf in  one of the cats climbing places.

She`s very busy everyday with playing, growing and cuddling.

What a wonderful girl she is.

Fiorenza has been in and out looking at the snow all day, and she talks to it as well.

She plays with the little snowballs, and chats with them. so it must be very funny for her.

Here she is on her favorite place in the cats fun room. She`s just been resting a little bit after all her snowbathing.

She has developed quite a look, and thinks she`s the coolest tiger baby in the house at the moment.

Fiorenza see herself as a future queen it seems. Since Belinda/ Fiori is her grandmother and tiger cat Aurora is her mother.

Fiorenzas best friend is Tabitha, who she adores and looks after. So I`ll try to get them both in one picture soon.

A sleepy Gregorius looking at his fathers sleeping positions.

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The cats love their warm fairytale room, and the inherited ladder is a super popular climbing toy for some of them.

Calamity climbes it every day, and loves to play with play sticks and feathers up and down it.

In the end she usually relaxes a bit on the top, but it was occupied first by Gregorius and later Hieronymus , her own beloved son.

Tabitha is all over the place, and was on full speen after the paly stick. So she was almost to fast for my poor camera, but some we managed.

No need to said, Tabitha simply loves to play all over the shelves, and chatt along with it. She is so lovely and such a happy minded girl.

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A very dark cold and wet Novemer has arrived, so the cats run inn and out all day, getting used to a late autumn on it`s  way into winter.

But at the same time they are very busy in their " Knights Hall" the former carpenters and painting room in the house.

Here they have a lot of stuff, and most of it nailed to the wall or so. Books must be hurried out of reach, otherwise Ariel reads it in his own active way, leaving scrambled remarks with his paws.

The lap top must be under control, or we`ll have computer furball "trolls", making a lot kitty fun for themselves with funny paw marks all over, and sending off a lot of old e-mails or so.

They love this tiny room, and likes very much for us to be her with them, even though it is merely enough place for us 2 legged with chairs.

Then they can be cuddeled, and have full control from above and right away. If we bring our plates with food on, well then heaven must be near......

The carpentry is made for them to do as they please with, so every panel is used for something.

So this is one of their play rooms as well and a dormitory in between all the other rooms, perfect for a daybreak. 

To us it is a VERY narrow, kitty social and strange computer and writing room to visite.

Purrrfect for a nice cup of tea, a fairytale movie and for cuddling very sweet cats.

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Since we had our coffe outside in the nice weather today, some of the cats wanted to keep us with company, and do funny things off course.

While the white panther mum Belinda gave her tiger "baby" daughter Aurora a real wash and cool hairdo, before they continued to slumbre a bit longer in bed.

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This is somthing that is particularly beautiful in our bay.

A fantastic rainbow. And not only one, there is also one outise the other. So it looks like a celing of rainbows.

My camera can not describe the whole beauty of it, but it is fabulous when the rainbow/ rainbows frame the sky.

We have also had the famous northern lights in the bay, and once it was in the famous corona shape.

It was hanging above the bay like a transparente moving crown of greenish light, unforgetable. And very rare.

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The cats house and home, is an earlier fish factory with offices, where they received fish and parted it ready for sale in Bergen or herring off to the Netherlands. So they have many strange rooms that they share with us, and our work.

Our only neighbour is the floating dock owned by some very nice fishfarmers. They send of their luxurious salmon to Europe, and we have had groups of Italian byers, German and so visiting the fishfarm.

They have their high quality salmon right at the enterance to this bay, and a floating house they work in by the light house.

They sometime give the cats fresh salmon or seafood, and hang it on the catrun door. They are very sweet, and they keep their different boats in front of our house.

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A busy day in bed, and Belinda almost falling a sleep at the kitchen table waiting for even more snack after a huge bowl of fish in stock.

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Again such a fantastic day, so Haifa was playing a bit and looking at the little fish playing in the water.

They splash when hunting on the surface, so he finds it interesting. Especially when larger fish like mackerels turn up in large schools, or heering at full speed.

This is a world famous fishing and diving area in colder waters, where people are coming from many different countries to dive and fish in the area.

No wonder Haifa finds it appeling.

Also this is the place were we have our larger outdoor barbecue, so he`s usually down here with his friends to checke out some snack if we are there.

Inside the port, there are huge halls, where the cats have a lot of space to run about in as well.

So Haifa loves to be down here, and especially when we come with him.

And of course Magni to, looking at us from above, and calling us all the time.

We must come up, or come and get him.

They are such sweet companions for some work outside.

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Haifa and I taking pictures of the cats lovely Lobsterbay on such a beautiful sunny day.

This is the gateway to the famous Norwegian Fjords, so we see the famous ship Hurtigruta and the cruise ships pas the bay every day.

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The kittens and cats play room is a place to steam off some speedy energy on a dark, windy and rainy day like today.

No kitty pictures ouside today, we have to wait for sun beams, more light for the camera and less wind and rain.

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The cats also have their own little  " Knights Hall " . It looks a bit like the a specially painted room in a fairytale`s castle in the forest, with funny objects belonging to them. Crowns, their medals and such, sleeping places and things to climbe and do things with,if they need to exerscise a bit on various paw play skills. Hopefully not to much pawplaying on our computer, they are rather good at that, but they only make a lot of cat  a strophes.

Here are some of the little knights and little princesses, Ariel, Amalie, Debbie, Gregorius, Hieronymus and Fiorenza

Enjoying some little kitty things to do. Or like Amalie, sleeping and dreaming she`s sipping milk from her mummy, after a long hunt.

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On a rainy evening, what can a cat do.

Well, they do things in the cats studio.

Or they might follow up on the developements of our barbecuing with our mini grill in the cats outdoor cat run restaurant.

Because there will always be some snack to bite into for the kitty cats.

So rainy days can be a lot of fun to, even for cats.

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Wonderful and special Fiori/Belinda prefers to stay in her catrun if outside, after she had her terrible accident with her hind leg.

So she enjoys her evening looking for some fun and just hanging out outside a little bit in " Caf" Gattostrada.

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Our cats bay and territory in wondeful August

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Ariel is baby sitting the kittens and loves to be where things happens, also being a big big baby himself.

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There has been some work with extensions and a bit of repairing and fixing at the old part of The Gattostrada.

Haifa and Fiori ( Belinda) would rather rest a bit toghether after being filled up with some kitty snack food. Fiori had her splattered all over nose.

The other four legged pirats, went outside to "help" a bit, with tails up, guarding and or looking for some prey at the same time, or just fool around a little in the warmth.

So some inside, others outside.

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Aurora and kittens testing the new part of the extended catrun, now the forth opened and conected to nr 1,2and 3.

They found it to be in order and a fun place to be. Many places to climbe and even more meters to run around in, on it`s way with plants and a plan to be filled up by more places to climb and play.

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Good morning  sweet long and funny baby Hieronymus, have you "seen" ( taken) our chewing gum?

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Our funny and dear sweethearts

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