(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats


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(N) MYRTEKRANSEN`S ISAK NFO ns 09 24 (23) .


They dated  shortly on the 5 th of July.

This might be the last litter after Isak

( we are affraid to loose him as an entire male, he`ll be 7 late March).

But he might also date Penelope or ( Huriel, but she can date both

Kolya and Tarjei later ).



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This is the first litter of Mouna and the second litter of Isak 


Mouna                                                                             Isak



MORE TO COME..................


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It seems that nor Huriel or Calamity is pregnant.

That has caused us waiting for answers on that.

And that meas that Mouna, Penelope, Nike, Kohinoor,

Ophelia all had to wait. Though having had heats.

So a bit tricky.....


*  *  *  *  *  *  *


Sadly Penelope went into heat. So the date was to

short mabye. It seemed like she had signs of expecting,

but not so. She also timed real badly , because right

before her new heat, Mouna went into heat. But we

did not dare to date her with Isak at the same time.

So at the moment we do not expect kittens.

But, we `ll see how plans developes. We may change,

and let Huriel date again with Isak . Or Ophelia/ Kohinoor, or Nike

with Gregorius. Penelope with Ne Me Quitte Pas.

Calamity only wants her latest boyfriend Isak,

but we have beautiful daughter Nike sooo.

If we date Huriel and Isak.

Mouna+Ophelia+ Tabitha+ Kohinoor+Penelope,

may later meet an offspring.

Sadly there are no signs of Amalie getting a new heat.

She is 7 years.


*  *  * BUT  *  *  *

Penelope went back into a new heat no kittens in

late March

(N) Myrtekransens`s Penelope NFO n 09 23


(N) Myrtekransen`s Isak NFO ns 09 24

This will be the first litter of Penelope.

And the second litter of Isak. He gave a wonderful

silver ( all but one) litter with Calamity Jane.

Our gorgeous Nike.


Penelope and Isak had a stary night.

Kittens mabye expected around the 21 of March




*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

We may plan a last litter for Calamity (+ Ne Me

Quitte Pas,

But Huriel ( + Gregorius or Ne Me Quitte Pas),

Mouna ( Isak if not with Penelope or an other male),

Nike ( Ne Me Quitte Pas / Gregorius) ,

Kohinoor ( Gregorius)and Ophelia ( Isak or later an

other male). Non of them have kittens yet. Soooo....

And we may also let Tabitha date, if we feel for it.

Then again with Gregorius a last time, or

Ne Me Quitte Pas or we just wait and ask for a new

male for her from outside the cattery.

But we`ll see in a couple of weeks .

If Isak succeeds. Then it will be with

Gregorius or Ne Me Quitte Pas.

The other silver boys. Father or son.

Isak and Gregorius will have their last litter.

Then Nike will take over for Isak, and Mouna

,Ophelia and Ne Me Quitte Pas will take over

for Gregorius.


*  *  *  *  *  *



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2015 Huriel de la Fret d`Amalion NFO n 09 23

Was sadly false pregnant. The date with Gregorius was mabye to


*  *  *  *  *  * *  *  *

We have tried matings winter and spring 2015. In super

short/ too short matings. With a lot of waiting in between dates for results

. Since we do not wish for many litters within a year. And this winter also

since our S-Litter had to be bottle fed from their first 2 weeks and onward with

Fiorenza gradually  losing her milk.At 10 weeks they still are being bottle fed.

Tabitha and Gregorius mated shortly this winter on her first heat

right after we found Maximus in January. We hoped and thought that she

was pregnant, so then Penelope,Mona, Calamity, Nike, Ophelia, had heats

but were not mated.

Then Isak dated with Mouna on her second heat  ( then we would have had both Isak and Mouna

combined. But we also had an other agreement with a very nice breeder about an other gorgeous boy. Svein-Erik then chose Isak, since he only has Nike fertile left. But Tabitha

and Gregorius had no babbies. Then Gregorius with Huriel.

Then Isak with Amalie. Calamity with Ne Me Quitte Pas, though Calamity is

a difficult date we know, so that was a tough date for Quitte Pas.

We have to wait in between every of the matings , not to have more than 1

small litter.

We only plan for 2 litters a year. If very important,max 3,due to neuterings

, age like with Amalie 6 years not coming into heat for several years, Calamity

turning 8 years, or like with

loosing Maximus / Hieronymus / Juventus ( with him we need to use lines in a different way

to have some of all the wonderful qualities he have lost in him along with his

sweet unique wonderful personality.).

So we also must think now. Because we have Nike that can date Gregorius(

that will be neutered) or Ne Me Quitte Pas. She has both Isak and Calamity in her, so that would

be connecting many dear favorites )and Penelope the only one left after Hieronymus and

Tabitha . We had so hoped for a litter after Kohinoor, after the loss of her

kittens during the hurricane this winter. We also have tried for over 2 years now to have a 3 litter from Calamity. She will be 8 years now, so that must happen soon if to be. We have

tried Maximus, Gregorius and this spring Ne Me Quitte Pas.

And we have gorgeous Ophelia that we almost mated Isak this winter, and

of cours Mouna that had her short date with Isak. Amalie seemed to have a

successful date, but sadly she is not pregnant. She has had her first heat being

taken off the pill and kept inside since nearly 2 1/2 years back

when we lost Ariel and Juventus ( first thought to be a car) in a sudden period of golden eagle attacks that year. The first time we noticed the severe threatening danger attacking from the sky. Ariel with Ariel

having his autopsy in conection to the damages that killed him.

So we have to think what to do. If we are going to repeat the combination

Tabitha and Gregorius before he is neutered, or Calamity ( but she can date

Ne Me Quitte Pas)or if we try our young girls that now are waiting due to delays .

/ unsuccessful planned datings / and waiting earlier.

Huriel with ( Gregorius , Ne Me Quitte Pas, Isak), Nike - Ne Me

Quitte Pas / Gregorius, Ophelia - Isak ( or MR. X)), Penelope -Isak ( or Mr. X),

Mouna - Isak / ( or Mr. X) Kolya, Amalie - Isak



We may also later use Sirius / Solaris for Huriel, Tabitha.

And we have some great possibilites to be so lucky to borrow 2 great looking

males for Mouna and Penelope. We may also do that for Ophelia.

Since it would be so nice to combine her lovely lines with something

wonderful and different than our own.

We will in the future plan for a last new unrelated male.

But at the moment we are still selecting those lines we have into /

closing them into new pedigrees that later will be interesting to use

into other unrelated lines.


So after being very careful, having only super short dates that must

have been to short all of them.Due to having to bottle feed both of Fiorenza`s and Kolya`s babies Sirius + Solaris, and working deadlines.

We may preapare for a mating vinter 2015-2016.



boys :Ne Me Quitte Pas, Isak or Gregorius.

girls: Calamity, Penelope, Mouna, Huriel,Kohinoor, Nike , Amalie or Ophelia.


Tabitha  and Debbie-Doss will date later.







2015 -2016

We may plan for Mouna ASP.

We have looked at a couple of wonderful boys.

Have been thinking with a couple of breeders about mabye a blue ,

a red or red with white boy. But we can also use beautiful Isak, or Kolya

( but now his sister expects, so we might think of Huriel for him or Fiorenza)

At the moment we are thinking a bit again, and can not have to many litters


(N) Myrtekransens` Mouna NFO n 23 and mabye a blueboy......... .

Our dear 1 year teddybear tiger girl. Looking/ waiting for a NFO lovely male :).


Calamity Jane

Calamity and Maximus tried several times. But she turnes on the side and runs around

all over at full speed. Making it impossible for the poor male.

She also dated his father Gregorius with the same result it seems, on the side. 

So we`ll se about Calamity and may now change the plans a bit to Huriel, Kohinoor that has

had an uterus infection and must be off the pill and go into heat. Huriel and Amalie must also

be planned for.AND because of Calamity, we must secure the lines by letting Penelope date.

We have been so lucky to have been allowed a FANTASTIC male in Sweden for her.

So new plans must be made.

Plans may change to Amalie / Huriel / Kohinoor / Penelope /Fiorenza / Ophelia .


Amalie has not gone into heat at all. She did earlier,so she can. But is

a bit bored about not being allowed outside the catruns at all. And is

more interested in what is on the outside. All the action she thinks happen


So we must rethink our plans again.

But our other girls need a bit of thinking also. Since we do not

prefer breeding many NFC litters in only one cattery. So we have to replan

when plans do not work out.

Only a few , but important litters :))).

Fiorenza runs every other month suddenly ( but she has because of her earlier

milk spray, fewer nipples. And that must be taken into consideration if she`ll

have a new litter. CJ and Huriel takes time, but then suddenly

become very busy into their heat . We hope to keep Mouna, Penelope and

Ophelia as long as possible on the pill.Tabitha and Debbie works fine on the

pill, and has had litters both of them . Nike runs much to easely while being

on the pill, wishing for for a heat. And now has an infection in the uterus.

So many things to plan and care for.



and NO* Boote`s Amalie Amadeus NFO w 63 oddeyed.

Our dear Amalie has been taken off the pill over a year ago. But has not had a new heat sadly.

Has had her checks and yearly vaccinations.

She was the plan of Hieronymus last litter before neutering

him. But we had to make a change for her.For the first time

in many years we prepare for a white NFO litter.

The lines of Amalie carry silver, red,

cream / dilution and torties. Many colors may appear.

Amalies mother gave 1 female with red and white,

and in an other litter torites. While her father is red and white.

Amalies mother must be a tortie, giving a read white

female and torties.( Amalies mother Helenes siblings were

torties, white and 1 blue.Grandad Ariel was masking red

or cream. With or without silver. Grand mother Celine is a

NFO n 09 23.Amalie masks a tortie, a red +white,red, cream.

Amalie is our only offspring after Ariel, and has very beautiful lines of cats

in her pedigree. She has been off the pill for a long time now,

but with a break back on the pill while I was away for work.


We feel so honored and proud to present

this future plan.

Beautiful (N) Myrtekransen`s Penelope NFO n 09 23

and the FANTASTIC wonderful boy CH S* Mhorrses Olivin

NFO n 09 24.

Thank you so much dear owner Gunilla and breeder Marina.

For entrusting us with your dear fantastic boy Olivin ( Osiris) to

our dear tiger princess Penelope. We hope for a future fantastic combination.

We have followed the S* Mhorrses O-Litter from they were babies.

And also the offspring at S* For Keeps in 2014. We even followed his

grand parents. Gunsmokes Commodus as a kitten, when we bought

Penelopes great and wonderful grandmother from Bordeaux,Calamity Jane

in 2007.

And since before that .10 years back at least,we always followed the

Mhorrses cats when we could find them.

So this combination is very unique to us. In it we will have such an

exciting wonderful collection of great and special Norwegian Forest Cats that

we adore and have followed over many many many years.

So this is just WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!!!! .

NB: This plan already has interest.

If interested just let us know.



We had been thinking of a fantastic male for Penelope.

And we are so lucky to have been allowed to let the wonderful

Olivin become her dear boy friend. Penelope will go to Sweden

and Stockholm for her date.

So plans will be made for her journey.


*  *  *  *  * 

Since plans have changed earlier sadly because of the plans

we wished for with Juventus and Calamity f.ex.

We have to plan carefully to

make good use of the cats wonderful lines.




Possibilites ahead 2015........... PLUSS into the future :).

We have so many possibilites.

__ But we can only have a couple of combinations a year__.

Concering future adjustments, our ladies await concrete plans :).

And we will slowly start our search and plan for a future unrelated NFO male.

Mabye a hostmale,but in a couple of years we need the lines we keep to be

combined with a new unrelated line from outside. So we collect information :)

now and ahead. And prepare for further extension of the catruns in this place.

If we decide to move before that,new catruns will be planned and built in the new

home/ farmland .Then we`ll see. Mabye a white boy again. Or a red boy,

Or a classic 23 22 24 with or without silver :).... . Smoke again mabye .... since

even Svein-Erik now likes smoke because of Haifa.

But it will take time to find such a boy combined with an old fashioned type again :).

So we start now, to prepare for years to come.


Anyway late 2014 or 2015:

(N) Myrtekransen`s Nike NFO ns 09 23

and Ne Me Quitte Pas NFO as 23.


Because of that her sister Natalia had a litter with with Maximilian, we

might do a change of Nikes first plan. She can date Gregorius, Maximus or

Ne Me Quitte Pas.

Nike also has blue on her lines, so in this combination with Quitte Pas,

we might have blue silver also.

(Daddy Isak will soon go on a hormonchip :), saved for later plans.)


This beautiful boy can also date Calamity Jane of cours.